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Bigger than sports 🙏

Four-time cancer survivor Casey O'Brien made his debut for Minnesota.

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Hell yeah! Inspire much, Casey? You are a hero.
So cool. Thrilled for @caseyob14 , and absolutely loved the moment between him and @Coach_Fleck. P.J. has been a believer in Casey from Day One. Spend time with Casey, and you understand why it isn’t a leap of faith. Congrats.
I will admit that I wasn’t the worlds biggest fan of the rah-rah stuff when he got here.

However, it’s impossible not to really like what P.J. Fleck is creating right now for @GopherFootball

This was a pretty cool moment.
If you’re looking to cry tonight. You’re welcome.
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This was the best thing I’ve seen in a while
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This is what sports is really all about. Family, teammates, camaraderie, heart and never giving up.
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This is why Coach Fleck is beloved by his players; he genuinely cares about them off of the field.
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Being 7-0 is really cool. But there are a lot of other reasons to be proud of this team too.
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Heart of a lion. Congrats Casey! I am fighting with you and for you. Leukemia Warrior - Quinn pic.twitter.com/8WeJdpRA7H
I love winning and hate losing, but this right here hit home. Football is my life, and our athletes our my life. The coach to player relationship cant be matched. It's family. I love out kids and will forever be their biggest fan. #proudcoach #family
As a father of a cancer survivor who went thru more than anyone can even imagine, I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. 3 1/2 years of chemo and more for Kyle and he plays HS sports. He makes us so proud along with his brother Robert and sister Madeline. @espn
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Hauling 13,000 lbs of steel beams in his honor with my Dodge Ram. Respect!
Athlete of the week on Ep 62?!
Seems like a no brainer...
When sports is good, it can be very, very good.
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THIS IS DOPE!!! Respect!!!!
You make it so easy to look up to you brother. Nobody deserves this more than you @caseyob14 🎗❤️
Pardon my language, but this is fucking awesome. Fuck cancer.
Reason/example 1,458,343 why football is the greatest sport in the world. What a special moment. Congrats young man!
Inspirational, perseverance, toughness... you pick the term. This kid is amazing!
This really hit hard for me, especially after my brain tumor. I love sports so much. 🙏
Casey O'Brien is The Man.

He's had four bouts of bone cancer. Chemo pills before practice, a medical port in his chest, 14 surgeries (three on each lung), more than 200 nights in hospitals and rods in his knee.

Got in the game tonight. Look how excited his team is. #Minnesota
*buys daughter 4th row the boat onesie*
Some of y’all don’t understand... Here in Minnesota, we are more than just sports #RowTheBoat
I could watch this all day
how can you not love sports?
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I would say that was an elite hold
It’s more than just a game!!!
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Love love love love this!!! 💛♥️💛♥️💛♥️💛♥️. Do great things in life Casey O’Brien. Someone knew you needed another shot at life 🙏🏻
That is what its all about!!!
this is what sports is all about. Keep Pounding, always 🧡
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thank you for showing the world coaches can be real people too. The best, most underrated experience in sport is the relationships. Kudos to you for letting emotions be real. I would have cried too!
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They call him a 4 time cancer survivor I call him a 4 time champion
If you can’t be happy for @caseyob14 I don’t want to know ya.
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Coach Fleck can coach my team any day of the week
Good stuff....really good stuff!
No ones cutting onions. This made me tear up.
Bigger than sports ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Yep, just a fast-talking salesman that PJ Fleck was, or so it was written back when he was hired. Who knew?
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How could you not root for PJ Fleck and the Gophers? So glad for them.
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People finally realizing that Fleck has never treated this as being all about himself! He loves every kid on that team, and instills that love into every player to where they feel same for one another!! #SkiUMah
Sports are incredible man. Que the waterworks
This is what football is all about .. moments like this
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you've got to know when to hold them
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Best thing I’ve seen all day! Awesome
Proof that football is more than just a game!
wow, what a moment.
#SkiUMah #RTB @Coach_Fleck @caseyob14 showing what resilience and love for team is all about.
I fucking love all of this
So glad he got in the game! (Obviously my tweet worked haha)
This is a terrific happy tears moment.
This makes the Husky loss feel not as bad. Sports are awesome!
Someone row the boat for me because I'm crying
Beautiful. Why I love sports. So much heart.
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