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I bet Wall Street and the corporations can hear us now! 25,000+ @AOC @BernieSanders #BerniesBack #NotMeUs

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طرفداران سناتور برنی سندرز حسابی دارن پز حدود ۲۵ هزار نفری را که امروز در نیویورک برای سخنرانیش جمع شدن را میدن. اینکه جوان‌ترین و چپگراترین نماینده مجلس آمریکا @AOC در این گردهمایی رسما حمایتش را از سندرز اعلام کرد هم البته در افزایش استقبال بی تاثیر نبود.
As great as #YangGang has done. We haven't even come close to this. Stay hungry. Stay humble.
Over 10,000 were outside, because the venue was at capacity inside, so I think the official crowd size is probably 35,000 or more. 🔥 #BernieIsBack
Bernie Sanders, seul candidat démocrate capable de réunir des foules comparables/superieures à Donald Trump. #BernieIsBack #Bernie2020
به کوری چشم ترامپ و ترامپیست ها حدود ٢۵ هزار نفر برای سخنرانی برنی سندرز در نیویورک جمع شدن که برای مرحلهٔ مقدماتی انتخاب در آمریکا بی‌سابقه‌س #BerniesBack
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😍 please make usa human again.
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Dissapointing but not unexpected that the MSM folks like @CNN @nytimes and @MSNBC are barely covering this historical rally and/or framing it as negatively as possible. You would think they wouldn’t want to further alienate viewers.
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Someone commented simply: "Capitalism will win," to which I add the narcissists (NO EMPATHY) control most of that. So whether 25K, 25M, even 100M, NOTHING WILL CHANGE until we vote most out, change the laws, & boycott (not only don't buy, but don't work for) these corporations.
That’s a lot of people. Interesting this isn’t showing up more in my TL
This is incredible.
Sanders is the only candidate Trump is afraid of.

Here's why 👇
The sheer magnificent turnout for the #BerniesBackRally in Queens is astounding. Over 26,000+ people spilled out of Queensbridge Park. Just check out this inspiring aerial shot.

@BernieSanders is the next president of 🇺🇸 . We will continue to show up for him. No. Matter. What.
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And that was just the ones who could make it to NYC. What they really need to notice is this: pic.twitter.com/HatFcTbvLE
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Hey Donnie Fredorovna BabyHands-- here's what a crowd of 25,000 people really looks like. #FeelTheBern #TrumpCrimeSyndicate twitter.com/TerrelDreamer/…
"S'il gagne l'élection, il lui faudra de bons gardes du corps, à tonton Bernie."
(Frédéric Lordon sur @Hors_Serie_ASI)
¡Apuesto a que Wall Street y las corporaciones pueden escucharnos ahora! 25,000+ @AOC @BernieSanders #BerniesBackRally #BerniesBack #NotMeUs pic.twitter.com/2TZm3JevUA
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Sanders should have a rally in Zucotti park. He needs to start making Wall Street feel the Bern is coming.
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And reports of 5-10k outside behind the gates, filling the streets, surrounding this people powered event. 🌹✊🇺🇸
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That one section of the overflow wasn’t even close to everyone- I was in the section to the immediate right of this camera, and the street behind us was flooded, too.
Above the fold yet, @nytimes ? That is one very, very big crowd!
#GreenNewDeal #Bernie2020 #VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 Thank you @AOC!!! Follow all who 💙Like 💙RT💙Comment
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This made my happy. I hope this guy is the next President, because he really is the only person that will get stuff done. I’m hoping that Americans get informed and make the right choice when voting. Let’s put this guy in the White House!
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Someone needs to show this to Trumplings so they know what a crowd of 25,000 people really looks like.
There were literally people calling for this man to drop out on MSNBC less than 10 days ago
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I'm not a Bernie supporter (unless he gets the nomination) but this is AWESOME!!!
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Fill Madison square garden and still have thousands left
When the American people begin to wake up...
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How can Bernie Sanders not get the nomination? Does any other candidates come even close to this? HEY DEMOCRATS THIS IS WHO THE PEOPLE WANT!
What is the rally count? I see 25,000-33,000.
Those are 25,000-33,000 of my brothers and sisters!
I'm glad they got together for a family picture.
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It looks like the people are Bernie's heart.
I'd like to see Trump get this kind of turnout.

So does Trump, lol.
That’s a lot of energy & it can’t be denied. #BERNIE
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Must be larger than 25,000 people! Their standing shoulder to shoulder!
"If you are willing to fight for other people as much as you're willing to fight for yourself, there is no doubt in my mind that not only will we win this election. We will transform this country."

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Good to see the outside crowd getting a little coverage
Try and fucking tell me he doesn't have the broad support to win
This👇 video pans the massive crowd inside & outside of Queensbridge Park in NYC for the #BerniesBack Rally with @AOC
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“Excuse me, this video clearly shows that only 1% of queens New York showed up for this rally, this is effectively a poll. Bernie only has the support of 1% of Queens. This poor turnout and the AOC endorsement are terrible for his campaign.” - Nate Silver
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I work not so far from where this event took place and lord you can feel the BURN! #BerniesBack #Bernie2020 💪🏼 @BernieSanders
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This looks more like an inauguration than rally, love it.
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I’m supporting yang but I love Bernie and AOC and this is heartening to see. Power of the people.
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Either get behind him solidly RIGHT NOW or get the hell otta the way.
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Wow what a crowd. I hope they all turn out to vote.
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They need to hear that VOTE
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Truly Magnificent!
Y’all better believe I wasn’t going to miss this #BernieIsBack
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Wow! That's a huge turn out.
They are. And they do not like what they are hearing.
I'm registered to vote in my state.
I will vote for @BernieSanders in the primary election because he has the most consistent history, the best plans, and the best strategy for achieving those plans.
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll, #FightFor15, #GreenNewDeal, #Peace.
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Yang Called Trump a symptom first... At least hes making an impact. if im wrong on this dont crucify me.
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Yeah this crowd is too big, Bernie should definitely drop big crowds are bad news.😂
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Dope! Not going to rag on @BernieSanders if he's getting such big crowds. Watch how MSM and @DNC ignores this and pushes @ewarren or @amyklobuchar or @JoeBiden!! Party is corrupt, but people will choose!!! Standing with Bernie Bros today 🇺🇲💪💯
This is a beautiful shot. Didn't know people who couldn't get in were still watching from the street. #bernie2020 #berniesback #abolishice #abolishstudentdebt
This is absolutely INSANE. We are going to win #BerniesBack #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs
Cerca de 25 mil pessoas contra as corporações
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Wow, Bernie is going to be the nominee, as I’ve always expected! Look at that crowd! It’s 10,000 times bigger than Joe Biden’s last crowd of 23 people.
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Looks like Trumps overflow at his rallys
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The moment AOC came out endorsing Bernie on Twitter the bots went NUTS.
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Looks more like 25,000+ 25,000* 🌹🔥
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