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I DD’d for my gf and her friends last night. This was their reaction when I pulled up
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In reply to @BrandonSonju
My bf and his friends when I pull up😐 pic.twitter.com/DbywQKbSem
In reply to @BrandonSonju
shocked nobody in the comments has posted a screenshot of the moment. y’all are welcome pic.twitter.com/yLxaT8COC9
In reply to @BrandonSonju
aw they love u man this is so cute
In reply to @BrandonSonju
What the hell does DD’d mean? I’ve been trying to figure it out for 10 minutes 😂.
How my homies react when I pull up at the function with Settlers of Catan
In reply to @BrandonSonju
This is some wholesome content
In reply to @BrandonSonju
This is kind of the purest video ever
The relationship between your friends and your boyfriend is important too. If your mans can’t get along with your friends or doesn’t try too, on to the next 😤😤
In reply to @BrandonSonju
You know that car ride was loud as fuck
In reply to @BrandonSonju
Everyone make sure to love and support your local DD
Tryna find a guy that does this...
In reply to @BrandonSonju
I rewatched this atleast 10x. Everyone’s reaction was just priceless
make sure your DD never goes unappreciated
I want a dope ass bf like this 🥺
You be feeling like a whole super hero I swear 😭😂
Effort be so appreciated when we don’t gotta ask
In reply to @BrandonSonju
Wait that was wild the two outside girls pointed at the exact same time then the two closer ones turned at the same exact time
drunk women are the purest creatures on earth i love y’all
Yo this my organs when they finally see some water coming down after hours of drinking nothing but alcohol 🥴
I watched this 40 times because I swore I knew them and then I slowly figured out these are my SORORITY sisters @bridgetmjones_ @caleeherron lmaoooo love you guys
Girls are amazing
going viral is equivalent to peaking
I need a bf to dd for me and my girls
Being a DD for your girl and her friends? Kk where can I find someone like this
DD’ing is SO FUNNY and so worth it
My friends and I waiting at the Jack for our Uber after leaving TJ
Look how fucking happy everyone gets omg and I know this feeling I have a boyfriend that does it I love him
idc but picking up your girl and her friends drunk is fun as hell 😂😂
I want my friends to like the guy in my life this much 😂
this is deadass anthony
never been happier to see you
😂😂😂😂. I want the same energy when I pull up.
This @DolledUpLala all the times I’ve gone to pick her drunk ass up with her friends 😂
This is honestly all I want in life rn
Stg you’ll never here has many I love you’s and your the fucking best from so many girls at one time
If this ain’t me and my friends when Larry comes to get us from somewhere then idk what is😂😂
gets better every time I watch it 🤣
omfg if this isn’t tiana des & i with chase
I never get this reaction when I dd :,(
My friends when @Harrles_batcher picks us up 😂
Lmaooo this was Zoey picking us up in college
pov: you have lots of friends and they’re happy to see you
god this dude shoulda made a thread would’ve been BIG funny i can feeeel it
There is nothing better than seeing your ride pull up and being rescued while drunk 😭
when adrian saves the day
If my boyfriend doesn’t do this for me and my friends i don’t want him
In reply to @BrandonSonju
Drunk girls have 2 choices Del taco or jack in the box every time
WE LOVE MEN LIKE THIS, ur doing great my dude
You put the cherry on top them that night for it to be the best night ! Boyfriend of the year award goes to you !
me drunk w my friends n my future husband tbh
This is the reaction I shall now expect.
You ever see cute stuff like this & wanna cry a little bit bc it feels like it’s never gonna happen for you? Bc same
This the type of man I want
You rescued them 😂
lmao this is what it looks like when ur gf doesn’t shit talk u 24/7 to her friends while forgetting to share all the good and they actually love u, as they should
Wholesome content 😂
So wholesome. I wish to be this loved one day
My future husband better be ready to drive me and my friends around all the time
My future girl and her friends better keep this energy if I’m DD for them
this is. so fucking cute. like imagine being that tight with your gf’s friends.
Girls are so cute and funny, I love us
Me everytime com pulls up to get my drunk ass
Goals af. Y’all I have no idea
Idk but picking up yo girl with her friends sounds fun cause some girls be funny
this been me and my girls it’s just so great seeing new people when ur drunk love it
In reply to @rachelledarrow7
@rachelledarrow7 this is gonna be us when Derek moves home
I need this energy for how much I DD
This is fucking magical
girls love a good bf 🥰
Uno así por favor 🙏
Can’t wait to be this type of bf
this is so cute! all her friends love him 🥺
Lmfao I haven’t done this in the longest but when I did do this one time they started twerking on the freeway & one of them hit the car into neutral & we all almost died 💀🥴
This is micheals POV when he’s DD @LoserManda @scooperfem
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