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Just in: DC federal judge found DOJ wrongly redacted the names of witnesses who did *not* testify before the Mueller grand jury in a doc filed in court. So that info must be made public — judge notes two people "figured in key events" in Mueller's report ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/show_p…

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Judge Howell seems to have determined that DoJ improperly redacted portions of Vol. II of the Mueller report by hiding the names of key individuals that did not appear before the grand jury saying they did so for grand jury secrecy. I wonder what else was improperly redacted.
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Wait, so you’re telling me Bullfrog Bill Barr redacted shit from the Mueller Report that didn’t meet the criteria for redaction? Maybe that’s because...Barr’s a fucking criminal. twitter.com/zoetillman/sta…
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It just occured to me that referring to people who did *not* testify before the Mueller grand jury as "witnesses" might be confusing/imprecise, apologies for that. These people were potential grand jury witnesses, we don't know anything else about them yet
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Barr TALKS about declining morality but HE LEADS the DOJ with declining morality. He should be disbarred and impeached for lying and misleading the American people. #impeachBarr
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Told ya. The OLC opinion regarding indicting a sitting president was BS. Barr and Trump's lawyers were the ones that said he couldn't be indicted.
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Now you can see why the DOJ is finally flipping on Trump and Barr now.
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When this is over we must root out all of those who participated in Barr’s obstruction of justice. If they did not blow the whistle then they were participating.
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hold the phone, stop the presses. you mean Barr illegally withheld important information that was in the Mueller report. why am I not at all surprised.
Ooo! "So that info must be made public — judge notes two people "figured in key events" in Mueller's report"
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Shocking, blindsided, completely from left field that Barr would break the law. Said no one. Ever.
HOLY-SHIT! It appears that Barr redacted non grand jury material to conceal it, not protect it.

How about it @blakesmustache? Fire one up and give me an opinion please
The judge takes a shot at Mueller.
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Imagine that Barr breaking the law and or doing something corrupt.

Is this perfect timing or what? Let's just add this to the shitstorm!

Names of two people who "figured in key events" in Mueller's report must be released...
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Lemme guess. Did all the redactions mention Individual-1, but Barr, in his divinely-inspired wisdom, decided Congress really shouldn't see that? #ImpeachBarr
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And the hits keep on comin’! This is good news!
Well, this should be interesting.
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Exciting. How soon until we get the names?
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Plus it looks like Barr redacted more than he was legally allowed to. twitter.com/ZoeTillman/sta…
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Doesn't this mean that Mueller SHOULD have interviewed the 2 people, but did not?
Hard to imagine, but AG Barr's DOJ redacted names from the Mueller report unnecessarily.
Oh really 🤭😂😂
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So who are they?🤔
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This has got to be about Don Jr. and either Jared or Ivanka, right?
What? Bill Barr did this...I'm shocked!
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It’s like pulling teeth!
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Quick reference to that section of the report?
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Why didn’t mueller speak up? He was such a failure
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Interesting that the judge basically throws mueller under the bus here about not providing a reason for refusing to subpoena these witnesses. Something most of us have been complaining about for quite awhile.
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Some good news for the impeachment case coming from this, I hope.
Barr concealed information
More like the Department of the Obstruction of Justice, amirite?
It has become the Department of Injustice. What a damn nightmare for America.
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Given current patterns of ongoing, remaining SC matters, the reason that the 2 individuals not subpoena'd must be that they would have given testimony harmful to the SC's narrative construction efforts. Just my 2 cents without knowing much more context here.
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This seems to be a very big development .. Yes?
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DC Federal Judge. Read: Radical Leftist Activist in a Black Robe masquerading as a Jurist.
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Uh...yea...mistakenly, let me have a look at that document near the fireplace here.
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Except Barr didn't redact any of it. The Mueller team is the one who redacted the report. Are you people that ignorant? Barr stated in multiple interviews when asked when the Mueller report would be released. And he stated When the "Mueller Team" finishes their redactions.
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Going by Bill Barr's instructions, right?
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Hint: George Nader, Tony Podesta
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Barr’s DOJ found by Judge to not be an honest broker
Are we winning yet? They stay making mistakes.
I would love to see the entire unredacted version of the Mueller Report. #JusticeIsComing
Did anyone really think Barr's redactions were on the up and up?
A big hmmm as to who those 2 redacted witnesses are in the Mueller report.
Mueller is the gift that keeps on giving.
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@maddow @Lawrence So look - there's no way Rachel will cover it all today. Can y'all just "blend" your two shows into some kind of 2 hour special? Not unlike a holiday special, but with impeachment stuff. Thanks.
It's almost as if they're working harder to hide the truth than to actually uphold their duties under the law, but that can't be right can it?
DOJ committing crimes to cover Trump's behind.
Whoa! A bonus for today...
#MuellerReport missing redacted names of witnesses that must be made public notes judge.
Looks like @muchcoffee is going to have some late edits to his Mueller Report project.
We knew #BarrLied about the Mueller Report. Beyond his gross mischaracterization of the report as a whole, determining if his redactions were legit was impossible to verify. But this is a verification.

I swear I can hear the crumbling of the wall of lies that trump has built

All we need is a Giuliani sized hand grenade tossed into the ring and we will be free!
Básicamente, un juez federal indicó que el Departamento de Justicia erróneamente censuró los nombres de dos personas que no 'testificaron' ante un gran jurado, información que debe ser pública ya que estas dos personas participaron en eventos claves del reporte de Mueller. :O
Makes you wonder who did Bill Barr not known publicly as witnesses to Trump’s offenses
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