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Bad tweet aside, look at Times evolution on Ramirez and reporting by New Yorker. First the Times runs this during the confirmation fight:

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thread is a good history on how poorly the Times has handled this issue from the beginning twitter.com/jonlovett/stat鈥
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Then when that story becomes weaponized by the right the Times runs this: pic.twitter.com/CkThCizQHL
Excellent thread. We can all be agog at the bad tweet but the real scandal is that the Times was slow and grudging about the Rameriz allegations -- with long term consequences.
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Be fair! It's not like this utter failure of journalism *when it actually matters* has ever happened before. pic.twitter.com/SKxmJnf8gD
Again, I can't recommend highly enough this @jonlovett thread on the history of the Times coverage of Kavanaugh. Very illuminating.
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Thread. You might say the Times really boofed this one up. twitter.com/jonlovett/stat鈥
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I think it鈥檚 probably time to declare the Washington Post the paper of record?
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Reminds me of their Unite the Right coverage, which they still haven鈥檛 corrected. katz.substack.com/p/how-the-new-鈥
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This can鈥檛 be overlooked, & I鈥檓 sick of people calling what she INTENTIONALLY DOES 鈥榓ccess.鈥 Maggie NYT made a point of sending this tweet out to let people know they had JUST FOUND OUT, when Brett & his team had been texting people for a week NOT to talk. twitter.com/drnikkimartine鈥
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There are top notch reporters at the Times doing top notch work. But it always seems there鈥檚 some sort of calculus (political or otherwise) going on behind the scenes. The Times is losing a lot of credibility, & as a country that needs a free press now more than ever, that鈥檚 sad.
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The Times has done such amazing reporting over the years, but there's something just incredibly off with their editing / headlines / editorial decisions. There's something wrong with leadership there...
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I mean. Who among us hasn鈥檛 wanted someone鈥檚 disgusting junk thrust into our face in the name of good clean party fun.
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I know you guys hate the cancel culture thing but how long do ppl continue to support a news org that does this kind of thing? From the Nazi next door to this it鈥檚 hard to feel like they are making the right choices
This thread seems to get it exactly right
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Short-circuiting the FBI investigation needs to be an article of impeachment.
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More than a bad tweet.
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Who TF wrote the headlines? I'd like to see them in similar situation (someone shove their penis in their face at a party) & then claim what "harmless fun" it was or how much they felt they "fit in" with the gleeful ones doing it. Overprivileged white boys both on campus & NYT.
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There鈥檚 no 鈥渂ad tweet aside鈥 The Tweet by NYT pretty much sums up how women are treated in our society. It鈥檚 disgusting. 鈥淗armless fun鈥 Get bent, NYT.
Thread on kavanaugh and the NYT. Cancel your parents subscription, like it was Fox. It鈥檚 an enemy media hub, this should be transparent by now.
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has got to go! He is single-handedly allowing the failure of this once great institution. 馃ぎ. Unless鈥 That鈥檚 their entire objective. 馃檮
The best summary of the @nytimes role in the (at best) poor telling of Deborah Ramirez鈥檚 story and enabling Kavanaugh鈥檚 confirmation #ImpeachKavanaugh
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The New York Times is a lost cause
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There's a quote from Gandhi that I sometimes struggle to hold on to on days like today as a woman, but I keep trying: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." I sincerely hope we are getting close to the winning part.
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It's a bit more than a "bad tweet" Jon. Too bad you can't see that.
Reminder: SCOTUS judges can be impeached.
I can鈥檛 anymore. I just can鈥檛. I鈥檓 so tired and this fucking drunk serial sexual assaulter is sitting on the Supreme Court for life.
Thread. The New York Times has been so bad lately. The headline to this story is a disgrace. @jonlovett's discussion of their evolving coverage shows they lack the agility to cover a world where norms are shattered. @washingtonpost has done much better.
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You don鈥檛 happen to know any avenging angels who would be able to investigate and do a better job on this, do you?
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Like i get that reporting news and be a credible news out is HARD but like if NYT can stop fucking up every time at crucial moments, that'll be great
I really cannot echo this thread loudly enough.
The Times鈥 political reporting cannot be trusted.
.@nytimes has been caught with its journalistic pants down several times in the past few years, most horrifically in their 10/31/16 鈥淔BI Sees No Clear Connection to Russia鈥 story. Here鈥檚 another case of distraction from, if not obstruction of, justice. #TheGrayLadyWept
Thanks to Lovett for staying on top of this subject. There's no way I would have read this NYT article had I not known that they were burying the plot, which is that confirmed SC Justice Kavanaugh is most likely a serial abuser.
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This thread. Read it please. 馃檹馃徏 #Kavanaugh
Suggests not reporting issues but editor problems, which seem to be rampant at @nytimes
Imagine doing the on-the-ground reporting for a year to get corroboration that Brett Kavanaugh used to take his dick out at parties and put it in women's faces, and the headline they run with is: 'Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids. She Did Not.'
As one of the younger justices, we now have the incredible privilege of Mr. Kavanaugh鈥檚 sexual predation influencing the highest court in our society for another generation or two. What a time to be alive. Impeach them all for their lies and deceit. #metoo
WOW! How could the @nytimes be SO BAD AT THIS!?!?!?
鈥淲ith Trump Campaign and Russia, FBI sees no clear link鈥
I hope this shit will eventually catch up with all these entitled arsehats, but fuck, karma is taking her bloody time.

#nytimes #KavanaughResign
The New York Times is failing us, over and over again. It's state run propaganda with a thin, tarnished veneer of its original respectability.
At what point do you just start assuming this is a part of the plan?
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Nothing makes one feel like the bad guys are winning more than the fact that this vile sexual predator is on the Supreme Court and not one Republican on earth cares in the slightest.
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Pillow talks even though Ronan was proven wrong. Get real
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Should we be talking about guns instead?
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In reply to @jonlovett
First the Iraq war. Now this. "Paper of record" is pathetic when it comes to recording truthfully.
Read this thread. Makes me sick. For days now, my feed has carried stories of unequal justice, opportunity because of social class and ethnicity.
Believe the victim!!

Kavanaugh and the NY Times initial defensive of him
Makes me mad that the Republicans pushed this through
Thread. This whole thing is so maddening @nytimes.
Thread on the Times reporting of Kavanaugh allegations.
Thread on the new info tonight about Kavanaugh.
And this is why @nytimes is not the savior and is not anyone鈥檚 idea of a gold standard
Important thread. As easy as it is to click like and RT on titles of articles alone; we have to stop until we鈥檝e vetted them. I鈥檓 definitely at fault for not always reading, but this is a stark reminder as why we have to be better. Things like this will escalate in 2020.
Seriously, @nytimes? Can you please get your collective ish together, for love of country?

Asking for America, obviously.
Well, @nytimes totally fucked this one up and they won't have to account for any of it.
New York Times, pull your head out.
Thread on Kavanaugh accusations and the failure of the NYT
The Times sucks big schwetty balls
Just because he managed to get on the Court doesn鈥檛 mean we鈥檙e stuck with him forever. Hound him every day until he steps down.
how much more can folks like @Choire @jennydeluxe @Wesley_Morris take from their employer let alone the people actually doing this kind of reporting
Great thread and societal failure -
Plus parallels how new show Unbelievable from Netflix so rings true
Interesting look at how The NY Times has covered the Kavanaugh story.
In reply to @nytimes
@nytimes "It's hard to fit in at Yale"

What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Doing.
What a thread. In all honesty, the NYT is not a trustworthy publication anymore, on much if anything, and that is concerning.
This thread makes it sound like the "evolution" is something other than the result of additional reporting that takes time.
Thread on latest Kavanaugh reporting from @nytimes by @PodSaveAmerica鈥檚 @johnlovett
Missteps by NYTimes re: credible allegation of sexual misconduct by #BrettKavanaugh
New book out now.
Ughhh, this makes me so angry.

And what makes me so mad - and yet incredibly sad - is that we all failed Deborah Ramirez.

That鈥檚 the worse part in all of this.
Read this! 馃憞馃徏 the thread. And yes a god awful headline. Wtf @nytimes !!! Thanks @jonlovett
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