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I was today years old that i learned this is where sunflower seeds come from

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Are you people actually stupid
Aight now twitter done taught me a lot. But where in tf did y’all think SUNFLOWER SEEDS came from?????
I mean logically it makes sense for sunflower seeds to come from sunflowers, but for some reason I still didn’t expect this.
Pero a vosotros que os enseñan en la escuela? A disparar y ya está?
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
No shit they come from sunflowers... i mean i didnt know the head of the flower becomes the seeds.. whatever man fuck yall lmfao
Aaaah les graines de tournesol c’est vrmnt des graines de tournesol genre ptdrrrrr brf
Cómo pudísteis ganar la guerra fría
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
so you're telling me a sunflower made these seeds
Pues de dónde iban a venir las pipas de GIRASOL.
from a sunflower?!?! you’re havin a laugh surely?!
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
But the name is.. sun flower seeds.. it’s literally in the name.. pic.twitter.com/EHyJ0hsjTW
ça s’appel des graines de tournesol tu pensais ça venait de palmier ou quoi
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
You telling me we don’t send astronauts to harvest these from flowers on the sun?! pic.twitter.com/LK0thGdEKK
Wait hold up where the fuck did you think SUNFLOWER seeds came from
cok tesekkur ediyorum evrene
bu tweeti karsima cikardigi icin
benden COK daha salaklarinin oldugunu gormek hosuma gidiyor
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
It’s called a “ SUNFLOWER “🌻 .. seed pic.twitter.com/k9NTMGj2Ov
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
Damn so am I the only person who felt their skin crawl from watching this for some reason?
mf’s really out here not knowing sunflowers produce SUNFLOWER SEEDS
95k people didn’t know that sunflower seeds come from sunflowers.......? I’m concerned
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
This gives me uncomfortable chills😖
from ......... sunflowers?
hmm next you’re gonna tell me watermelon seeds come from watermelons
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
ive literally never seen this before. dope
Fuck you thought they came from, apple trees??
Sunflower seeds.... come from...... sunflowers? Who would’ve thought?
Did you think they came from fucking cows?
يعني ده مش لب سوري؟
Stel je voor dat je verbaasd bent dat zonnebloempitten van zonnebloemen komen
Ofc it’s an American
Oh.. I’m an actual... idiot
Comment ça il y en a qui découvre ça que maintenant que les graines de tournesol proviennent des tournesol mdr ?
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
Waiting for mine to have its seeds ready pic.twitter.com/taJOJyD9Wh

Les graines de tournesol proviendraient en réalité du tournesol.
esta es la misma gente que cree que el café sale de las vacas marrones
41k rts and 115k likes you know what I’m not gonna say anything I’m just gonna clamp my tongue 🧘‍♀️
did this man just say he didn’t realize sunflower seeds come from the seeds of sunflowers?
Folks in the comments fronting. The average person has no idea how to harvest seeds from any flower.
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
Idk why this looks so nasty to me, it’s a texture issue. It’s makes me cringe. ☹️
Förlåt men lär sig folk ingenting när dom är små eller? Var trodde ni SOLROSFRÖN kom ifrån?
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
I mean they’re not called sunflower seeds for no reason pic.twitter.com/XbiSiexZ3d
so you’re telling me a sunflower made these seeds??? 😂😂😂
Qu’est ce vous comprenez pas dans « graine de tournesol »
Soy a la única a la que le ha dado un placer mental brutal ver cómo ha quitado las pipas????????
Los murcianos tendremos fama de paletos pero es que los americanos nos ganan por goleada
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
Sunflower seed come from sunflowers? Imagine that.
Ok some of y’all actually just a little slow to the draw because WHAT? LMAO
Y’all really need to enroll in an ag class, it’ll do you wonders...
La generación más pelotuda de la historia.
134k likes. People are fucking idiots.
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
I get what you mean. I didn’t know that part turns into the seeds like that either
idk where I thought sunflowers seeds came from ...but this did not once go through my head LMFAOOOOOOO
where tf else did y’all think they came from?
I was today years old when i found out that you dumb as hell
you’re going to lose your shit when you find out where babies come from
bah c'est des graines de tournesol frérot mdrr tu pensais ça poussait dans les sous-marin ?
is everyone on twitter just stupid
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
I wish you would of kept pulling it off it’s satisfying 😫
This really creeped me out 😱😨
Sunflower seeds coming from sunflowers. What a concept 🤯
Me está dando MUCHA ANGUSTIA que no las saque todas
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
I ain’t gon lie i really ain’t know this
they are literally called sunflower seeds
where you mfs think it came from? the SUN???
Deadass there is no way someone could be this stupid you gotta be trolling.
Siempre me dieron grimita
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
“ wHERe Else WOuld It cOME FRom” have any of y’all ever seen this shit before ? Bc i haven’t
Nigga I ain’t never seen this shit
holy shit who would’ve thought sunflower seeds came from... sunflowers... SHOOK
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
G I ain't gone lie this is my first time seeing a full grown sunflower apparently. Like I knew they were the seeds but I've never given any thought to where those big ass edible seeds actually come from.
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
Some of y’all didn’t spend much time outside when you were kids and it shows
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
I knew this but never actually seen them upclose... interesting
MDRR ms vous reflechissezjamais aussi
Wow en serio gente semillas de girasol de dónde más van a venir.
Les sacas de las armas y se pierden.
Where’d you think they came from bud? 🙂
Idk where I thought sunflowers seeds came from ...but I did NOT think it was from a actual sunflower ... LMFAOOOOOOO
Toda mi vida comí semillas de girasol y es la primera vez que veo como las sacan
bwoy unuh big and just sigh ...
No child left behind did a real number on folks
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
I knew where they came from just have never seen them harvested. Thanks for posting.
joj amerikanci dokle više da se hvalite time što ste glupi pic.twitter.com/2ms4m6GtcF
i mean i feel like i should’ve known this cause where tf else from, but i didn’t
if there is a god he is looking down and ashamed he created a species this dumb
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
But... it’s called... nvm 🤦🏽‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/4YFkeeXnHH
Where tf did you think SUNFLOWER seeds came from?
105k likes on a tweet showing that sunflower seeds come from.... sunflowers 🤯
....that sunflower seeds come from sunflowers....?
In reply to @JayPaperStaxX
I’m flabbergasted to say the least, befuddled and downright bewildered
Who would’ve thought that sun flower seeds came from sunflowers
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