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‘You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.’ — @GretaThunberg delivered this searing condemnation to world leaders at the UN on the mounting climate crisis
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Nobel Peace Prize for Greta Thunberg, please.
Incredibly powerful. Hard to pick a part that's the best, but this is key: "Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money, and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you."
The weirdest thing about Greta Thunberg is how hungry the audience is for hellfire and brimstone. "Sinners in the Hands of Angry God"-type stuff. The Great Awokening really is like the Great Awakening, also reminiscent of child preachers. Tent revivals for rootless cosmopolitans.
Lawd she got me bawling! 😭😭😭This child is a force to be reckoned with. ❤💯 God bless her. 🙏😇🥰
Each person applauding her would do well to actually heed her words with similar enthusiasm.
Can you imagine what this young woman is going to be like, what she might accomplish, when she grows up? Astonishing. My "hopes & prayers" are that the so-called "adults" will sit up and take notice. No. To hell with that. Screw hopes & prayers. Screw noticing. It's time to act.
We should all be angry like her!
Every parent, every one who's young, everyone living through disasters this very moment, everyone who is now safe now but will be here more than 20yrs.
Everyone with decency and heart.
Fight! Get angry and fight for your rights!
Each wave of Consciousness surges greater @GretaThunberg Voice against ignorance, greed, status quo, inertia, anti-science. Future of our planet is in action we take within the window of time. Reverence to Mother Earth is common sense need. Humanity deserves better #ClimateChange
خیلی‌ها قضیه‌ی #گرتا_تونبرگ رو نمایشی می‌دونن. حتی اگه همه‌ی این جریان ساختگی باشه، مهم اینه که حرف درست می‌زنه. یک حمایت عمومی می‌تونه اونو تبدیل به چیزی واقعی بکنه.
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I hope the reduction in air quality etc kills the boomers first. I don’t need to live forever, just long enough to see the boomers on this thread bullying a little girl drop dead . Pls
cc: @DNC, @mddems leaders @SenatorMcCray & @MayaRockeymoore, @TomPerez, & other DNC members who voted no/abstained vote on climate debate. This message is also for you. @GretaThunberg- "How dare you to continue to say you are doing enough when the solutions are nowhere in sight"
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blah,blah,blah. In 20 years this will be same dumb video as those from 1980ies an Acid Rains,Ozone Layer,global cooling. but you know they are not giving up. You stole my dreams. What about those kids in Africa with one meal a day,all bcz developed countries need more resources.
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These are just words. No matter what you say some people will always be greedy till their last breath and those some people are running the show Greed is what will sink us and this planet is way far from being saved.
"How dare you continue to look away and come here saying that you are doing enough when the politics and solutions needed are still nowhere in sight. ... If you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil...."
She is not just speaking to world leaders. She is speaking to you. To us. Our leaders are merely a reflection of ourselves. How dare you.
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Each and every time I see and hear her I am more impressed. To have that sense of purpose and moral clarity at her age is something that inspires and gives me hope for the future.
"All you can talk about is money, and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!"

An extraordinary, blunt, and honest speech by
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Greta needs to learn some Mandarin and Hindi pic.twitter.com/wXZtBDTvhc
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Jeg kjenner på angst, men jeg kjenner enda mer på sinne, mot alle med makt og innflytelse som har utsatt og utsatt å gjøre noe. Denne fantastiske talen fra Greta Thunberg i FN setter ord på alt dette: twitter.com/nowthisnews/st…
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What an incredible young woman. Brave and determined far beyond her years. For your own life and your children's future, LISTEN TO HER.
this makes me so angry why is a 16 year old teaching our world leaders lessons that they know and choose to ignore? they should be leading us but instead they’re failing us. greta should be getting an education and being a kid. our leaders are failing our future.
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So Cringe. Its perverse she's being carted around the world and put on a pedestal as the earths saviour. Once she's no longer needed as a political pawn she'll be dumped to the kerb.
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Here for the white male tears from the angry lemming bros. pic.twitter.com/5Ju9luCaIH
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Putting background music to this powerful speech is entirely inappropriate and makes it seem trite.
آیه‌های مرگِ زمین بر پیامبرانِ جوان نازل شده است وَ ما دچار مصرفِ روزمره و مصرف و مصرف و باز هم ولعِ مصرف خواهیم ماند وَ ما قاتلان زمین...

Powerful words. We are doing wrong by next generation. My kids and their kids will suffer the consequences of politics & money driven greed. The change must start now. I don’t want to leave the world for my kids and other kids to clean up the mess our gen & previous gens made.
Greta’s words ring true in every corner of the world. People have died. Over 3,000 post Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We need change. #GreenNewDealforPR
I show my kids videos like this and tell them their age does not stop them from making a difference. They've already learned adults can be idiots. I hope more adults will start listening to the kids before we steal both their childhoods AND their future.
Watch this powerful address to the UN by @GretaThunberg.

Watch it now.
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Can we just hand the keys of the US over to this girl? She’s probably more qualified than what we got currently.
Ona je poremećena, mentalno retardirana. Kao i svi koji je shvaćaju ozbiljno.
This girl takes me to my knees! Trump takes us out of Paris Accord, Obama admin set the path, hell, as far back as Jimmy Carter admin, smart ppl knew!

Then one EGO took away change for the God Almighty Dollar!

Yes, as Greta's demonstrative soul screams out, "How dare you"
i cried watching this earlier, what an absolute hero, i look up to her more than anything and the saddest thing is she’s completely right and if anything we‘re underreacting
I dare anyone to watch this video and not cry. I'm not ashamed to admit that tears were running down my face. We must act boldly and quickly to save the future for @GretaThunberg and all the other young people. There is no time for delays or incrementalism.
This is me if I ever get an audience with the Wilpon’s @GottaBelievePod
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We’ve had “the green thing” for years. Sadly, consumerism and convenience has profited more. She’s not saying anything that 1000’s of us haven’t been saying for years. She just us a better PR machine than most... pic.twitter.com/bx5e1zY2PV
Powerful words from someone so young, will world leaders finally listen? Climate crisis is real & we must take action. When introducing CAS last week, a DP1 student asked, ‘what can I do, I’m just a student?’ - this shows the powerful impact young people can have! Take note!
She's got fire in her belly and I admire her for that. The older we get the harder it is to ignite, as we've seen how grey people try to paint the world to match themselves.
Sie hält uns alle den Spiegel vor - ob wir wollen oder nicht.
Und es muss was passieren - ob wir wollen oder nicht.

Seit >40 Jahren warnt man vor den Folgen...

Was macht man - man kritisiert Jugendliche, dass sie mit dem iphone in der Hand auf die Straße gehen - schämt euch !
This girl is a born leader.
People don’t have to agree with her but the attacks on this child is disgusting.
fuck anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change. this is heartbreaking. she is BEGGING for a life and a future and she shouldn’t have to.
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The most badass kid on the planet
Quando eu tinha praí 6 anos e os meus pais não me deixavam jogar GTA Vice City na ps2 porque passava o tempo todo no strip club e a matar pessoas.
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You TRP folks are ruining a child's life. Activism alright. But this is just too much. I fear for her. Please don't play with her life 🙏
Y así es como las nuevas generaciones empiezan a reclamar un mundo mejor q los #políticos obsoletos, y de ideas viejas que no quieren cambiar ; @FMLNoficial @ARENAOFIClAL #ElSalvador
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Amazing how a young woman of this age can talk truth to these facts a San we have adults in denial. We also have a leader of the most influential country in the world without a clue. How can this be possible? So proud of this young lady. #impeachbeforemoredamageisdone
The stories of tomorrow's heroes are being written today.
"Have we now come to the point where it is the children who are being asked to change or improve the world? And do we intend to have our political battles fought out in the school yards? " -- Hannah Arendt, "Reflections on Little Rock, 1957
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Anybody who tries to harass #Greta should be put in a Basket of Deplorables. There, I said it! #Greta4NobelPrize
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She’s right about one thing: she should be at school. Is there anyone who is taking her seriously or is she just a fashion accessory for the all the wokes out there?
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‘And if you choose to fail us, I say we will never forgive u’ But if the world doesn end in 12 years, u will not be forgiven either heraldsun.com.au/blogs/andrew-b…

"How dare you pretend that this can be solved with just business as usual and some technical solutions."

- @GretaThunberg
Duidelijker kan haast niet.
We kunnen het van ons af laten glijden, maar mijn kleinkinderen zullen daar niet blij mee zijn als ze moeten vluchten voor klimaatrampen.
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Heart wrenching and mind changing. Her words have leveled emotions and they'll roll the ball because the UN will have to do something.. well done! Greta Thunberg will change many things!! 🤯❤️👏👏
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This is why we went on strike and continue to do so. We should never have gotten to this point. Our leaders need to step up, or we will all suffer the consequences. “Change is coming whether you like it or not.”- Greta Thunberg
Passionate and heart wrenching —Greta Thunberg is a brilliant catalyst but should not have to carry the weight of this much abused planet on her shoulders. EVERYBODY needs to act
Many people with differing views on this - but child abuse? I dunno. 🤷🏻‍♂️

IMHO, it's a young lady who has passionate beliefs in what she is fighting for, what you see here is called emotion... via somebody clearly struggling with the effects of her Aspergers. #GretaThunberg 👏👏👏
This Young brilliant woman, has the future in her hands #GoGretaGo #ClimateAction now! We all can do and have to do something!
Eh vasy vasy qu’elle aille a l’école celle la au lieu de casser les couilles mdr
A remarkable young woman. Thank you for fighting for my children @GretaThunberg
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And the Academy award goes to......
She’s amazing. We need her but we don’t deserve her.
Greta Thunberg is the hero we don’t deserve
I still believe @GretaThunberg is actually a Jedi. Also, her English is so SO much better than @realDonaldTrump 's.
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.@GretaThunberg is all of us. It's a shame that we are not all Greta Thunberg. What poise! What passion! What elocution!
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Tell me something why has nobody talked about George Soros and his Propaganda Machine?
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I am trying to feel inspired by this but at this point can anything be done?
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And Thank You Greta👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
What an incredible speech.

How will you be using this, and other material from today's meeting of the @UNClimateSummit, in your teaching this Friday?

I will be meeting with some concerned @HarrisonTDSB students tomorrow to discuss.

#FridaysForFuture #GlobalClimateStrike
Everyone needs to watch this.
Heartbreaking. Why don’t we give a shit?
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If this doesn’t move you to action and accountability, then you’re shit, plain and simple.
"If you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act then you would be evil"

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You're happy now? Creating anxiety among hundreds of thousands of children with your lies? pic.twitter.com/x1pYjOO2Rx
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When a 16yrs old shows more intelligence,humanity, respect for Scientists who have the facts about Climate change than an old deranged ignorant unfit lying POTUS, you know the World has to worry !
In reply to @nowthisnews
And so begins a brave new world, one based in truth.... enough of the denial, climate change is real! Greed will not solve this, the soulless corporate corruption only lies about what they have known to be true since the 1970’s
Capitalism is going to be the death to the environment and potentially the human race, whether you’re willing to admit it or not. #mondaythoughts #HowDareYou
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