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Babies thrown from burning building in Philly. Man who caught them, takes shot at Eagles WR Nelson Agholor, who had two TD’s, but dropped two passes & fumbled: “My man started throwing babies out the window. We was catching them — unlike Agholor.”

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This requires world-historical levels of petty.
In reply to @darrenrovell
The fact that he was quick enough on his feet to take a swipe at Agholor while telling this story to the reporter is absolutely amazing. This guy is brilliant.
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to take your own moment of personal heroism and use it to trash your team is the most Philly thing I can imagine and I adore the city for it
America is already great
1. Kudos to this man for what he did.
2. Extra point for the Agholor reference.
In reply to @darrenrovell
If you save babies from a fire you get to get your takes off. Those are the rules
This man is why I love this country so much. As someone on the thread said - you save babies, you get to throw shade at your football team. Thems the rules😂😂😂
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As someone who has been interviewing people on the spot for decades, the way this man was able to transition into taking a potshot is incredible. Most people when you stick a mic, camera or tape recorder in their face get a deer in the headlights look to them.
Oh my, no way this can be real. How did he even take his mind there given the circumstances
In reply to @darrenrovell
Never change, Philly 🤣😂
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"If you can catch a baby out of a burning building, you can catch a ball" pic.twitter.com/OsIU730qIn
In reply to @darrenrovell
I just love the gratuitous shade. 😂
In reply to @darrenrovell
Everything you need to know about Philly sports fans right here, lol.
I fucking love sports, man.

I can’t stop watching this lmao
This might be the greatest interview ever, and I say that as a New York Giants fan.
In reply to @darrenrovell
Luckily in life we dont spike to celebrate catches.
Everything about this is grade-A AMAZING 😂😂😂
Classic Philly football fan shade. This is Hall of Fame level shade
In reply to @darrenrovell
Give this guy a medal and a TV show right now.
Weirdest thrown shade ever Lmao
In reply to @darrenrovell
That's my town. We live, breathe, sleep, eat Eagles
Sometimes Philly can be awesome.
This will make your day...
In reply to @darrenrovell
This is the kind of content I’m here for 😂
Philadelphia is the only place that matters and this man proves it
Mans is a hero and still took the time to take a shot at his team. Thats so Eagles
A true child of the Lord
This is the least expected timing for a dunk is the history of dunking.
Philly fans are hard, even in a crisis.
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Reminds me of Buckner on Curb Your Enthusiasm. youtu.be/Y9RLQK_BbZg
This reminds me of that clip when that building collapsed and the person they interviewed said "then that whole jawn came down" I love #Philly. Always will - it has my heart.
In reply to @darrenrovell
Lmao he’s wild for this.
In reply to @darrenrovell
I CANNOT with our people!😂😂😂
Man, that's gold star content right there... I still can't believe this app is free.
This rightly should replace "booing Santa Claus" as the most quintessential Philly sports fan story
😂😂😂😂 philly fans ruthless love it
Philly doesn’t fool around.
This may be the shadiest shade that has ever been shaded.
Legendary. You have to love Philly sports fans!
Never pass up a good opportunity to gripe about the birds on television
I do not follow sportsball but this mid-sentence transition is a thing of beauty.
I’ve said it for years, Philadelphia has the most critical sports fans.
Live love Philadelphia
A loss to the #Lions is hitting real hard in Philly.
The shade is literally top notch! lol and it doesn’t help that Agholor is from good’ol Tampa, FL lol
.@AtFCS says Pulitzer, but having the skills to catch babies and spike on an NFL receiver requires a whole new prize.
People like to try to talk about what Philly is. But this is all of the Philadelphia in one clip.

Saving babies from burning buildings whilst taking no prisoners when it comes to athletes feelings.

Philadelphia: not nice, but good.
This is an earth shattering level of pettiness. Well played… Unlike Agholor apparently
effective immediately if you’re gonna put bad takes on my TL i’m gonna ask you how many babies you’ve saved and if it’s zero i’m not taking it seriously
In reply to @darrenrovell
That’s the most Philadelphia thing I’ve seen all day.
How do you say someone got burned....without saying the word "burn"....because it was an actual fire?
I make fun of Philly a lot but what a town
In reply to @darrenrovell
bro is throwing some serious shade on his team. You guys are ruthless to your own players...
#HakimLaws is officially my #MCM - a #hero who still has time to weigh in on some important @Eagles opinions 😂
“We was catching em....unlike Agholor” 😭
This guy might win the award for the most iconic Philadelphia sports fan ever.
😭😭😭😭 realest city in America don’t y’all ever forget it!
a philadelphia hero in every sense of the word
Look at his face after he said the name lmao😭😂😂😂😂
Why would I ever want to live anywhere else when Philly’s the only city that is as consistently petty as I am???
In reply to @darrenrovell
He's not wrong smh…
The WORLD RECORD for most petty:

“My man started throwing babies out the window. We was catching them — unlike Agholor.”


Oh, Philly, never change. (at least this part. I do wish one of the prettiest cities in Pa. wasn’t poverty stricken.)
Yes he scored twice and smashed value this week, but I stand by my assessment and stance on the underweight approach vs the chalk.
🐐 and I stan 😭
Eagles fans don’t hold back...
In reply to @darrenrovell
Agholor then tweeted an invitation to him and his family to attend the next Eagles home game, which is an extremely classy response.
My guy is taking shot at his Eagles while detailing saving people from a burning building. Philly fans are a special kind of fan. lol
The people in Philadelphia are just different. Lol.
Philly sports in one news clip!
Man, Philly fans are brutal.
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