TI digging into Candace Owens is hilarious


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In reply to @tariqnasheed
She wanted to deflect so bad but TIP wasn’t having it... He said “what era are we trying to replicate” she started talking about slavery all over the world...
In reply to @tariqnasheed
"You started w/ some bullshit!" Exactly. The moment you attempt to trivialize the unique atrocities ADOS historically endured is a direct insult to us. Candace is a well-paid white ass-kisser.
Though I don’t think I would’ve agreed with her, this is what a one sided conversation sounds like.
He didn’t say anything tho?

Not letting someone finish their point in a debate shows weakness and the inability to control emotion.
In reply to @tariqnasheed
If y'all look at the whole thing instead of a 15 sec clip y'all would c the points the lady made. The crowd was very rude and ignorant. Thank God Killa Mike was there. Ppl always asking what we need to do. We can start by understanding we don't always have 2 agree 2 move forward
In reply to @tariqnasheed
I got the answer. America was great before the arrival of Europeans
#BLEXIT is having some difficulties
“You started with some bullsh*t” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
She literally embodied the meme “why’re you booing me, I’m right 🤨”
They will never hear you @RealCandaceO because they know they are different. Stop trying to make black people what they are not. Your entire project is a failure.
“I haven’t even finished the sentence” “YOU STARTED WITH SOME BULLSHIT” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
In reply to @tariqnasheed
When was America Great for me? ———————————————- 1. Before the LGBTQ won Obergefell v Hodges in 2015. 2. Before Obama used the IRS to target Conservative Groups. 3. Before Obama used our Intelligence agencies to weaponize the Justice System against Americans. Cont...
In reply to @tariqnasheed
That whole thing was a waste of time. I couldn’t even watch that cringe worthy ish. No real representation there.
In reply to @tariqnasheed
No one can ever answer that question!

“Ya started with some bullshit” had me dying 😂
Inasmuch as I do not like this woman or what she stands for, the way TI constantly shut her down was rude, disrespectful and uncalled for. You can’t make a counter-argument by killing the voice of your opponent. Everyone on that panel had equal rights to speak. This was cringy.
In reply to @tariqnasheed
I love @Tip for this!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Notice she could not refrence one era....not one
I like T.I.P but why even invite shawty if y’all going to talk over her ? What’s the point of her being there , y’all know her political views 🤦🏾‍♀️
Apparently we need more rappers debating Alt-right pundits, because this is exactly how you do it.
She really kept deflecting. TI kept repeating the same question, but she had no answer to it. 😂
No it isn't, it's actually quite an embarrassment that this whiny multi-millionaire has the nerve to complain about the very country he's become so successful in. It makes me sick to my stomach that this knucklehead still plays the victim game as a rich artist. Disgusting.
TI on that ahh 😂 “You started off with some bull shit”
TI got her ass outta there expeditiously lol
“you started with some bullshit”
In reply to @tariqnasheed
he from Atl we dont play that shhhhh 😂😭😭
In reply to @tariqnasheed
She knew she couldn't answer his question so she took an immediate left and then kept going into a u-turn.
In reply to @tariqnasheed
🗣📢Get that cune Tip !!!
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Before I watch the video below I can only hope that one of them is smart enough to mention how the ACTUAL voting process and electoral college works...saying “Make sure you vote” is so pointless when you don’t know how it works 🙄
In reply to @tariqnasheed
She’s wasn’t ready 😂
“You started with some bullshit!” 😂 I need this whole video
Yo TI hilarious nigga said “Cuz you started with some Bullshit!”
In reply to @tariqnasheed
BLACK FAMILY,that's EXACTLY how you deal with koons like Canface Owens,& the white supremacist flunkies who prop them up! STAY FOCUSED ON FACTS! They'll always try to deflect,& change the subject with circular nonsense! Don't get emotional,simply use the TRUTH!
“You started with some bullshit” IM WEAKKKKKKK😭😭😭
I know some who've been frothing at the mouth to get at her
In reply to @tariqnasheed
"Slavery happened all over the world" is dog whistle speak for "#ADOS shouldn't feel like slavery was anything special or unique done to them"

ONLY IN AMERICA was there a system of slavery based on racism that treated the slaves as sub-humans.
America was one of the first countries to ban slavery? Possible.

But America had to first have a civil war to ban slavery.

Imagine a country where the citizens are willing to kill eachother just to keep slaves. Wtf.
he snatched her ass up quicker than that chain that was on new new neck.
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Damn! TI set fire to Candace’s backside (with that one question). 😂😂😂😂 Candace was tripped up. Hilarious.
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Why did she respond about slavery being all over the world when the question was in what era was America great? 🤷🏽‍♀️
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Please, He did nothing, why didn’t he allow her to answer the question...she was about to school him and he kept interrupting her...
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Slavery in different parts of the world wasn't the same as chattel slavery. There are different kinds of slavery, of which chattel slavery, the kind in America and the Caribbean was the most brutal.
Unfornately for her there weren't enough whites in the audience to cheer on her vapid unintelligent rationale.
On GOD if you start yo sentence with some bullshit ima cut u off. Ian tryna hear that shit mane 😂
Time For Me To Step Out Yerme and Put Am End To All Our Community Debates.. Like Eye Said.. Eye’m Prepared For Flawless Victories Against Everyone.. Ion believe y’all educated enuff to FWM.. But Eye plan to educate y’all up to these Levels Yerme!!
🤣🤣🤣 haha! she tried that fast talking technique on a rapper and got dat a$$ ate tf up!
Y’all gotta watch @KillerMike clean this shit up ...salute to you brother
In reply to @tariqnasheed
“You started with some bullshit”
In reply to @tariqnasheed
asked @RealCandaceO a simple question "What period was America great?" It's a question that 99.999% of #Trump's #MAGA #Cult45 followers dodge or deflect when asked by a Black person. Only one has answered the question honestly and it definitely wasn't great for Blacks! pic.twitter.com/Ae3Jlsi2tm
I was expecting to hear “the beginning of your argument is rather unintelligent so before you say anything else rash it’s best you stay quiet” 😂
Y’all really must watch the whole Panel discussion
I wanted to hear her point.
I rarely agree with T.I. on things he’s done post “urban legend” era, but any chance to slaughter candace owens publicly is fine by me. 👍🏾
Not gone stunt, I wanted her to get to her point without interruptions.
The fact that Revolt even brought Candace Owens to this event let’s me know that this was a strategic plot to cuss her ass out publicly. 😭😭

I need the full video!!!
Shawdy: u wont even lemme finish my sentence
Tip: u started wit some bulllllshit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Was this on television? How can I get the full show of this Summitt?
America has Candace Owens, Australia has Jacinta Price. Global white supremacy.
In reply to @tariqnasheed
In reply to @tariqnasheed
the era when men were men and women were women. The era where religion & discipline were still imposed in our schools. The era where public figures spoke to our kids, not drag queens. The era where the black family was still intact & there were no baby mommas. @RealCandaceO
“You Started With Some Bullshit” 😂😂
She said “I haven’t even finished my sentence”
Bruh said “you started with some bullshit”
In reply to @tariqnasheed
I wanna kno what the chicks point was. TI asked a valid question but he also had a "My questions so good, I dont need to hear the answer" moment.
Lmaooo they brought her up there just to flame her and she fell for it
“You started with some bullshit.”

- @Tip
it's so disappointing to me that this is what most people took from a discussion that was an hour and 20 minutes long. it just proves their point about how black people love drama and theatrics
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Man TI ripped that heifer💯💯💯😂
Where can I find the rest of this?
A question she couldn't answer
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Why would any BP want to like her, she’s a familiar to vvhite supremacy
T.I is the absolute worst type of person to have a discussion with.....fuck are you yelling and cutting her off for?? Lol Killer Mike spoke and made everyone look foolish
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Where the rest of this at?!?
Can we make the last sentence a meme cuz I need to be able to send that to mfs “YOU STARTED WITH SOME BULLSHIT”
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Candace only shows up to forums where she thinks it's gonna be safe. T.I. fooled her. No limited time in a 5-minute tv segment to throw conservative talking points on a public stage.
In reply to @tariqnasheed
Did she ever answer the question tho??
In reply to @tariqnasheed
I wondered when a POC would call her out on her bullshite.
They need to start getting actual black academics for these panels and not celebrities man so shit actually gets said rather than go through these antics
In reply to @tariqnasheed
That was a excellent question. In what era was America ever great?
He said, “You started with some bullshit!” Ohhhhhh😭😭😭 my stomach!!🤣🤣🤣
i’m sorry but Tip Harris for President 2020
TI brings some fireworks 💥
If only we had TI moderating all political debates 😂😂
She couldn’t answer his question directly, “What era in America was great?” This is how you know someone is bullshittin. If you ask a mf straight forward/yes or no question and they don’t answer, there lies the truth.
Your friend is getting dragged by your peers @kanyewest
In reply to @tariqnasheed
So the slavery era was when America was great?
In reply to @tariqnasheed
An absolute waste of time to sit down with her.
“You started with some bullshit” helpppppp😭😭😭😭😭😭

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