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When gently corrected by one of the astronauts about how other women have spacewalked, Donald Trump uses his middle finger to "fix" his hair.

How is this even real life?

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His piggery knows no bottom.
What a petulant little man. This is the kind of nonsense you'd expect from an obnoxious 14-year-old, not... the President of the United States.
Is this our @potus or a bloated, stupid, petulant Biff Tanner?
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Bet he was even more upset because he was corrected by a woman.
I fucking HATE this disrespectful asshole馃槨
In space ...no one can grab your pussy
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He has our National Security Secrets.
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i know it seems so obvious but sometimes i just stop and think -- there are 300 million people in America and we somehow managed to elect literally the worst person in the entire country
--this is who got selected to be President??
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I know it's easy to think everything he does is intentional. This is one of those times I think we are 100% correct in assessing that it was. I have never witnessed even one person in my 44 years do this without it being on purpose. He flipped them the bird. And he's president*.
Hey Mitch.
This pile of trash belongs to you.
Remove it.
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he鈥檚 a child -
We can see you, you massive, ignorant prick. I wish you'd just fuck off now. You are loathsome.
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When someone tells you over and over and over and over and... who they are, believe them! #SuppotImpeachment #Vote2020
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It鈥檚 almost like he doesn鈥檛 respect women pbs.org/newshour/polit鈥
In reply to @shannonrwatts
I watched this live. Prior to this clip? (I hate Trump) he was doing the same thing: wiping sweat from dripping. It was very hot that day. One difference? He did NOT use his middle finger prior but whatever. He's an ass but I just hate us getting stuck on maybe.not.true.stf
Take 17 seconds and watch this. You will be stunned.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
All he cared about was that he was President when these women were the "first" to spacewalk....except they weren't and good for them for correcting him. Give credit where credit is due.
What a - no words here - women astronauts risking their lives and he thinks it's cute to give one the finger after she corrected something he got wrong.
Omg, only seeing this now. How is it possible that this infantile man is the President of the United States?
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He really is an unimaginable piece of sht
In reply to @shannonrwatts
In an ideal world the President of the United States and the shittiest person in America would be two different people. pic.twitter.com/CCdZVlz8Lg
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He's now being told no & being publically corrected. NOTHING makes this bully more enraged. He punches back no matter what. He's no self control & no one is willing to control him. He's getting more dangerous everyday. We need to take to the streets and stay there til he's gone.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He is a rude, badly raised 12-year-old.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
She was so polite but he cannot be corrected, especially by a woman. He has no class.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Not to defend the guy AT ALL, but if you watch the whole tape of that event, T does that exact thing with his hand while they wait for that astronaut call to connect. Just saying. Either practicing or meaningless.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
A shell of a man with a very Fragile ego 馃憠馃徏 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Nothing this man says or does surprises me. Disgusts me; yes. Surprises me; nope,
In reply to @shannonrwatts
My 12 year old has much, much more class than him.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Hard to believe he is the only person who can decide if or not we release nuclear weapons.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Authoritarians do not like to be corrected, even politely, especially by women to whom he was so gracious to give his attention. The longer he is in office the more he demands unquestionable worship. Like the strong men he admires, he now fancies himself one. A dangerous man.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
What an absolute a*shole.
Donald - you think you鈥檙e smart. But, we see you.

Yes, he is still here. Can anyone tell me why? #ImpeachTrump #TrumpMustGo to save the Republic.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Sorry to get theoretical on you, but it is possible for this to be a subconscious action. The result is still the same though, the person doing it (even subconsciously) has contempt for the other person.
He got owned by women from space. They make history, he flipped them off. He looks pathetic, they come back heroes and inspirations even more so now because of this.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He is such a child. But actually, even my children wouldn鈥檛 do that.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
When she corrects him, his body jerks back as if he'd been hit in the chest. He can't take the least bit of push back, even when it's offered sincerely and just as part of a friendly conversation. These women are the best of us. He is worst.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He's a massively disturbed man.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
It鈥檚 hard to tell if it is deliberate or not. My husband鈥檚 father used to use his middle finger to push up his glasses without thinking. He triggered a road rage incident when another driver saw him do that and took offense.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
No part of the narcissist was even listening to those women. The only thing that was going through his mind at that moment was that all eyes were on him and his amazing ability to read all the words correctly. He is totally unconscious of anything else but his self importance.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
In related news, I drove home from work last week to find that my wife had bought and displayed one of these. Love her. 鉂わ笍 smile.amazon.com/Vibe-Ink-Funct鈥
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Imagine working at a company where your CEO did this? Or if the mayor of your town did this? Or even the manager at your local convenience store? He cannot even human correctly. He doesn't even have the bare minimum of decorum to manage a kiosk at a mall.
Just a reminder that @realDonaldTrump sucks.

Not that you needed it.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. - Maya Angelou
So remember KIDS, when your parents or teacher or sister has the NERVE to CORRECT you when you鈥檙e spouting BULLSHIT you pulled out of your ASS, ignore them & give them the #TrumpMiddleFinger!
Be like the PRESIDENT!
Such a BRAVE & CLASSY move!
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Dear @LindseyGrahamSC Is this Presidential? Asking for America.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Trump is emotionally a 11 year old
Most kids give up this petty childish move in the 4th grade.

Hey 45, you are the president, not a 4th grade child.

Us kids act more mature and grown-up than a lot of the adults.
He is a fcking ADOLESCENT.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He's regressing and sliding into "presidementia" faster and faster now.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Omfg! It was more brazen than I thought possible
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Well, in fairness Shannon, the man鈥檚 hands are extremely little. So that middle finger affords him the greatest 鈥檒ift鈥 at any given moment... when the brow is sweating, and the candyfloss is sticking. It could just be that:)
In reply to @shannonrwatts
The look on his face when she corrects him tells me it was more than likely intentional.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Real鈥 Life stopped the day Trump took office. We are currently living in the Theater of the Absurd.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
We used to do that in High School.
Donald Trump bringing 3rd grade to the White House.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He may never win a Nobel Prize but Id be glad to award him a Bag of Dicks for being the biggest douchebag on the planet
And this is y鈥檃ll鈥檚 President*?! Soooo, @VanJones68 do ya still think this demented screwball is presidential? Lemme know.
You flipped off a female astronaut because she corrected you. What is WRONG with you?? @realDonaldTrump
In reply to @shannonrwatts
First off, there鈥檚 no 鈥渇ixing鈥 that hair. Secondly, if one were to fix their hair, using that finger in that way is awkward and weird. He鈥檚 a damn child. Who the fuck does that who鈥檚 over the age of 12??
This "thing" that is @realDonaldTrump is truly an even more disgusting piece of shit than we already knew he was. Shame on ANY supporter or enabler, deep shame on you.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
This pathetic man is mentally disturbed. How did this country lose its way so abysmally that it now finds this sick little fuck of a subhuman creature sitting on his throne of lies, daring to flip the bird at heroic and intrepid women ten times his intellect?
Le plus inqui茅tant c'est quand m锚me qu'il n'est pas capable de faire la diff茅rence entre deux concepts aussi simples que la 1猫re sortie d'un 茅quipage totalement f茅minin et la 1猫re sortie d'une femme dans l'espace.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
How is it even real life that they're talking to a Russian installed tyrant as a POTUS? I find the whole idea of people complaining that he didn't visit this or that victim or disaster surreal. If I were hurt or did something huge - Trump is the last person I'd want to talk to.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
No accident. Let鈥檚 just say in the unlikely event it was, wouldn鈥檛 a sane, mature, presidential grown up, who appears on TV every day, be aware of where his fingers are and how this gesture might look? Of course he would - if he were a sane, mature, presidential grown up.
The President of the United States apparently giving the finger to a female astronaut
As usual, a POS reacts, as a POS does, when he is corrected. And in the nicest possible way, too.

Leave it to someone of his maturity level and temperament, to show how babyish and petty he truly is. SAD!!!
In reply to @shannonrwatts
Can鈥檛 wait for his twitter tirade about how the fake news said he was intentionally using his middle finger and how he always does that to move his hair out of the way and blah blah blah crazy dems blah blah blah fake news blah blah blah.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
All the maturity of that one guy whose fraternity brothers don't trust around their female friends or family members.
How have we come to this?
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He鈥檚 really going for that woman vote
It鈥檚 scary watching our adults be kids, and trying to be brave and strong to save ourselves. You are degrading and shitting on our future! We feel ABANDONED. We are TIRED of having no anchors! Adults, you taught us better than this! Grow up!
Who voted for THIS THING to be President of the United States? 馃槼馃う鈥嶁檪锔
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He is a despotic amoral degenerate criminal prick, by now we should expect him to behave like a despotic amoral degenerate criminal prick.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
He as bad at his job as he is at being a man.
And there actually are women stupid enough to vote for this lying misogynistic moron.
Share this again and again and again. This dime-store "boss" is a menace to us all.
This guy really, really doesn鈥檛 like women. Except as victims.
The president of the United States is a 12-year-old.
The person who is supposed to be the face of our country hates women, people of color, those not of a heterosexual orientation, and anyone in a different tax bracket than him. I鈥檓 so ready for his term to be over.
In reply to @shannonrwatts
This is how much of a child he is.
He just gave this astronaut the finger and it wasn't subtle. It's like the annoying kid in school who says "ahem" before picking his nose and wiping it on the back of your seat.
Another mannerless prick.
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