The investigation was an obvious sham at the time. Grassley’s lead investigator on the Judiciary Committee was Mike Davis who tweeted that he was “unfazed” and “determined” to “confirm Judge Kavanaugh” - in the midst of the investigation, when he was interviewing witnesses.

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In reply to @AJentleson
Admit it, my merch store has always been ahead of its time.
In reply to @AJentleson
I keep thinking about Lindsey Graham screaming like a madman. It's always theater for these guys. Socialism, infanticide. It never fails.
Thank you, @AJentleson. Yes, I was unfazed and determined to help confirm Justice Kavanaugh, a very good man. And we did. Justice Delivered. And here are some facts that show that the investigation was anything but a “sham”:…
In reply to @AJentleson
I made the mistake of reading some of the other Republican staffers' accounts at the time. The hatred for women and determination to install one of their own was horrifying.
Don't bother @ChuckGrassley following this sham Kavanaugh hearing, he is busy stealing taxpayer money from the Farm bill (hundreds of thousands) to pay for his side farming business. So is @SenJoniErnst . This is how the @IowaGOP do it. #Kavangaugh the lying rapist
Remember when @mrddmia Mike Davis was interviewing witnesses...
He was “Unfazed and Determined” to CONFIRM #Kavanaugh #KavanaughLied #KavanaughResign #ImpeachKavanaugh
In other words, everything we've tried since 2016 to undermine or remove the president has failed miserably so we'll continue to try to recycle the same bullshit stories. @KayHair1 @ProudAmerica4 @RamBoPirate @RitchieJodi @MarkTJay3 @LizizFine @Nilfa07325044 @SassyInfidel
In reply to @AJentleson
Can we even trust our #fbi are they an agent for #trump and not #americans #ImpeachKavanaugh #ImpeachTrump
In reply to @AJentleson
So, is he the guy getting the Barr award?
In reply to @AJentleson
Yep, the DEMS have decided behind closed doors that they have to distract from the soon to be released FBI OIG report, and the best they could come up with is Kavanaugh again. Get Ford back from Tahiti.
In reply to @AJentleson
They never looked into the coordination of the SJC's aides, the White House comms team, Kavanaugh's team, and Fox News There were tons of internal discussions and documents shared between those 4 groups used in a coordinated effort to dismiss anything against Boofer
In reply to @AJentleson
It might have been a problem if there was actually any evidence, and if the accuser's stories didn't fall apart under any serious investigation
It's called "bad faith." Kavanaugh wasn't the only questionable git.
So having not paying full attn to the news the past couple days, this tweet gets at a question of mine: what exactly is new info re: Kavanaugh? IIRC we knew about the Ramirez claim, that there were people willing to corroborate & the FBI didn't interview them. What am I missing?
In reply to @AJentleson
Agreed, Adam.....Now I hope u won’t blame Biden for #Kavanaugh getting confirmed?
In reply to @AJentleson
Bias. And unfit to be an investigator.
In reply to @AJentleson
better be unfazed and determined when your subpoena lands #IllegitimateSCOTUS
In reply to @AJentleson
"Unfazed and determined. We will confirm Chancellor Hitler."
In reply to @AJentleson
"Sham" talking point confirmed.
In reply to @AJentleson
In reply to @AJentleson
Hey, sweetie pie, repetition of old and discredited lies does not make for truth. But kudos for your embarrassingly childish ability to successfully recite the same comical template coincidentally parroted by your fellow travelers, dear.…
The fact that Chuck Grassley, who does not have a law degree, was the head of the GOP Judiciary Committee tells you what a sham the GOP is!
I thought, at the time, that the grimey way R's conducted their bkgd investigation of #Kavanaugh would eventually become an albatross around the party's neck, and still do.

But D's attempting to relitigate his confirmation must be woozy. No #Senate majority = this goes nowhere.
In reply to @mrddmia
@mrddmia @JudiciaryGOP @ChuckGrassley @SenateFloor @HouseGOP @SenateGOP

It appears you have some 'splaining to do.
Maybe just pack ur Lies,CoverUp,& A$$ in a bag & get the H*LL out?

#Kavanaugh #sundaytoday
In reply to @mrddmia
@mrddmia determined to shove through rapists, just like allowing Russia to shove a rapist > the White House. The same way Repugs rape this country every day. The same way all you Repugs "SHOVE through" your assaults upon U.S. liberties in pursuit of $$ & power. IT IS ALL RAPE
In reply to @mrddmia
@mrddmia Congratulations you and corrupt @ChuckGrassley and the rest of you put a lying, rapist on the SCOTUS. You didn't win anything, except make the Supreme Court corrupt. If you are happy with that, check your character
In reply to @ChuckGrassley
@ChuckGrassley You are a corrupt fraudulent man that has shamed the good people of Iowa and the United States of America.
The staff of Grassley’s committee was (and likely is) a sort of rogues ‘ gallery.
We all know @ChuckGrassley is a vile POS if a human being! Further proof!
In reply to @kfgravy
I can’t imagine why she didn’t trust Grassley and the lead investigator. It makes absolutely no sense.…
If we’re going this route, let’s ask if this sudden corroborating witness has any political ties? I’ll wait...
In reply to @blrshepherd
Anyone else wondering if Kavanaugh fixer, Mike Davis, is trying to cover his a$$ and coverup the sham investigation that he led? He was Grassley's lead "investigator," after all. Something tells me this won't end well for Mike.…
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