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You know the student loan crisis is bad when I'm asked to testify before Congress about it.
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As we talk about the difference in comedians punching up vs. punching down. Here is my friend @hasanminhaj punching WAY, WAY, WAAAAAAAAY UP! WOW! BRAVO!
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"And I will now go back from where I came from" Maxine: pic.twitter.com/XTy2fKuU7U
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you can tell by this face she loved this and she’s gonna go home and watch every episode of patriot act back to back 😂 pic.twitter.com/RFZO2oqdSj
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I felt attacked when you said your audience is mainly unemployed poly-sci majors 😅 🙄
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I love you! "Nothing to do with anything, I just want that on the record" LMAO
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facts and jokes aside, Im happy your very tone commanding hands also showed up
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"we've put up a pay wall to the middle class"
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Bro got called to testify before Congress and he preformed a routine. You love to see it.
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This is so good. Hard for older generations to see for themselves how much things have changed unless you make it personal for them.
Not bad for a Desi kid from the mean streets of Davis, California.
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damn bold to do a comedy act in a congressional hearing. also that look from maxine waters at the end is priceless
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I graduated with a political science degree. There's two questions you can ask with that degree to determine your career. "Am I going to law school?" or "Do you want fries with that?"
Έρχεται. Κι είναι τεράστια
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The way Maxine waters puts her glasses on at the end of this had me crying 😂😂😂😂😂
You know some of that committee was fed UP with Hasan because he was giving them irrefutable facts with an irreverent, clever delivery 🤣
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"...and I will now go back to where I came from." Do they even recognize their own words? #subversiveAF
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This just make no sense ... I’m french. I’m currently at Master’s degree. You know what ? I never spent a dollar (euro😅) in registration fees. How a country like USA can make profit on the back of students ? This is unreal ...
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By far my favorite entertainer at the moment. Plus, his shoe game is 🔥🔥🔥
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All your jokes went over their heads except the one about too many shows on Netflix about cake. I hope they heard the serious message you brought. pic.twitter.com/XK9oylFZWw
this man deserves the world. always spits knowledge and facts all while being a straight savage
Come by #WelcomeBackCongress

Activist from 22 states bringing our progressive agenda right to congressional members. We even have a T-shirt for you!
OMG, I am cringing at the deadpan silence of the audience in his testimony. Was it hot in there @hasanminhaj ? You look like you are sweating a little bit.
this mans a legend 😭
This is amazing testimony ♥️
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People act like they didn’t know the cost of things before signing up. Get grants and scholarships if you think it’s going to be a problem. And you don’t have to go to school....
this is so good. gotta save this for class.

(also Hasan is so fine it’s really not fair)
“i will now go back to where i came from..” what a g
Lol, very well done. Can any of us even imagine this sort of transparency in politics back home? A genuine issue that affects people. Represented by someone from that generation. To elected representatives who yield considerable power. Instead we have MBS, MBZ and Bajwa.
Say it louder for the highly educated voters who graduated 33 plus years ago
Take 5 minutes and educate yourself about a very real, very serious issue in our society. We and shackling our youth in ways never before done in America. #KnowBeforeYouGo
This guy can't be serious for 20 seconds straight 😂
Everyone trying not to laugh, Maxine Waters' expression at the end, the jab at Poli sci students 💀 I hope this man has hella security always, pls protect him
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This is amazing, just saying it how it is, well done @hasanminhaj! That opening was so good as well 😂
He is very good at this.
This dude is the GOAT 😂
11/10 testimony
Do watch this if you can spare a few minutes
This guy. Funny. Witty. Everything On Spot. Always a treat to listen.

Also, I'm eternally grateful to Germany for offering free education to everyone including me ❤️
I just want to commend @hasanminhaj and the whole team at @patriotact for the OUTSTANDING prep work done for Hasan's congressional testimony. It puts most "serious" people and organizations to shame. Also, @RepMaxineWaters reaction at the end is GOLD!
"and i will now go back to where i came from"
LMAO @ Maxine Waters face, at the end.
THIS is the representation we need i’m so happy to see this
In reply to @BernieSanders
@BernieSanders has a plan for that. All of them will have their #StudentDebtCancelled

Great speech by Hasan.
everybody shut up and watch this
I cant retweet this enough
.@hasanminhaj just raised the bar for Congressional testimony to an epic level; this is how you fold brains. Bravo!
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But republicans will blame Democrats about anything 😂😂😂. Its both parties being manipulated by corporations 😐.
Student Loans is to stop people from progressing and keeping them in the system
Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer
"Americans shouldn't have to go bankrupt to pursue higher education." Please watch @hasanminhaj speak to Congress about the student loan crisis. I am definitely one of students he mentions that have had to change certain life plans to pay for my student loans.
44 million people owe 1.6 trillion dollars of student debt. Greatest economy ever!
"My audience is mostly unemployed poli-sci majors"

It's me...I'm his audience.
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 glad you got ahead of thing @hasanminhaj

DM me to talk about hooping with @CrossoverBBall
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Bro ur doing it right, so proud
One millennial who is millennialling right is this guy right here 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
Why is no one laughing I’m in tears in public from lolz in the first minute
when I tell you this man is the undisputed GOAT
I’m a Muslim and I condemn radical Islamic terrorism” : What is that suppose to mean in the testimony of student loan crises before congress? So that you can use it later if anything goes wrong?
Everyone needs to watch this
This guy does not care about nadaaaa. Gotta respect it
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excellent intervention and big up to @RepMaxineWaters for inviting you.
“We’ve put up a paywall to the middle class.” This is epic. This is truth to power.
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Impressed bro! Good Job! I think it was patriot act in Congress!
This is truth unfiltered and pure. Mr. Minhaj not only tapped the very like we've been buying but exposed it like a boss. College is a great place to go! To visit.... Love you man @hasanminhaj
This man is my hero
His entire statement is great/so funny, but the expression on Maxine Waters’ face at the end is truly a gift the likes of which we mortals don’t deserve.
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This is my favorite!!!!
Hasan Minhaj is the best because he keeps the same tone regardless of what room he's in.
He went there👏🏻he did that👏🏻
That's Davis' own Hasan Minhaj, a big Kings fan, and therefore my friend #SacramentoProud
before hitting play I thought there is no way Hasan makes it through this without cracking a joke... he lasted 15 seconds 😂😂😂 I loved it lol
How is everyone keeping a straight face?😂
O futuro do ensino superior no Brasil segue nesse mesmo ritmo:
How did you make testifying before congress a stand up routine? 😂😂
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