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"Hi i'm Thor and you're watching Disney Channel!"
A heart shaped lighting strike pic.twitter.com/9fd0UAO3oc

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In reply to @itsnotdarwin
I love that everytime this tweet gets redone it goes viral 馃檲
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Wow marvel really went all out with their promo for 鈥楾hor: love and thunder鈥
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
How does this happen every 5 months on the dot?
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
...are u kidding me how is this at 327k
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Hi I鈥檓 najiu and I鈥檝e seen this tweet before.
this tweet pops up like every three months lmao find anotha joke
we recycle tweets more than we recycle in general
How many times we gonna make this damn joke
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
If people recycled in the real world as much as they do on twitter there'd be no climate crisis
This is just a tweet that was processing since August guys, no need to be alarmed.
how many times do we have to see this fucking tweet
i swear to god someone steals this tweet once a month since 2016
This is one of the oldest stolen tweets ugh, I鈥檓 bored.
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Guys I replied with a image implying that the above tweet is stolen give me likes
Another day, another recycled tweet going viral
i assumed this was about awsten and got really confused
鈥淗i I鈥檓 Stolen Tweet and you鈥檙e watching Unoriginal Channel鈥
why do these keep getting famous
This is the worst tweet of the year.
鈥渉i i鈥檓 God and you鈥檙e watching disney channel!鈥
hi i鈥檓 azula and you鈥檙e watching disney channel!
If I have to see this damn tweet ONE more fucking time
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
How many times must we see this tweet
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
i see this tweet once a month
my expectations for Disney+ :
I鈥檓 calling Kamala since y鈥檃ll wanna steal all the gotdamn time
didn鈥檛 someone tweet this like, a thousand years ago
nevel鈥檚 law: if there鈥檚 abs in the avi, it鈥檚 a stolen tweet
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
If you鈥檙e reading this... You could be hungry thinking about what you want to eat? Well I want you to eat so here鈥檚 a free $10 off your order for DoorDash. It includes all your favorite restaurants in your area for delivery and carryout! drd.sh/NTlIDq/ pic.twitter.com/nIhaKl35PW
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
honestly it would sound more like 鈥淕reetings! I am Thor, The Son of Odin, Wielder of the All Mighty Mjolnir, God of Thunder, And thou art setting thou eyes upon the fair Channel of Disney *sparky spark* 鈿★笍鈿★笍鈿★笍鈿★笍鈿★笍
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
I made a picture a few months ago and there was a heart in it too- is this a signn??? Its where the lightnings meet eachother pic.twitter.com/1AGD2QhraY
When Dubstep Thanos comes to your city 馃枻 @KaiWachiMusic (Salt Lake in December )馃い
Hi I need clout so I like recycling tweets
unoriginal. boring. same recycled shit imagine- no nvm. we鈥檙e TIRED.
if i see this tweet one more fucking time
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Talk about love in the sky
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Lol that's ass shaped lightning strike.
Salut c thor et tu regarde disney channel 馃幍馃幎
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
See this a thousand times I know it鈥檚 stolen but still funny
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Stop stealing tweets I'm getting tired of this shit
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Y'know when we say that we should recycle more to save the environment we don't mean it with tweets and shit
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
girl you liking this tweet that鈥檚 been posted a million times 馃槀
How many times are y'all gonna steal this meme
鈥淗i I鈥檓 Zeus and you鈥檙e watching Disney channel!鈥 is more like it.
This looks like LY answer album cover.
Even science is congratualting LY answer's one year on bb200. 馃槀馃槀
Now that's a tweet I have seen 97 times!
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Nop, it's actually @SlanderOfficial 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
the Disney channel is ass but this shit funny
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
ive seen this tweet so many fucking times
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
So. If no one told you already. You win.
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
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