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the US is starting to look like a bunch of pussies

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In reply to @fuckmigueI
Set billionaires and student loans on fire 2020???
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Do this in the USA and they’ll just raise the taxes to pay to get it fixed😂
In reply to @fuckmigueI
What do u mean “starting”
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Hi im chilean and these are montages police do so they make people believe we are more violent than them. The day this happened all our subways were closed. How is it that this one is on fire? How is it that no one else is in the video?
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Please read and inform yourself on what’s going on around the world. My love to everyone fighting the good fight
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Cause we’re to busy being on this app talkin bout why we aren’t doin this
In reply to @fuckmigueI
If we did this, the military would literally be sleeping next to all of us the day protests start.
In reply to @fuckmigueI
People say this as if a whole Ferguson et. al didn’t happen, and protesters weren’t widely condemned and organizers didn’t suddenly mysteriously go missing/lost their lives. 🤦🏾‍♀️
In reply to @fuckmigueI
This look like episode one of Fire Force.
In reply to @fuckmigueI
In the back of our minds we know just how armed this country is, that's why.
Our police is militarized
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Just like how the Brazilian government set fire to the Amazon rain forest pic.twitter.com/9rHdadryyb
In reply to @fuckmigueI
We need more anarchy in this country
Please please please don’t just get a laugh at this and leave it at that. I know it might be hard if your only sources are in English, but try to inform yourself on what’s happening in Chile.
"starting" the global south collectively laughs
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Our selfishness is showing
We need to do this with gas stations cause these gas prices are ridiculous
In reply to @fuckmigueI
well yeah, we kind of are. We don't fight for anything collectively as a whole nation of working class people.
remember when black people burned buildings to protest murder for national coverage and were called criminals
Burning public infrastructure benefits no one lmao their taxes are gonna pay for repairs.....
Starting???? You people are the wettest humans on earth
Come to East Oakland we do shit like this for fun 🤣
In reply to @fuckmigueI
taxes pay for public transportation this would only hurt us in the long run
Yea yall better not bring that shit over here bitch who has the time
I don't think yall realize how big the US is comparatively and how varied viewpoints are..

Also any time black folks have turned shit up we get told it's not the answer so
Because you guys are....
Black people get shot during routine traffic stops here. Y’all can do something like this if you want though.
please stop spreading propaganda. apparently, this is not something these people did. it’s something that was done by law enforcement to make it look as if the citizens are doing these violent acts and thats sick and stupid.
when i look at other countries and see how much their people do to fight for the things they want, i start to believe we’re being lazy. we aren’t doing enough.
In reply to @fuckmigueI
You hear about the Boston tea party dawg?
Don’t say that some people will get offended
lol until there's an uprising and it's all "dont these people have jobs?!" "why must they block traffic" "violence solves nothing"
Honestly this isn’t something to joke about. These are REAL problems that people from third world countries are facing.
It’s crazy y’all really can’t appreciate having a actual government with consiquesnces in place lol
Ah yes, destroying vital infrastructure is the way to do things. Also this wasnt done by Chilean protesters.
In reply to @fuckmigueI
This what Chicago’s gonna look like if @chicagosmayor doesn’t stop being a cop.
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Nah just all our “activists” are only so on Twitter 😂
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Set fire to FAFSA facilities
Our citizens are too busy protesting Chic Fil A
most americans are entrenched in deep state mind control, which is why we willingly poison our bodies and give away our dignity and privacy for the sake of convenience. this will all fall one day.
I tag a Bart train or a muni bus and a gentrifier loses their shit
Bc the US shoot niggas
lets set rich people and their kids on fire
we gotta step up our game
What are we gunna do, blow up gas stations?
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Let’s re-elect Trump and see what they think abt us then
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Solidarity with all conchesumadres!!! ✊🏽✊🏽🌹 Support us Chilenos and others protesting for change!!! Watch our movement with these tags but know that los pacos culiaos are out trying to silence those trying to march!!! #evacionmasivatodoeldia #ChileDesperto #toquedequeda
what you guys dont even understand is that the main characteristic of chileans is disinterested apathy!! thats our national personality!!! and its still come to this!!!!
Black people do shit like this and y’all say we’re rioting lol
Good thing the t regularly sets fire to itself
I be down to set anything on fire 🤷🏽‍♀️
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Our founding fathers are turning in their graves
Fucking thank you bruh, niggas in the US tweet “Lets go choke, earn ya worth” instead of doing shit themselves
In reply to @fuckmigueI
ai we should set fire to the gas stations then 💀💀💀💀💀💀 (it’s a joke guys don’t come @me thanks)
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Do you want to know what’s really happening in Chile? twitter.com/cata_urtubia/s…
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Starting? Been playa
In reply to @fuckmigueI
They would probably just kill us here so we good 🤷🏾‍♂️
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Yes, but also Ferguson? Yall dont remember that? Cognitive dissonance...
We're pretty much that submissive who just lets our politicians do whatever they want to us and take it like a champ. Then we congratulate ourselves for having thick skin even though everything is still shit.
Y’all pay for public transportation? 😂
"Starting" lmao we mad pussy out here it's just a fact
That because we are !!!
Because it’s true, US got a bunch of pussies
lets stay that way.... we have places to be
these college degrees gonna real useless during the second revolutionary war
In reply to @fuckmigueI
because we dont ruin public transport for everyone leaving some stranded? why hurt your own community to "get back" at the govt. that doesnt give two shits
In reply to @fuckmigueI
We are. Letting our government push us around. 1800 Americans didn’t stand for the bullshit
In reply to @fuckmigueI
the us is rich asf why would we participate in poor ppl shit
And none of the news networks talk about these types of protests, we Americans are oppressed and we just don’t know it, they don’t want us to do what gave us the freedom we have today which is revolt against a government that no longer serves us
i laughed so hard with this then i got so mad cause, folks, we are so close to live in another dictatorship, this shit is getting out of hands, they are killing us and there’s no other answer from the government than “we are at war”
we’ve BEEN a bunch of pussies and we lack unity to organize and rebel. it’s time to get organized with your local chapters
see other countries realize how fuck the govt is and try to fight back shit in the US we just say fuck it let me control and kill each other
I mean. Weneva we do it y’all call us niggers & wild animals... or were you referring to the YTs?
I’m black I can’t do shit like this. While people utilize your privilege instead of sucking Trump and Republicans dick.
Honestly we only had hundreds of years of slavery 🤣🤣we weak asf
In reply to @fuckmigueI
Starting? We’ve been
In reply to @fuckmigueI
won’t stop the fact that people have to go to work and that’s their commute 🥴 bills won’t disappear if anything we would get taxed more to fix it
In reply to @fuckmigueI
I assume u forgot the LA riots
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