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im losing my shit
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In every generation, a hero rises, and that hero becomes a legend.
In reply to @graviticfIux
Best condemnation of the Joker movie I've seen.
In reply to @xenoglosssy
uhhh i guess buy me a coffee or some shit so i can not die thank u ko-fi.com/antipode
In reply to @xenoglosssy
Sir, this is my emotional support clown.
In reply to @xenoglosssy
times are hard for pennywise after his movies ended
In reply to @graviticfIux
God this is such a big millennial win
In reply to @xenoglosssy
Florida man walked so kiwi man could run
I only want to talk about this from now on
Only in New Zealand.
Thought it would’ve happened in Florida tbh 🤣
In reply to @xenoglosssy
Mr Thompson has landed a new job in Australia with DDB, another advertising agency. The New Zealand Herald reported that the new company didn't comment on the hire, said [...] that its staff were terrified of clowns. I AM FUCKING WHEEZING
In reply to @xenoglosssy
Wow. As a New Zealander this was weird to read😂 Mind you, sheep also drink fron public water fountains here and horses are ridden through the drive through McDonalds🤣
Not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve.
In reply to @xenoglosssy
Only in NZ! I'm proud to live here
In reply to @xenoglosssy
And then the board of directors gave the CEO his pink slip when they realized the clown would do a better job.
Chápete to někdo?
Na školách pořebují safe spaces, trigger warnings.
Když něco podělají v práci, tak při vyhazovu potřebují podporu, například od klauna.
Vadí jim nápisy na oleji, etikety na pivních lahvích.
Dá se s nimi vůbec bavit jako s dospělými?
In reply to @xenoglosssy
Words cannot express just how much I hate the phrase “emotional support clown”
“Can I do this? Can they stop me?” Is LITERALLY my thought process for all wild shit I think of doing
A M O 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ni vet de där uppsträckningssamtalen på jobbet om ens politiska hemvist, socmedia-flöden etc? Jag har hittat vårt balsam.
Trying to realize my dreams like this in 2020
Not all heroes wear capes...
Oh my goodness fucking gracious good morning everyone look at this
okay first of all this is the greatest story ever! secondly, taejin AU where jin is the man hiring the clown, tae.
Fan det här är så klockrent. 😂
“Emotional support clown” yeah that’s what my girlfriend calls me
This is how I'm going out.
I was about to say I want an emotional support clown but I forgot I've already got TEENTOP for that
in 2020 were writing emotional support clowns into our collective bargaining agreements
In reply to @xenoglosssy
If I ever move back to NZ I’m going to re-train as a..
clownsellor 🤡
In reply to @graviticfIux
The actual article, with actual photos, where they say that they did not really know what the clown did on the meeting: nzherald.co.nz/business/news/…
This, and I can't stress this enough, is the greatest tweet I've ever seen.
Some people out there sure know how to make the best of the situation
In reply to @xenoglosssy
i feel like this should be standard issue for layoffs from now on
this is quentin beck hiring a clown when he was fired from stark industries
this is some kind of power
“emotional support clown” is my next job title
In true Kiwi fashion my friend is friends with this clown - 2 degrees babey
Reminder for those who missed it
Reddit is the goat
fuck top and bottom dynamics tell me who in ur pair is the man about to be sacked and who is the moral support clown
In reply to @nitzbluv
@nitzbluv this is the type of independent contract work you’ve been doing?!?! That’s awesome! you should’ve told me! My friends kid turns 4 next week! ☺️
This has got to be hamdah
In reply to @graviticfIux
I just hope the dude got rehired somewhere else
*gets down on one knee* will you be my emotional support clown?
who needs an emotional support kpop idol when you could get an emotional support clown
In reply to @livvydotpsd
that's my country
tom holland exiting the mcu
please oh please let this be real
Wow finally a post on twitter today that doesn't make me want to shoot myself.
i just found the perfect job for me
Some weird shit happens in New Zealand too
The new Joker Movie sounds great!
Best. Thing. Ever.
let’s hire a clown for the night when suits is ending
When I tell y’all kiwis WYLIN
Never waste a good idea :-)
Legal advice UK... New Zealand man
I saw a picture on Reddit the other day of a man sitting with a clown, titles “I’m bringing a support clown to my firing.”

I thought it was a joke and scrolled past. Wow, this is amazing...
please stop i saw this on tumblr and just put it on here i beg of u its not even tru the reddit guy was inspired my nz man
Best thing I've read in a long time lmao
am I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,an emotional support clown?
Can I do this when I'm done with papa johns?
I once used a glove puppet in an HR meeting to show my disdain for the whole idiocy of the company. This is just brilliant @Thievesbook
This is the greatest way ever to attend a disciplinary meeting.
Making a mental note of this for my next exit interview. 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡
New Zealand wins again, cunts
I’m honestly laughing way to hard about this 😂😂😂
Sadly I am too great a worker to be fired~ 0:3
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