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#HermanMashaba: says he can not reconcile himself with a DA that does not understand the inequalities in South Africa (@lizTandwa)

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In reply to @TeamNews24
We have been saying voting for the DA is giving power to the racist White people who uses Black people as their face so as to get black Voters.....
But it鈥檚 the DA? What was he thinking. I -
Zille elections thusfar:

- Herman Mashaba resigns
- Vacant office 27 November
- Make room for Elders
- Make room for right wingers
- Make Zille Great Again
- Race & Inequalities hounds DA

Respectable. Well done leader @HermanMashaba 馃憦馃従馃憦馃従
ICYMI| @HermanMashaba has resigned as the mayor of @CityofJoburgZA and as a member of the @Our_DA. #OngaziMakazi
In reply to @TeamNews24
The DA will be relegated to just a small minority party based in WC. there is no growth after this.
In reply to @MmusiMaimane
@MmusiMaimane bese wena uhlelele ntoni kwi DA ? abazoyiki izinto oMmusi yazz #HermanMashaba
I love this song.
So sad to see him go....
In reply to @TeamNews24
He has unfortunately let his ego get in the way of service delivery.. and perhaps been brainwashed by the EFF. The DA fully understands inequality in SA. They just need to go about it without identity politics as he was suddenly turning too, lately.
In reply to @TeamNews24
Penny wise , pound foolish Mayor Mashaba , of all people , I expected more from you ! Good luck at the EFF !
Just wondering what took him so long to realise what the DA stands for馃
In reply to @TeamNews24
Unseat the ANC from where,some dodgy hair salon cooking up hair products to bun ANC leadership scalps??? pic.twitter.com/0omOHEM2wu
He went into this knowing who they are. He stayed knowing who they are.
In reply to @TeamNews24
Would a political leader in such a prestige position resign without a back-up plan or does #HermanMashaba already have his foot in another boat?
In reply to @TeamNews24
He wanted to make friendship with white imperialists of DA 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
In reply to @TeamNews24
He kept putting the non-payers first.
In reply to @TeamNews24
Only Maimane's eyes are still closed
In reply to @TeamNews24
Clearly this is a great lost to the people of JHB they've lost a hero a leader a fearless fight who stood consistent against ANC crooks and thieves who were trying to demoralize the good job that Mayor Shaba did for the community of Jhb
In reply to @TeamNews24
Hellen zille always defend apartheid policies and colonialism verwoed daughter mxm
In reply to @TeamNews24
Did they understand the inequalities when he ran as their mayor, or before then?
In reply to @TeamNews24
Had no idea he cared about that considering his hero is Trump among other things
In reply to @TeamNews24
In reply to @TeamNews24
Himself ..... he only thinks of 鈥榟imself鈥 and not the people(citizens i mean) who had trust in him.
In reply to @TeamNews24
There goes the DA to the drain.
In reply to @TeamNews24
That is his biggest mistake. Taking hands and working towards One SA for All means taking hands with other races who wants to help chance. His views are outrageous and I cannot believe we did not see this for so long...
A very true assesment such kind of leaders are very rare 馃憦馃憦
When did he realize this?
In satafrika our land馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Keep voting for the DA
And the truth shall set you free 馃憣馃徑
If you wanna talk "OG" shit with me without acknowledging that #HermanMashaba is one of the last one's left then I don't know my G! 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃し
He joined when Helen was with DA. Things changed since she left so not her fault
In reply to @MmusiMaimane
@MmusiMaimane take notes.
House negroeing will not end well for you in the 21st century.
I thought he knew that they created the inequities


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