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"The eyes of all future generations are on you"

Activist @GretaThunberg tells world leaders at a UN climate summit they are "not mature enough" to "tell it like it is" on climate change, adding young people will "never forgive" them if they fail to act


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I don’t know what it is, but every word she utters gives me chills. @GretaThunberg Thankful she is there to speak for all of us.
Have you listened to @GretaThunberg 's incredible speech to the UN General Assembly yet? Today she and 15 other young people from around the world brought a legal complaint about climate change to the United Nations, more here: childrenvsclimatecrisis.org

If this was my child, I would probably burst with pride. Speaking truth to power at the age of 16 takes genuine courage. And she is right.
"The world is waking up" leest #GretaThurnberg van een briefje af dat ze van haar "handlers" moet aflezen op #ClimateActionSummit

Dat klopt, we zijn het #klimaathysterie verhaal spuugzat. Politici die denken er garen bij te spinnen gaan helemaal stuk op dat #klimaat doemverhaal
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After 20+ years of my life shouting into the smog, it’s such a relief to see the message getting through and put so forcefully by this amazing young woman, she’s even got the trolls worked up and giving her more air - full speech amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
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What a terrifyingly wonderful young lady. Well said.
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Greta you are an amazing young woman. Keep up the hard work!
"The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you." @GretaThunberg delivers powerful speech today at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. Speaking truth to power with emotion and logic.
"If you choose to fail us, we will never forgive you.”

@GretaThunberg’s words should be forever etched in the minds of world leaders.

They have a choice to make: to save us from climate change, or not.

One of these choices is utterly unforgivable.
"You are failing us, but the young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you." - @GretaThunberg

Powerful words calling on all world leaders to take decisive and just action on the #ClimateEmergency. #ClimateActionSummit
The end of Greta’s speech today. #Greta
Every person on this planet has an obligation to leave our world better than we found it for the next generation.

We MUST act on climate change. That includes getting a climate denier out of the White House so our nation can become a leader in addressing this existential threat
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Amazing!!!!! @GretaThunberg ❤️❤️❤️
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She sounds quite deranged....
Please SHARE this
Please Listen
The United States of America is not attending
U.N. climate summit...
Let that sink in...
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anyone asked her if she is challenging China and India on climate change? We are not the main problem.
This is clearly a religious experience for many on the eco-left...
I am afraid my son and daughter will never forgive me for the inaction of my generation on the environment and climate change
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Shes 100% right. We have wealthy adults who dont have the courage to do what's right or even act right in public. So worried about thier job that they will let the future die
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She speaks better English than Trump, and makes a damn sight more sense.
She is fearless! 👏🌳👏🚴🏻‍♂️👏♻️
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Difficult to watch. Amazing girl making important impassioned speech but it looks like she needs a break now. I hope her parents/managers give her fun things to do & focus on good things in life too. Greta’s message is good but she’s so young for such stress. Take care Greta
Greta did her homework, Greta walks the walk. She has a plan. It’s not enough to just protest - have a Fecking plan. What are you going to do? Kudos to Greta!
At age 16, Ms Thunberg is so much more eloquent than any of the moronic trolls and old white males who've been bombarding my timeline in their ignorant opposition of this amazing human.

They rant away in all caps and prove themselves stupid repeatedly.

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Now do Trump, Greta. Now. Do. Trump.
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Thank you @GretaThunberg for being beyond fierce and brave to lead this way. What you are doing is incredible. May you have all the support in this world.
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To be mature would be to take responsibility. It is crazy that the youth must tell the leaders of the world what responsibility is and what it means to be mature. They are much more grown up than most of our leaders! #ActNow
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Always seems like she is reading someone's script.
Climate change denial is unforgivable. It betrays the hopes and dreams of younger generations. Listen to this powerful speech by @GretaThunberg at the #UNGeneralAssembly
Strong and powerful words for all of us from @GretaThunberg
Y’all, we just got climate-shamed by a 16-year old.

Maybe it’s time we start paying more than lip service to the environment?
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A haunting, poignant, great speech which captures everyone who has a heart and a mind
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Ask her-- when was the climate NOT changing?
The world is waking up & change is coming whether you like it or not. Climate change is real & it is catching up with us.
If Greta can be brave enough to speak like this at the UN then I can sure as heck be brave enough to get myself down to London on October 7th.@XRebellionUK @ExtinctionR

Hope you’ll join me.
What’s next? Lying on the floor and throwing a fit? Can we please bring back some rationality?
Jädrar vilken känsla, tack @GretaThunberg för att du orkar och vågar💪You are making differens ❤️
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She’s amazing.
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The brainwashing of our youth. So sad
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I love your enthusiasm 😢😢😍😍I am inspired...Also I have been talking about this in my country...to my mom but your words got through my mom finally 😘
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Her speech was better 👇
Our hero. 👊♻️🌎
"The young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are on you. And if you choose to fail us, we will never forgive you."

@GretaThunberg hitting me right in the gut 👏
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Wow!! Just wait till she REALLY gets angry! Watch her whole speech here ... … ✂️👣🌏🌍🌎🙂
Thank you @GretaThunberg . Can the adults PLEASE take it from here? 🙏🏼
In short "kaleymennah halaaku huri"
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most eyes of future generations are on nintendo switches and smartphones tbh
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Can all the world leaders explain how they arrived at the event By plane I assume So can they also explain how they will neutralise their carbon footprint for this event before they lecture us all
The world is waking up.. and #changeiscoming wether you like it or not! @GretaThunberg ❤️
.@GretaThunberg issues an emotional call for immediate action at today's @UNClimateSummit. We must stand up for trees and wildlife today, to ensure their future and ours. 🌳🌳🌳
Incredible what @GretaThunberg has achieved in one year.
From a one person protest outside the Swedish Parliament to inspiring #GlobalClimateStrike.

Her message is direct. Future generations will not forgive inaction.
#UNClimateSummit #ActNow #ClimateEmergency🌍
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"And out of the mouth of babes will come wisdom."
Where’s the rage? Here it is. Hard hitting, whether you like it or not. @GretaThunberg is a hero.
"The young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you."

Thunberg bringing the 🔥🔥🔥 today! 👏👏👏

I struggled to get to sleep last night, I was obsessively thinking "What can I do?" no matter how many plastic bottles I don't buy, how much waste I recycle, it will never be enough because the people in power are the ones who need to take drastic action and this terrifies me.
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At 16yrs, and you are a giant. Well done, @GretaThunberg Well done.
La generación de niños nos está diciendo. "Si deciden no hacer nada nunca los vamos a perdonar..."
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It was a remarkable moment that was spot on. It is a disgrace that the US Pres can’t be bothered to listen.
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Go Greta!!! So glad you are on Mother Earth's side.
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Go Greta Go! We love your message! We MUST do everything possible to alleviate the human causes of #ClimateChange .
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you need to air Greta’s speech! No one needs to hear more Trump bile - focus on what matters
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So passionate and emotional! LISTEN UP WORLD!
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Brilliant Greta says it how it is 💚👊 World Leaders must not betray the children 😢 the world 🌍& wildlife 🐯🐳🐞
While this is awesome, I cant help but think of ALL of the POC voices that have been saying this and more, for decades. This is not a revelation. White voices, not matter how correct, have continually spoken over POC voices saying the same thing.
Que @GretaThunberg, una adolescente de 16 años, les diga en la cara a los líderes del mundo en la asamblea @ONU_es que no son “lo suficiente maduros” para enfrentar el cambio climático es PENOSO. Evidencia la DECADENCIA de la #ClasePolítica global. A quién representan?


#温暖化 #グレタ #裏切り #許さない
Hoe durf je...😯 meisje, geniet van het leven.
Las generaciones futuras los observan. Escuchemos a Greta.
The clock is running out on our planet yet we’re unmoved to stop corrupt politicians and corporations willing to burn us alive to continue pretending their way of life is sustainable. A 16yo girl is fighting for our LIVES. The time to invite change has passed it must be demanded.
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I have never seen her speaking with such an angry voice. But since #IStandwithGreta I can fully understand her starting to get frustrated by the ignorance&unwillingness of incompetent worldwide political leaders. I demand #ClimateActionNow and will join the #EarthStrike on Friday
Liberals are creating a monster that will ultimately consume them entirely.
Her rhetoric is going to radicalise people and she probably isn’t even aware of it.
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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣so she is a scientist and has loads of degrees and has studied it all
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She is tough,but honest.
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This isn’t inspirational. Don’t be inspired. Be uncomfortable and look at the pain fully then act accordingly.
"אתם עדיין לא בוגרים מספיק בשבי ללהגיד את האמת. אתם מאכזבים אותנו...אנחנו לעולם לא נסלח לכם, לא ניתן לכם לחמוק מזה. כאן אנחנו משרטטים את הקו. שינוי מגיע, אם תרצו ואם לא".
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In reply to @BBCWorld
All these gentlemen in the comments, dang. You all know so much better than her, it's a wonder that she's speaking at the UN and you're not.
God she is just incredible.
A remarkable young women. Due respect.
When this generation grows into power, there will be a LOT of "elder statesmen" not just losing their power, but serving life sentences for crimes against humanity.

Fix up before it's too late or the kids WILL fuck your shit up... DESERVEDLY.

The horror show of Piers Morgan et al rage tweeting about a passionate and yes pissed off teenager who frankly - like the rest of her generation - has had enough of the inactivity and lies of our generation. "Oh she's ill!" "It's her parents!" - SHAME ON YOU you pitiful men.
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