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My heart 😭

This baby elephant thought he was drowning and rushed to save him ❤️

We really don't deserve them.

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In reply to @_SJPeace_
PSA STOP TROPHY HUNTING THESE ANIMALS Please Advocate against the Trophy hunting of these majestic creatures. Trophy hunting should be ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE! 💔 (Also if you don't know a Muslim or have a friend that is, you do now. Follow. Trying to end the hate and fear)
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Look at this precious creature saving a human being. A being that looks completely different than it. and to think that if I was in this situation, drowning, and a person, a fellow human who was capable of saving me would not because of the color of my skin. Its really sad
Have you seen this @rickygervais? Beautiful Animals. Need protecting before we lose them.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
"This is a smol!!! I must protec!!!" -Elephant
If you don’t see elephants as a majestic gift from god or the universe (your choice) then please don’t sit at my table.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
It's sad when animals often show more love and compasion for humanity than we do... think about that!
Stop destroying their homes!
Stop riding them!
Stop using them in Circus

thank you for coming to my TED Talk
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Animals have far more compassion and understanding than humans. They have a complex range of emotions, but somehow don't have a lot of the negative ones we do like judgment, self pity, hatred, etc.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
I didn’t think I could love elephants more than I already did😳❤️
Animals are so pure and people who go hunting them are honestly the most pathetic excuse for a human being...
In reply to @_SJPeace_
They are very smart and emotional.
Anyone who “hunts” these animals from 250 yards with high powered rifles is a miserable excuse for a human, and a disgrace. Anyone who murders these animals to steal tusks is a cowardly weasel.
And yet...some awful human beings shoot them for fun.
It's sad when animals often show more love and compasion for humanity than we do 🙁☹️
Mannnn I don’t ever cry for shit but THIS RIGHT HERE JUST MIGHT BE THE SHIT
animals trying to save us while we slowly kill each specie. humans are the ones who deserve extinction.
Do we deserve them? 😞
We really don’t deserve elephants
If we all could be more like this baby elephant, the world would be a better place!
This ❤️🐘🐘🐘
Videos like these are the only reason I am on Twitter.
Please be good with them 😭😭
Wow! An elephant rushing to save a swimmer he thought was drowning!
In reply to @_SJPeace_
I can almost hear the elephant like "I'm coming! Remain calm, I'll get you out!"
And we hurt them for what? Fun?


we don’t deserve elephants.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
For all the elephant fans out there, as we are: David Sheldrick (@SheldrickTrust) rescues & rehabilitates baby elephants.. please support them!👍❤ pic.twitter.com/YI21065VeI
If the elephant was American he would’ve whipped out his iPhone
We really don't deserve them
elephants melt my soul 😫
In reply to @_SJPeace_
This is a bad video, I get that you had good intentions though! twitter.com/yashar/status/…
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Elephants are among the most intelligent and beautiful animals on earth and deserve our respect.
gentle giants🥺❤️we hunt them, beat them, enslave them, torture them, separate them and force them to dance. they are some of the kindest and most intelligent animals on earth, people suck, I want to live in an elephant utopia
We really don’t deserve animals
and some think it’s okay to hurt them 💔
We don’t deserve animals
My scientist niece is working to save these magnificent animals in Kenya and Myanmar and I truly hope she succeeds.
we really dont deserve animals
Animals are truly remarkable and wonderful.
I’ve said this before & i will say this again, WE DONT DESERVE ANIMALS 😭❤️
l'elefantino crede che
l'uomo stia annegando
e si precipita a salvarlo
A lot of people don’t understand just HOW much I love elephants. We really don’t deserve em. 😭😭😭💙
omg i love elephants, stop killing these innocent hearted creatures 😭 brb crying in the club
A baby elephant has more humanity than us.
Omg😭 such beautiful creatures! We really don't!
Kalau gajah boleh bercakap macam manusia, aku serious ada kawan baru. Diorang ni incredibly smart and ada perasaan macam kita jugak.. senang nak berjenaka haha
Wow. A beautiful video to start a Sunday...
We don't deserve elephants ✨
Humans are basically chimpanzees with nuclear weapons. If elephants knew what's good for them, they'd let us all drown.
My favourite animal.
Wow humans could never 😢
Amazing, that an elephant can reach out to save a member of another species when you think how some humans hate others because of the colour of their skin, their religion, or cos they voted a particular way
A powerful video, we really don’t deserve them. And in response humans kill ten and thousands of elephants for their ivory tusks.
J'adore voir "baby elephant" et le voir immense à côté de l'humain 😭
Good morning. I’m crying.
Di uomini e animali.

Salvare chi sta affogando.
This is amazing. This baby elephant rushed to save a person she thought was drowning. How does it feel to know that rich people like the trumps pay expeditions to go and shoot them just for a fake hero photo ? #animalrescue #nhpolitics
Allahuakbar . Berair mata. ♥️ mulianya ciptaan Tuhan ni :(
Fuck anyone who hunts these animals
elephants are so pure
Ala ala comelnya diaa! 😍🥺
Like I said, we don’t deserve animals 😭❤️
☮️There is Good in this world.

It’s natural + it’s contagious.

It’s up to us to protect + heal our planet, & each other.

#VoteBlue so we can join the world in tackling this #ClimateEmergency, & for the generations who inherit the world we leave them.

Lloren conmigo 😭❤️
In reply to @_SJPeace_
I love love love elephants. So compassionate and thoughtful!
In reply to @_SJPeace_
I love elephants! They are just beautiful souls.
fuck you if you hunt elephants.
Elephants are the coolest animals. They’re not predators, they don’t hurt humans, there’s no justification at all for hunting them for trophies. What kind of trophy is a dead elephant? A monument to your cowardice.
You're right we don't!
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Oh my. You’re right. We DONT deserve them... We don’t deserve ANY of the blessings we take for granted. The key is, to acknowledge those blessings, and be grateful.
they save us but they can't save themselves from us ☹️
In reply to @_SJPeace_
And these caring creatures are the ones the Trump family hunts so they can hold up a tail. No trophy hunting.
This made my whole day 😭❤️
لیڈی بوائے بیغیرت @BBhuttoZardari تم کو اس جانور سے سبق سیکھنا چاہیئے۔
تم نے سندھ میں بسنے والے انسانوں کا حال بدتر کردیا ہے۔ایک لاش لیجانے کی لئے دو لاشیں اور
سانحہ میرپور خاص
پاکستان کا مالدار صوبہ اور جسکا حال انسانوں کے رہنے کے قابل نہیں چھوڑا
لعنت سے کم نہیں تم پر
I imagine that this elephant thinks of humans the way we think about baby ducks. “Be careful smol fren! The river is too big for you lil guy!”
What a big-hearted example of #kindness and helping others!
One of my favorite animals.✌️😭❤️
In reply to @_SJPeace_
You're right brother. We truly do not deserve them, not yet. We've moved a long way from seeing then as 'dumb animals' but we still have far to go to realizing they are a part if us as we are a part of them. We're waking, just slowly.
fun fact: elephants look at us the way we look at puppies. with unmatched wisdom and care, they’ll go out of their way to protect us. so imagine how painful it is for human beings to be cruel and violent towards them. that’s all.
This video, while touching my heart at its very core, also just emphasizes why I hate poachers and trophy hunters with every fiber of my being.
& to think people murder these innocent, majestic beings for sport... it's heartbreaking
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