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I’m here at a homeless camp in Los Angeles, CA.

We’re going to come clean it up on September 21st.

The world needs to see this.

It’s worse than Baltimore.

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Say what you will about this man, he’s got some great karma coming to him. He’s out cleaning up these neighborhoods while we’re being snarky on Twitter.

Actions speak louder words, @ScottPresler, the things you’re committed to doing AND doing them, THAT is how you take action.
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For health reasons it should be cleaned with a loader not human hands and be sure to use a respirator
Scott needs help...




Let’s do it @ScottPresler ...

But you need help!

#PatriotHELP #DigitalArmy @Scavino45 @POTUS
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I can join you for that one!
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I’m serious when I ask this, Scott. Have you had the necessary immunizations to work in these conditions? I know a hepatitis shot is essential as well as others. Please take care of yourself.
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I hope you are properly dressed to clean up this kind of mess. You are dealing with syringes, fecal matter, disease and probably need a hazmat suit and a respirator. They won't even clean a hoarders home without wearing protective gear. Stay safe!
How can anyone vote for a Dem from California to be President? @SpeakerPelosi @KamalaHarris This is a disgrace!!!
Look at this place...

Keep up the good work Scott
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I’m worried about needles ... be careful.
Scott, you’re a good man. However, this should be the job for the politicians and the citizens of Los Angeles. Why should you go there and get stuck with a needle trying to clean their city up, while they walk around not giving a shit? Let them clean their own city.
Thank you @ScottPresler for showing destruction of our inner cities under Democrats. They don’t care about the poor & homeless. Just look at this-rat infested filth Dems have turned blind eye to for decades. I have hope,people are waking up. Sick Dems-care more about illegals
Why are #conservative #Patriots cleaning up this mess in Los Angeles?
Why isn't @LACity cleaning it up?
LA claims to be "The best City in which to live, work, and play." Clearly, it's not. It's disgusting.
Let @theDemocrats clean up the filth their policies created. #Trump2020
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I think we need to invite all the political leaders of California to come and help!! join in on the good cause🤗
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It's pretty sad that this is happening in America! Thank you Scott! You are fantastic!
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Please be careful!!!!!! This is potentially really dangerous. I would contact Health and Human services and have them advise you on how to go about doing this if you haven't already!!!
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Where is Hollywood to help clean this mess up? They should throw some of their money behind cleaning it up
The liberals try to shame us by showing border camps & and say "don't look away". They've been looking away from this for 20 years. Don't Look Away democrats. This is on you!
Democrats caused this mess. Republicans have to clean it up.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
@GavinNewsom owns this disaster.
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This is sad. Thank you for all the work you are doing
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It's amazing that the people who are running the state of California can't do better than this!
Let’s clap it up for the dickhead democrats in CA that ignore this but view medically fragile kids as a public health threat. #OccupyTheCapitol
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Please be very very careful! These conditions can be very dangerous! 🙏
My husband was born and raised in LA county. How did this happen?
In reply to @ScottPresler
Thank you for all you do, Be very very careful, Scott!!💕🇺🇸
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I'm sure Nancy & Maxine will show up to help! Ok, maybe show up to say Thank You! Ok, nevermind...
Just wow.
But they can run our Country?
In reply to @ScottPresler
Please consult the Health Department for guidelines. You are an amazing soul, Scott. 🙏
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Good Lord, that’s worse than anything I’ve seen in a third world country... @SpeakerPelosi
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Home of the Hollywood elites that tell us how to live. They need to clean up their own backyard before they give advise. Make sure to ask them to help....
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It’s so sad to see humans stripped of their dignity this way, especially our veterans. You’re doing great work. One of the few to put actions to his words, that’s honorable. Kudos
Maxine Waters should meet Scott and the other volunteers there, show how much she cares about her constituents and pitch in and help clean her mess up.
In reply to @ScottPresler
Can someone please show this to @GavinNewsom
In reply to @ScottPresler
I've lived here for 60 years. Can't believe what the Dem's have done to this beautiful state. Anyone in the country that is still a Democrat take heed....this is what your party has done and it will be coming to a neighborhood near you if you keep voting them in.
In reply to @ScottPresler
How can a Mayor and the governing body of Los Angeles County allow this mayhem to progress ...Oops they are progressives 🤭
If you still think California is beautiful, you're lying to yourself.
In reply to @ScottPresler
I never ever go to Los Angels the hell hole but if you private message me - I will ask for the day off to come and help 😳 scared but if you are that brave I can be too
Hey @SpeakerPelosi look at the disaster you’re state is in😳😳😳

Why does it take an activist for President Trump to pay attention to the filth, homelessness, and veterans in need in your state?

Pray for California y’all. It needs it.
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Thanks, Scott, for seeing with your own eyes how far LA has fallen! Our city can still look good at night, though. Everyone who wants to change LA, sign up as a volunteer at scottpresler.org/volunteer/. He really inspires persistence, not resistance!! 🎉🇺🇸🎉 pic.twitter.com/iNdeL8mrku
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This kind of mess is for hazmat team. @MayorOfLA @ericgarcetti & @GavinNewsom should be organizing clean up. They are suppose to be in charge of L.A. California. #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThoughts #Tuesday
In reply to @ScottPresler
Buddy, I really think your cause is amazing but when it’s this bad you’re seriously looking at a hazmat environment. I would bring in front end loaders and dump trucks. Use respirators and Tyvek coveralls. I’m dead serious about this...
In reply to @ScottPresler
Better get your shots up-to-date....like you were entering a 3rd world country. JS......
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Invite @cher @Alyssa_Milano @DebraMessing #LeonardoDiCaprio and all the Democrats in the California Government..... let’s see who truly believes in helping the citizens of California 💁🏼‍♀️
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In reply to @ScottPresler
Please stay safe Scott. We are all praying for you.
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Please be careful this is a VERY different situation than Baltimore
"It's worse than Baltimore"

Thank you for shedding light to this @ScottPresler , the world does need to see what Dems have done to our once beautiful State. If you want to see San Francisco or Sacramento I can show you around.

Breaks my heart and adds fuel to why I stay & fight
> The world needs to see this.
But the world won't because the Democrat-Media Industrial Complex will refuse to cover it.
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I knew was bad but I couldn’t imagine that was that bad, Democrats r the most horrible human beings,they pocketed all the money that belongs to the Cities, they live in their gated mansion,I think all the trash should go in front of their gates.GOD HELP US RID OF THE DEMOCRATS.🙏🏻
In reply to @ScottPresler
Stay safe. VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION. Hazmat suits required!❤️👍
In reply to @ScottPresler
Wear personal protective gear, don’t get pricked by a needle, don’t touch anything without gloves, please promise
In reply to @ScottPresler
The owners of that “trash,” which are the remains of their treasures, are homeless for various reasons. It is shameful that the city officials of Los Angeles are not cleaning up the mess. Thank you for your humanitarian efforts. Blessings to you and your team mates. 🙏🏽
In reply to @ScottPresler
I wish a documentary crew would follow you guys on these cleanup efforts. Y’all be safe working with that!
In reply to @ScottPresler
Hazmat gear- seriously-@drdrew has been on Fox a lot lately (he lives there) talking about the disease from the rats & the diseases that are in danger of being revived because it's so disgusting. Maybe tweet him for protection advice. NOT just sunscreen😊😎
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Thank you, Scott. Our officials have completely tuned out despite warnings of disease outbreaks. Have you seen one idea proposed for the rat infestation? Well..latimes.com/local/lanow/la…
Praise God let’s turn Ca back to THE LORD ❤️🙏🙏🙏
In reply to @ScottPresler
Come to Seattle! God bless you Scott! Big hug
This is what happens when there are open borders & uncontrolled illegal migration!

Coming soon near your own home, IF Trudeau & his MPs get elected!!! Better to prevent than try & fix this from happening near YOUR home! Even LA thought it won't happen. Sadly, too late for them!
Second time to have my reply disappear in twitter black hole.

California is worse than the 3rd world countries.

The liberals have neglected the Americans who voted them in (I take that back- illegals vote them in).

Trump is a president for #AmericaFirst .

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BRO BE CAREFUL! A guy who was a strong homeless advocate literally lost his leg to a flesh eating bacteria that got him while walking through skid row... Seriously, I don't advise any non-biohazard trained individuals to go near the homeless in Los Angeles.
In reply to @ScottPresler
I think they should stop worrying about plastic straws. 😳
This is what democrats want to turn our country into
In reply to @ScottPresler
I admire you and the other volunteers for doing this. I'm sure you're aware of the disease problem in that area. Please be careful. "Leprosy May be the Next Infectious Disease to Plague Los Angeles,'" legalinsurrection.com/2019/09/lepros…
In reply to @ScottPresler
Make sure you get your vaccinations shots!!! There’s about every disease in California now!!
Imagine paying those homeless veterans (and others) money to clean up this mess???? What a novel 💡
In reply to @ScottPresler
WOW !! All the celebrities that live there using their voices & $$$ to try to save the World can't even save their own city. Yet a simple dude from Twitter rolling up his sleeves & getting stuff done. 1 small step... #PromisesMadePromisesKept
In reply to @SpeakerPelosi
@SpeakerPelosi @KamalaHarris
This is what Democrats want for the rest of the country - disease, filth, and homelessness.

Thank God for people like this young man who wants to improve lives rather than prey on lives as the socialist progressive Democrats do. pic.twitter.com/4VOBIQKREh
In reply to @ScottPresler
Recall Governor Newsome!! Wake up Californians. This man is destroying your beautiful state!!
In reply to @ScottPresler
Dear God, this is absolutely horrific...it’s obvious Liberals have more to be concerned about than banning freaking straws! This is Pure Filth!!!🤬🤬🤬
In reply to @ScottPresler
I wouldn’t get near that if I were you. Seriously
In reply to @ScottPresler
Dems have the gall to want to take over all of American government when they allow appalling, unsafe, disgusting, unlivable conditions in states and cities where they rule! 🤮😡 Never vote Dem! pic.twitter.com/xQQOqWi9Xx
You're a genuinely amazing Human Being Scott, no joke.

I really wish that I could help. What a nightmare 😔
In reply to @ScottPresler
Yep!! Welcome to LA with our awful leaders @GavinNewsom and @SpeakerPelosi and @RepMaxineWaters ! It’s disgusting what our state has become !
Even suburbs in L.A. County look like this. 🤮😭

Count me in for this cleanup, please!

I also very much want to attend your Republican Advocacy Class. Will you be holding one in L.A. or anywhere in So Cal? 🙏
In reply to @ScottPresler
Im at a total loss for words. Make sure you have the right protective gear to wear.
It’s so much worse in LA. It spreads for miles into the valleys in parks and underpasses. They keep starting fires, shooting up, and extremely dangerous and mentally ill. So the county is mandating over a million very-low housing units be built. 🥺😩
In reply to @ScottPresler
My first response, wtf and my second response, amazingingly kind of you... My 3rd response, use proper equipment, gloves, mask. Don't underestimate the toxicity in that heap of rubble. #KAG
What a success you are @GavinNewsom some random guy on twitter (actually an incredible human being) is coming to clean up your mess. Such a leader aren’t you! #CaliforniaForAll
Please retweet. Thank you @ScottPresler You are an amazing patriot! #MakingAmericaSafeAGain
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You are amazing Scott. You’re making our entire country proud. Keep up the great work!
Los Angeles homeless camp😲😲
In reply to @ScottPresler
Where’s Mayor @ericgarcetti ? It takes people from outside of Los Angeles to clean the shit on his streets! Far erro own this🎯
In reply to @ScottPresler
And think Democrats have allowed this to happen.
In reply to @ScottPresler
You need to be really careful. There is a lot of disease there right now.
In reply to @ScottPresler
Behind my grandchild’s home in CA.. is a homeless camp on the train track! Sunday a propane tank exploded in the camp & there was a Huge fire..thank god his home didn’t catch fire! This is very dangerous! Where’s Newson & Pelosi?🇺🇸
Thank God for you Scott!! It's absolutely troubling that Democrats are ignoring what's occurring in their cities! They want to put illegal immigrants needs above American citizens. These people should not be in gov't office. This is disgusting & truly heartbreaking!
In reply to @KamalaHarris
@KamalaHarris @SenFeinstein You both should be ashamed! Way to go @ScottPresler 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 You are doing what the lazy, greedy Democrats won’t! Great job! @realDonaldTrump
In reply to @ScottPresler
In reply to @ScottPresler
I am not kidding: Anyone who cleans up needs to be up-to-date with their vaccinations, wearing Tyvek suits and double gloves...and eye protection is advisable as well. Typhoid, typhus have been reported in the area.
In reply to @ScottPresler
Be very careful...diseases running rampant in L.A.
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