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You know the student loan crisis is bad when I'm asked to testify before Congress about it.
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As we talk about the difference in comedians punching up vs. punching down. Here is my friend @hasanminhaj punching WAY, WAY, WAAAAAAAAY UP! WOW! BRAVO!
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"And I will now go back from where I came from" Maxine: pic.twitter.com/XTy2fKuU7U
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you can tell by this face she loved this and she’s gonna go home and watch every episode of patriot act back to back 😂 pic.twitter.com/RFZO2oqdSj
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Hasan for president ✊🏿
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The blank looks when you mentioned Post Malone must've been amazing.
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I felt attacked when you said your audience is mainly unemployed poly-sci majors 😅 🙄
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I love you! "Nothing to do with anything, I just want that on the record" LMAO
"We put up a paywall for the middle class."
Well said @hasanminhaj. Not as important BUT still waiting for you to testify at my new tenants condo board meeting. Could use the personal rec.
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facts and jokes aside, Im happy your very tone commanding hands also showed up
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Bro got called to testify before Congress and he preformed a routine. You love to see it.
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"we've put up a pay wall to the middle class"
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you know you had an impact when you're asked to testify before congress pic.twitter.com/oiXBJxUC6d
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This is so good. Hard for older generations to see for themselves how much things have changed unless you make it personal for them.
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Boomers: It's not that bad. I did it. Everyone: You paid almost nothing. People are committing suicide. Boomers: Just no work ethic at all. Is there anything Millennials won't ruin?
Hasan Andrew Minhaj Yang? The only difference between what Hasan says here and what Andrew says on the campaign trail is that Hasan had a Netflix special. We invite you to the #YangGang, sir. @AndrewYang feels the exact same way as you! #Yang2020
“Why can’t we treat our student borrowers the way we treat our banks? Because 44 million Americans — THAT is too big to fail.”

Hasan is the best. #CancelStudentDebt
this fuckin guy 😂😂

i love it!!! watch the full 5 minutes!
Even Hasan Minhaj is in with a #YoungGiftedBroke story of his own!
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"Nothing to do with anything. I just want that on record" 😂😂 omg ded
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Not bad for a Desi kid from the mean streets of Davis, California.
damn bold to do a comedy act in a congressional hearing. also that look from maxine waters at the end is priceless
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Great job, especially where those tools couldn't even comprehend half your jokes, which were excellent
When telling y’all I felt this on a spiritual level. My biggest anxiety trigger is my student loans...
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I graduated with a political science degree. There's two questions you can ask with that degree to determine your career. "Am I going to law school?" or "Do you want fries with that?"
Biting political comedy honestly is some of the sharper more prophetic commentary we consistently see testifying before Congress (see Colbert, Stewart, in previous situations). So good.
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Good job hasan bhai I’m proud of u
Thank you @hasanminhaj for getting so many people to tune in & care about student loan servicing problems. Student loan borrowers are lucky to have you—and your hair—in their corner.
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Dude. Thank you so much for this. My whole life I was pushed to get a higher education. Finally, I was accepted into medical school, which as you know is pretty much the wet dream of immigrant parents. Then the loan papers came out because no money no school... amirite? Now: pic.twitter.com/8zRSvhd95C
And meanwhile the committee’s staffer asked me, a well-published (the most published?) expert on servicing, if I “do any work on student debt.”

Good to know where people are putting their priorities.
i have over 40k in student debt... if u went to college and ur not in debt because ur parents or whomever paid for ur tuition... it's your constitutional duty to vote for a candidate who is for student loan forgiveness plans.

College, the greatest scam on Earth.
This is the smartest, funniest testimony I’ve heard on virtually any issue, and I swear @hasanminhaj will run for president someday and I’ll be first in line to donate to his campaign

If he likes this tweet he’s officially announcing, don’t blame me I don’t make the rules
Έρχεται. Κι είναι τεράστια
He really turned a Congress meeting into a comedy special. What a legend
"We've put up a paywall to enter the middle class."

I'm copying that one.
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PatAct did more for people than many congressmen/women
I am so happy that I got free education in Denmark and became a doctor. My country knows how to invest in it's students and earn a fortune back from taxes. Win-win.
rep waters’s face at the end 😭😭
I have an unreasonable obsession with Hassan Minhaj and he articulated this position so well. My UNC and Wake Forest degrees cost me $240K. Despite nearly $190K in scholarships and great jobs, I just finished paying my loans off this week; 10 years after graduation
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That closing line tho'. Brilliant.
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Holy fuck this boy did a set while testifying to congress 😂🤣🤣
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This just make no sense ... I’m french. I’m currently at Master’s degree. You know what ? I never spent a dollar (euro😅) in registration fees. How a country like USA can make profit on the back of students ? This is unreal ...
He looked up where the committee members went to school and compared costs then-now.

~110% average tuition increase, adjusted for inflation. Wages increased 16%
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"...and I will now go back to where I came from." Do they even recognize their own words? #subversiveAF
This guy has the fear of a white man when it comes to authority and I love it 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
You know some of that committee was fed UP with Hasan because he was giving them irrefutable facts with an irreverent, clever delivery 🤣
My boy killing it for the betterment of society. BUT THAT CLOSING LINE THO
I’m very greatful for how Dave Chappelle broke boundaries with his show and made white people feel comfortable laughing at the N-word, but thinkpieces about him “saving America” crying about being cancelled on a Netflix special don’t mean shit next to *testifying in congress*
One of my celebrity crushes speaking truth to Congress😍
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@hasanminhaj is the future of truth telling and activism.

Hear him roar.
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All your jokes went over their heads except the one about too many shows on Netflix about cake. I hope they heard the serious message you brought. pic.twitter.com/XK9oylFZWw
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By far my favorite entertainer at the moment. Plus, his shoe game is 🔥🔥🔥
this man deserves the world. always spits knowledge and facts all while being a straight savage
حسن ميناج عمل حلقة في برنامجه عن القروض الدراسية في أمريكا فاستدعاه الكونجرس في جلسة
استماع.. فكانت هذه الخمس دقائق
"So really all I’m asking today is, why can’t we treat our student borrowers the way we treat our banks?" - @hasanminhaj

This is Bet6's plan. Forgive who give service and treat our student borrowers the way we treat our banks. #Beto2020

Come by #WelcomeBackCongress

Activist from 22 states bringing our progressive agenda right to congressional members. We even have a T-shirt for you!
“44 million Americans, that is too big to fail.”

Our comedians tell the truth & believe in facts.
Our politicians tweet lies, fake science & insults.

We deserve better. And we can get it. Call your elected. Register to vote. And VOTE in every election, big or small.
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Triumph of Reaganomics By shifting the burden of paying for a college education from the state to the individual by cutting taxes, while outsourcing & exporting jobs over seas, saddling young people w/ student debt is a result of GOP federal policy pbs.org/newshour/educa…
Nothing could show how millennial Hasan Minhaj and the problems he speaks about are than how flat his jokes were landing.😅

That's not criticism. The jokes were great and this is a legitimate huge problem for young Americans.

It just shows how the old people up top dont get it
OMG, I am cringing at the deadpan silence of the audience in his testimony. Was it hot in there @hasanminhaj ? You look like you are sweating a little bit.
I *love* the way Minhaj refuses to shrink who he is in the name of formality and “professionalism”. This whole video is a word.
A King! All facts with a twist of humor . This is important.
In reply to @hasanminhaj
Hey @hasanminhaj waiting for the #Venezuela crisis episode for Patriot Act
Much love to @hasanminhaj...I’m wondering whether there were any academics (economists) present/presenting at the congressional hearing. If so, were they (also) laughing?
BIG FAX NO CAP let’s all give him a round of snaps and claps !!!
This is amazing testimony ♥️
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People act like they didn’t know the cost of things before signing up. Get grants and scholarships if you think it’s going to be a problem. And you don’t have to go to school....
“Nothing to do with anything i just want that on the record” This guy really doesnt give two shits that he’s infront of congress LMAO
NAILED IT! college is 110% more expensive, wages are up.....wait for it.....wait for it....16%.
this is so good. gotta save this for class.

(also Hasan is so fine it’s really not fair)
Dude is straight up savage. Big respect and I hope I can at least do 1% of what he is doing one day.
I was dying at the jokes nobody was laughing at lmao
Lol, very well done. Can any of us even imagine this sort of transparency in politics back home? A genuine issue that affects people. Represented by someone from that generation. To elected representatives who yield considerable power. Instead we have MBS, MBZ and Bajwa.
👏🏼AND 👏🏼 THAT’S 👏🏼 HOW👏🏼 IT’S DONE👏🏼 #CancelStudentDebt
Say it louder for the highly educated voters who graduated 33 plus years ago
125% increase in tuition cost in ~30 years, with only a 16% increase of wages during the same time period 🥴🥴 I’m still waiting on America to be great again..
"44 million borrowers? THAT is too big to fail." Very good line.
i love him so much for pausing for silent laughter
This is the biggest scam in America....college tution fees. What started this scam: Student Loan.
Universities have no incentive to lower their costs, or make education affordable....Why? Because you can take out loans.
Solution is the Poison
Things I am putting it out into the universe.

In the next two years, I am going to have a Last Week Tonight/Patriot Act- esque show with a massive research budget.
Man finessed a half set in front of congress.
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