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No debate on Election Security should go forward without first agreeing that Voter ID (Identification) must play a very strong part in any final agreement. Without Voter ID, it is all so meaningless!

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Donald Trump can鈥檛 win an election based on his ideas so he has to suppress the vote to win.

What a coward.
TRANSLATION: The President will only secure our elections from foreign interference if he's allowed to suppress the vote. Unacceptable.
The Wisconsin AG admitted Trump won the state (by 22,000 votes) because of its Voter ID law, which blocked up to 45,000 people from the polls.

No wonder he wants to enact it nationally.
Translation: 鈥淰oter ID is essential because without it the Russians wouldn鈥檛 be able to accurately identify the ballot boxes that Mitch McConnell and I aren鈥檛 stopping them from hacking.鈥
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.@RealDonaldTrump is right. Only 10 states have strict voter ID requirements, 15 states have NO voter ID requirements, and the rest need to strengthen their laws. PLUS we need citizenship verification! And clean voter rolls. youtube.com/watch?v=HjQO-F鈥 pic.twitter.com/5QftNzCPXp
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Voter ID is not racist. Those who seek not to use it are contemplating cheating at some point. Many Americans are happy to say "This is me and I am here to participate in the voting process" Showing your ID to vote is NOT SUPPRESSION.
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mister president sir, along with that 400 million dollars, did you inherit your father's Klan robes
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So the guy who: - BEGGED Russia to help him - said he'd GLADLY accept foreign help again - rejected US Intel agencies' reports of Russian meddling - won't push #MoscowMitch for a vote on Election Security ...wants to set preconditions on security? I smell BS. #FairFight2020
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Yes! The notion that black pple are too dumb & too poor to get an ID & therefore it鈥檚 racist to require Voter ID is another example of the bigotry of low expectations by the left But the lefts bigger reason is because they want illegals to vote under dead names like they did 2016
Trump: I will agree to consider stopping Russia from interfering in our election, if you agree to definitely let me interfere in our election.
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Take a moment. Give thanks to the man in the White House who ended Hillary Clinton's four decade reign of terror in American politics. Everything else is icing on the cake.
Equating CONFIRMED foreign interference with DISPROVED voter fraud is just more BS from the BSer-in-chief. We won鈥檛 disenfranchise U.S. voters just because you had Russia鈥檚 help.
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BULLSHIT. Voter ID is just a racist ploy to disenfranchise black and brown Americans. #Trump
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More than 1 MILLION ILLEGALS have received California drivers鈥檚 licenses. That鈥檚 all that鈥檚 needed to vote. VOTER ID needs to be FEDERAL LAW! #EO #Trump2020
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In person voter fraud is a Republican fairytale you tell your children. All voter ID does is disenfranchise the poor, but then again, that鈥檚 the plan.
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Best president ever. Who is with me?!
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Democrats don鈥檛 want voter ID enforced because they will never win another election, ever. We need #VoterID #Trump2020
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I like how you had to define what ID means for your supporters 馃槀馃ぃ
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Thank you, President Trump! To protect our democracy we must protect the sanctity of the vote. #Trump2020 #KAG2020
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Your own administration's policy is that ID is useless, which is why you detained an American citizen for a month despite him having his birth certificate, state ID card, and Social Security card. If we don't trust ID for immigration, why add it to voting? washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/07鈥
Trump needs 3 things to win in 2020

1) Climb down from his trade war with China - he did that today

2) Vote suppression in tight states with GOP governors, EG Georgia - see below

3) 3d party candidacy to split white progressive vote. Hi Tulsi.
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But wait - Voter ID will stop fraudulent, illegal voters! Democrats will never agree to that! How will they win without the fake voters???
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Voter ID disproportionately harms poor people and people of color, serving only to suppress the vote. And while there were only 31 cases of in-person voter fraud out of a billion votes cast between 2000-2014, Russians interfered in our elections and will do so again.
Exactly right. Authentication is key #PowerGrab
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lol...they don't want actual election security. they won't federal control to open a window for them to cheat. Anything that produces real election integrity will be immediately dismissed.
Executive Order needed. Dems will never vote for this in the House.
A study of 1 billion votes cast between 2000 & 2014 found 31 instances of in-person voter impersonation fraud.
Meanwhile, NC GOP tried to steal a 2018 congressional election via absentee fraud using loopholes GOP legislators passed. washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2鈥
Spoken like someone who directly benefited from foreign election interference, and hopes to do so again.
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I have yet to hear an argument opposing voter ID that鈥檚 not an obvious attempt to hide the fact that it鈥檚 all about illegals getting to vote.
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I could not agree more, Mr. President! ALL Americans should demand a guarantee that our elections are honest! #DemandVoterID
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Says the guy who thinks you need an ID to buy fucking cereal. Your own 鈥渧oter fraud commission鈥 couldn鈥檛 find a single instance of some brown person 鈥渟witching hats/clothes鈥 to vote twice or any other ridiculous thing because IT DOESN鈥橳 HAPPEN. Russian cyberattacks DO. And ARE
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Translation: 鈥淚 won鈥檛 do anything about Russia interfering in our elections, until we make it easier for Republicans to win.鈥
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In other words, "Russia, if you are listening, I'm really going to need your help in 2020. In fact can you bring North Korea along as well. I'm desperate."
This is nuts. Our ability to secure our elections from foreign interference turns in no way whatsoever on the existence (or strength) of voter ID laws.

One is about the integrity of the entire process; the other is about the integrity of (a small number of) individual votes.
#VoterID is the key to maintaining election integrity. We need a system that ties your #VoterID to a voter log so that people cannot be bused from one voting center to another, as the #democrats have done in the past and plan to do again. Please push this @POTUS! #MAGA #KAG
There鈥檚 no bottom. Protecting American election security 鈥 which is a key part of national security 鈥 is not a bargaining chip.
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In a nutshell: 1. Russia attacked us in 2016. 2. Russia is attacking us today. 3. Russia鈥檚 attacks will intensify. 4. A so-called leader who won鈥檛 protect us from attacks is a fucking traitor. #ImpeachTheMF already.
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Agree. Voter ID is one of the best ways to secure/protect our elections.
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There is zero evidence of people trying to vote in 2016 or 2018 with fake ID. There is plenty of evidence that Russia tried to influence the election, with or without your campaign's involvement. But we know where your loyalties lie on this issue.
One of the BIGGEST vote fraud scandals in modern history played out in #NC09 with these unsavory characters carrying out a ballot harvesting operation.

These individuals were behind it. Voter ID would have done NOTHING to stop these criminals. twitter.com/StolpWSOC9/sta鈥
Again, @realDonaldTrump states the truth! I'm sure he will catch hell from the liberals on this, but what else is new? When we have an upward of 20 million illegals in this country already, there is no question about the necessity of Mandatory Voter ID with proof of Citizenship!
Wonder how that tweet sounded in the original Russian?
Not this again. Russians were impersonating Americans on #Facebook, not in person at polls. It's well past time to get serious about defending democracy from *real* threats identified by national security experts. Support the bipartisan bills that will protect our 2020 elections.
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TWITTER IS CENSORING USERS SHOWING SUPPORT FOR VOTER ID #StopTheBias humanevents.com/2019/08/03/twi鈥
Yes Sir Mr President @realDonaldTrump , and on gun control, the Democrats want to let refugees from countries that are enemies of Israel purchase firearms because they don't have a record.
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I will say, opposition to voter ID laws is strange. If the problem is that not everyone can afford an ID or has easy access to the DMV, states should work to ameliorate those issues. Free IDs for those who can鈥檛 afford one, full online registration, etc. Problem solved. Next.
Love this parenthetical. Would some people have mistaken this for the Freudian id? Why don鈥檛 more people on TV (television) do this?
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Yes Voter ID is absolutely the most important thing to address as well as deporting illegals. All can and must have a proper photo ID that must be checked against their ballot. #VoterID #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayThoughts
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Millions of people voted illegally and repeatedly, above the ground and 6 feet under the ground. It鈥檚 high time America had safe, legal & secure voting, starting with #VoterID #MyCountryMyVote
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Trump is essentially saying here -- Let's keep the door wide open for Russian interference in our elections unless Congress agrees to Voter ID, which makes it harder for poorer voters & folks without cars (disproportionately voters of color) to vote.
Translation: 鈥淚 want to torpedo any election security measures.鈥 And of course he does. He expects interference on his behalf.
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It is time to wake up America. Rise from your slumber, pull back the curtains, and let your eyes adjust to the rising beacon of prosperity that is President Donald J. Trump. Accept Him into your hearts, and follow him through the fires of the afterscape. AMEN聽 M鈥 A鈥 G鈥 A鈥︷煏
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I have no clue why voter ID is a radical idea. It makes 馃挴% sense
Democrats don't want election security of any kind.

Why didn't we address this when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress?

Now, because nothing was done, Democrats will once again be committing massive vote fraud in 2020!
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...What about voting machines? Who owns the voting machines? What about voter ID laws? Photo ID? When is it necessary and must be presented? Make a list. Laugh. Reconcile... pic.twitter.com/pqJq9nh4Rh
POTUS cuts through the BS and identifies the one issue that actually threatens the integrity of our future elections.
He knows they will demonize and call him racist for doing it but doesn鈥檛 care.
He does it because it鈥檚 the right thing to for our country.馃憦馃檹
Prepare for 'VOTER ID = voter suppression of minority vote'.

Qmap.pub pic.twitter.com/rXkMlkVA9K
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I agree 100%. We need photo ID plus a fingerprint for added security. No more non-citizens voting No more dead people voting No more multiple registering No more voter fraud.
You are dumber than dirt.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Ok, let鈥檚 see your Drivers License, or state ID?
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Who else agrees President Trump is one of the greatest Presidents ever, like I do?
No, Mr. President, protecting American elections from another attack by a foreign power is not 鈥渕eaningless.鈥 If you had basic patriotism you鈥檇 know that.

This is exactly what someone who hoped to profit by another such attack would say.
The President adding to our election insecurity by tweeting about election security is a lot to digest.
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We all fucking know what ID means.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Yes sir @realDonaldTrump! Americans have used ID for everything under the sun for things much less important than voting, so KAG with Voter ID! 馃嚭馃嚫馃憤馃槉
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THERE IT IS馃憜馃徑Trump's most idiotic & UN-American tweet of the day. He is perfectly willing to jeopardize America's NATIONAL SECURITY over a political issue, knowing that Russia is working even harder than they did in 2016 to attack #Election2020 And the @GOP is fine with it.
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RT If You Think A Photo ID Should Be Required To Vote! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain with #voterID pic.twitter.com/y67gi7unEK
He literally IDs Voter ID as identification.
Because he truly believes his voters need that explained.
The Big Lie Behind Voter ID Laws nyti.ms/1xIdwb2
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Even India & Mexico have voter ID! Voter ID is not racist. Showing your ID to vote is NOT SUPPRESSION. pic.twitter.com/OakSYU8pNb
Voter ID should have happened on day one. Period.
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With #VoterID you can help avoid #VoterFraud 馃拋鈥嶁檧锔 Thank you @POTUS 馃嚭馃嚫馃 Make Our Vote Count 馃檵鈥嶁檧锔 pic.twitter.com/I5iGXE6LhB
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Since you鈥檙e not going to be re-elected in 2020, what do you care?
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
And, for good measure, let's add a little ditty to this idea and make it a requirement for any Presidential candidate to release, at minimum, a decades worth of tax-releases, pass a psychological evaluation and comprehensive test on the Constitution.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Exactly, sir. It's the most obvious fix鈥搇ike the wall is for immigration鈥揵ut the Democrats refuse to even consider either one? Says everything about their corrupt motives. pic.twitter.com/v9OK6sLDNl
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Voter ID is discriminatory. You support voter ID because it keeps people (likely voting against you) from voting. Voter ID is a white supremacist policy.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Glad you specified that 鈥淚D鈥 means 鈥渋dentification,鈥 I bet with the high caliber of your audience they would鈥檝e thought about Freud鈥檚 structural model instead
Voter ID is a must! Interference from Google, Facebook, and @twitter must also be stopped!

Ohio District 13 Republican
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
As a legal immigrant, let me assure Democrats who think I鈥檓 less capable of getting proper identification than Caucasians that we鈥檙e perfectly fine without their racist attempts to classify us as incompetent. Stop belittling us. noqreport.com/2019/07/27/say鈥
Absolutely Voter ID is a MUST!

Dems say minorities are too inept to get an ID.

How #racist is that???!!
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Should national #VoterID be required for all elections starting with the #2020Election?
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Go fuck yourself. Please, go fuck yourself, nobody else wants to get it on with your ugly orange ass unless they are paid to. I will take the 11 hours and 59 minutes in twitmo. You couldn't handle a fair election. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you orange POS.
Narrator: Voter ID was not, in fact, the problem.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Why is stopping Russian cyber attacks meaningless? As if we don't know why you are saying that.
So, did Kris Kobach uncover any voter fraud? Anywhere?

Nope. None. Try again, Biff.
The Grand Wizard is just saying it all out loud in the open. Voter IDs. We鈥檝e always known this is what racist republicans talk about behind closed doors drinking bourbon, but the sheets are off. THIS IS NOT OK. America has a long history of racist voter suppression. WTF!?
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Absolutely. You need an ID to do a lot of things, voting should be one. But we all know the dems love voter fraud. #KAG2020
Watching the ratios on this Trump tweet.

High RT:Comment.

Seems like far fewer oppose voter ID than one might presume...馃
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Buying a gun and voting are BOTH Constitutional Rights. If a photo ID is required to exercise one right then it should be required for BOTH! The only ppl that have a problem with it are benefiting from voter fraud. pic.twitter.com/5r5HEY8RIn
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
"Come on in Vlad, the water is fine"
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Every politician that鈥檚 against #VoterID Is a LIAR & CHEAT ! VOTER ID makes it An Honest election An Accurate election A Citizens election pic.twitter.com/qGiUDxr26M
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Former Dem Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Lives In A Neighborhood That Requires ID To Enter - That includes maids, gardeners, etc. - No problem, BC EVERYONE REALLY DOES HAVE I.D. I guess they aren鈥檛 disenfranchised after all. townhall.com/columnists/way鈥
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