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We need a new vision for America. That is what this campaign is all about. I'm so grateful that @AOC, who has become an inspiration to millions of young people, is with us in this fight. #BerniesBack

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Because the old vision, which created the freest and most prosperous nation in human history, isn’t to his liking.





Iconic image. ✊✊

The establishment should be absolutely terrified. This movement #NotMeUs is very REAL!

The 99% is going to take back their country from the greed and corruption of the 1%.

#Bernie2020 #BerniesBack #BernieInQueens
Multiracial & intergenerational. This is how we win.
How is it a new vision when you’re geriatric
Crowd reports of 26k people in attendance & dont forget the thousands on social media. Bet there’ll barely be a whisper of this on tv media #BerniesBack
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What an incredible photo. That’s one for the history books. This is the day we won the political revolution. We have a lot of work yet to do, but mark this tweet. We will watch in tears as President Sander’s hand signs #MedicareForAll into law. And Nina will say, “he DID that” pic.twitter.com/QJtz3SL06E
People should be looking at her appearance here as an audition. If the Dem loses in 2020 she's going to be talked about as the inheritor of Bernie's whole thing
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This is the beginning of a new era in US history, and we are all part of it! #NotMeUs
Inifinitely proud of @medina_celina! She’s an amazing photographer and an even better friend ♥️
So let me get this straight Bernie. We need a ‘new vision’ because the vision that has made the United States the greatest nation on planet earth is no good anymore? You, AOC & Democrats want to transform our Constitutional Republic into the USSA don’t you? No, I don’t think so.
This group of #notMeUs has my entire heart. I’m tired of living in a world where blind eyes are turned when people suffer. It’s often why I am depressed. This movement gives hope to all. #BerniesBack
The numbers are in for @BernieSanders! 25,872 came out to see #BernieIsBack Rally in NYC! Joining the hundred of thousands of us at home watching the excitement live! We're all in this together. Join me in donating here to keep the movement in high speed! bernie.to/rally
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Dang. I might have had a teachable moment, seeing this photo! *Euphemism* 😰😏😎
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America doesn't need socialism that will destroy our country! Hong Kong is fighting for freedom against socialism/communism. Dems are fighting for socialism against freedom of choice! Wake up America!
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We don’t want your version of America
You've never accomplished a single thing of value in your life, Bernie.

We are not electing you.
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If we need something new, why are you digging up old failed socialism and communism?
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Two future presidents! 🎉🎈🎊
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In reply to @BernieSanders
Any American who honeymooned in the USSR should never be President of the US.
You know who needs a shoutout? The woman who risked her career to back you up in 2016 and is now enduring the ire of HRC et. al. for it. #TulsiGabbard
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That’s because you inspired her among so many others! To demand a better world for us all and to fight against corruption and greed systematically. You’re an inspiration and an icon worldwide. People use your quotes to fight their own battles against corruption! #NotMeUs pic.twitter.com/oZqo8o0ibC
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Today I felt the joy as if Bernie won the presidency to fight for the working class. I can't believe I am witnessing a movement that will go down in history as one of the greatest on so many issues especially health care and climate change. A MAGNIFICENT MAN & HIS SUPPORTERS!
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Guess who else is back, oh wait, he never left... pic.twitter.com/woV8Hu9DZd
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Puerto Ricans for Bernie 🇵🇷
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This was a powerhouse day. So inspirational. Fire has been lit, so pumped. We love you Bernie!
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Bernie's message spans <------> generations. 💯
#BernieIsBack — stronger than ever before. We’ve got an election to win and a country to save. Let’s do this. #BernieInQueens #BernieSanders
Bernie was the one who inspired me to get involved in politics again, and that we can fight for, and win, the changes that will make our lives better. #BerniesBack
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DNC is corrupt to its core.
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Dear Oligarchy, Establishment Democrats & Corporate Media, You can't stop Us now! Sincerely, We The People #FeelTheBern🔥
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I was there today and felt the power and inspiration that you give people. We will win!
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I will vote for @realDonaldTrump before I vote for @BernieSanders and @AOC. We must protect freedom and liberty. A president that speaks outrageously at times without a filter is better than a descent into #socialism and #tyranny
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Dems continue to self-destruct!
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Show me the Aerial view
🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 esto es hermoso, @BernieSanders @AOC juntos 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Notice how Bernie rallies where Dems have a stronghold while Trump rallies in places he needs to flip or secure?
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AOC pays $300 for her hairdo. Perhaps she can hook you up with some V05. pic.twitter.com/P2ZLVgETOp
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These two clowns will lead American right over the cliff
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What I need is for my healthcare to not be controlled by the government
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You won’t win. Period
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C'mon, really, @AOC ? We smell nothing but desperation. Anyway, thanks for that.
I’m sick and in bed, so actually watched most of this. Bernie definitely just moved up in my book (tied with Julian now for second choice). I didn’t anticipate that happening. So many good choices this primary.
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The American people need someone who is going to make the new vision a reality.
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Good luck .. If I decide to Vote , I'll vote Bernie all the way !
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In case anyone is still "curious", @AOC just explained at #Bernie2020 NY rally why she chose him over the same body parts. Bernie was always there for her and all people! #NotMeUs #WomenForBernie
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She needs to go back to being a waitress
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In reply to @BernieSanders
Yay! Free everything until we run out of other people’s money!
Recall Bernie saying: "we're building a movement". More than an election. More than one person. This day, with @BernieSanders and @AOC spanning the divides, is its birthday. #BerniesBack #BernieSanders #BernieInQueens
I knew this location would yield some great photos this ones perfect. Their arms and hands match the peak on that span of the bridge so perfectly
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A couple communists. Not gonna happen in America no matter how bad you want it.
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So thrilled to see the turnout! What a massive show of support, bigger than any other rally so far this year for ANY other candidate. #Bernie2020 is what America wants.
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We don't need your "new vision" for America. The vision our founders had created the greatest and most FREE nation on earth that MILLIONS try to come to, to escape other countries, escaping places that fit under YOUR new vision, which isn't new at all. It's old COMMUNISM.
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What we need is elected officials that honor their oath, not Socialist Geriatrics trying to sell us out, and bankrupt the Country.
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So much love for you both. #NotMeUs ❤️
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Your vision is nothing but taking away freedom for government contol that has never turned out well for the people only the politicians
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Powerful. Powerful. There must be hundreds of people in front of the stage.
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