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Pooh sat down and thought. “I have been Foolish and Deluded,” said he, “and I am a Bear of No Brain at All.”
“You’re the Best Bear in All the World,” said Christopher Robin soothingly.
“Am I?” Said Pooh hopefully. And he brightened up suddenly. ~A.A.Milne #MondayMotivation

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For anyone having a tough Monday 😊
E all need a little of this encouragement n a Monday morning. Thank you @A_AMilne
We’re all the best bears in all the world, no matter how big or little our successes ♥️
Words can either lift someone up or tear someone down. Choose your words wisely because they could be your last😉 we don’t know what the next minute will bring so make it a good one & be the reason someone smiles today!🥰 #Lucifans #LucifansWellness @lucifansgroup1
I have to say we all have days like this and question those things perhaps more often than we should. It's so important to ask your Christopher Robin when you feel like that. Dont be alone :) #positivementalhealth
It's Monday and you've another week to be a delightfully foolish genius.
For all of us who feel Foolish and Deluded ...
Everyone needs a Christopher Robin sometimes...😊💚💜💙💛❤️
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Aww we all need a friend like Christopher Robin xxx
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We all have feelings of self doubt and worthlessness but hopefully we also have good friends who dispel them .
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These leaks from inside the White House are really something.
Someone around you probably needs to hear that they're a pretty special bear too
Being there for our friends and family is so important
To all those receiving their #11Plus #Exam #Results today. Do not be hard on yourself if you don’t meet your expectations. Recall to mind all the great things you’ve achieved. Focus on the positive & move forward 🙌🏼

#W11PlusA #EduTwitter #Wirral
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I just want Pooh and Paddington to meet up and have friendship affirmation adventures.
Oh Pooh - thats how I feel too. We all need a Christopher Robin
Thank you to all my twitter mates.
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You are Pooh, you are! 😊❤
Aww that's encouragement CR 😎💙🧸 We all need a little bit of #encouragement Whether its by people. by letter or by social media makes one "brighten up suddenly" 😇✍️📕💝📱⛅️🦉🕺💙 Have a blest day folks @vanillaweb @MariKolthoff @ErniHaesloop pic.twitter.com/iHobiEnXhs
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Everyone needs someone to tell them their the best ❤️
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Words can be so powerful!!!! Tell somone their special everyday. 🙏🙏😊😊
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We all need a confidence booster from time to time.
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Pooh is indeed the best (and hopefully best loved) bear in the world!
Love #WinniethePooh His quotes and stories give a warming smiley feeling 💞 @A_AMilne
El Mejor Osito del Mundo. 😻
To all those across the #Wirral who received their #11Plus #Exam #Results yesterday. Do not be hard on yourself if you didn’t meet your expectations. Recall to mind all the great things you’ve achieved. Focus on the positive & move forward. Well done all!🙌🏼

#W11PlusA #EduTwitter
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My Monday is full of issue. Anyway, Pooh helped “Little” to think not to be only with the self. That’s why Pooh is clever😊 ☀️☀️☀️👧🏻🐈
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A silent word of reassurance A helping hand when we’re down A lesson leaned of the way friendships are made The link in the chain of love
You are all the Best Bears in All the World.
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There’s a lesson for us all there.
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Just watched the movie Christopher Robin. My heart is full 🙂
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The Very Best Bear in All the World, Pooh x
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Self doubt! Be off with you!! A big helping of confidence for Pooh Xx #thattherebear xx
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A few kind words go a long way...
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It’s what I always say to my little students!
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When we are having a #toughday a #friend like #ChristopherRobin can help us gain #perspective and move forward. #Encouragement
Been there - just believe in yourself 💕
A lovely quote from one of my favourite books. I remember my dad reading this to me when I was little and doing all the voices. We also had Sir Michael Hordern reading it on tape; dad used to borrow it for his pupils (Grammar) at the end of each term and they loved it too.
Oh Chris and Pooh you are the best! Lets be absolutely certain; people of ages and all walks of life need reassurances. We are not the sum of our shortcomings and behaviours, they are often the result of needs not being in met in us and for us. #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts
How lovely is Christopher Robin, a lesson we must all learn 💓
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Affirmation is the best medicine
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That's a lovely little confidence boost for poohx
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Sometimes all we need is a pat on the back!
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Such sweet words of encouragement for Pooh
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A kind word from a loving friend makes all the difference. 🤗
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We've all felt like Pooh. Hoorah for friends like Christopher Robin!
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Friends are worth their weight in gold
Poohs guide to organisational appraisals. Happy Monday #oneteam
Just a reminder of the power of positive thinking and a kind word on this rainy Monday...
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The One and only Pooh Bear!
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In reply to @A_AMilne
Aww I need a Christopher Robin friend 💜🧸🧸💕
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A few kind words can make such a difference.
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Oh I soo love the Pooh Bear books Xx
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Friendship is priceless.🙏
The humanity & gentleness that we now need to heal our bitterly divided - where is it?
One of the very , very best friendships .
What a wise little boy .
All of my moots who are kind to others "You are the best Moots in All the World."
For this reason we should not grow weary to #encourage others. Coul this ne your #MondayMotivation
Wouldn't it be nice if we could all change our attitudes so quickly!
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It sounds a bit like Boris Johnson receiving a debriefing after Saturday
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All of us, Pooh Bears, need a Christopher Robin in our lives!
Fortunately, Pooh was blessed with a sense of community and altruism. He loved.
Sometimes a loving word is all it takes to heal the hurt.
#BrexitVote Leaver or Remain it is time to think again whether fooled or deluded in 2016 or now
Pooh really has the ability to cheer us all up. See my little story #https://www.kittywitchdiaries.com/granny-s-bedtime-reading
Yes, Pooh, you are the Best Bear In All the World.
Definitely the best bear. 😊
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