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🥺 cursed emoji's first date

✨meme inspired by: @twlefth
🌙cursed emoji designs: @Pencil_Peach

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In reply to @squizxy
cursed emoji when no sprite cranberry pic.twitter.com/zthpFO0XWe
In reply to @squizxy
In reply to @squizxy
the fact that the audio is a guy jacking off makes it better
Este meme feo me hace feliz
In reply to @squizxy
I thonk the emojis in the background are the viewers of this video pic.twitter.com/bSam0Lr6rP
In reply to @squizxy
They kiss when Murray got shot
In reply to @squizxy
that movie sans a lot about society
In reply to @squizxy
In reply to @squizxy
the joker movie in the bg oh my god dknd this is adorable! thank you so much!
In reply to @squizxy
The Emoji Movie we should have gotten
In reply to @squizxy
In reply to @squizxy
nothing is more romantic than kissing while watching Joker
In reply to @squizxy
Why did her hands sound so moist and sli- pic.twitter.com/UM7ebuMC4T
No puede ser que sea fan de esto
I love it. I’m not crying. I love it.
this video makes me wanna shoot myself
In reply to @squizxy
Better than Romeo and Juliet but not as good as the love story of Me and General Grievous pic.twitter.com/5wxTT8OSU3
In reply to @squizxy
In reply to @squizxy
Is it strange I find these oddly entertaining? I’m always looking out for XOK pic.twitter.com/Ok8qmi5WQE
In reply to @squizxy
is that murray getting fucking vibe checked in the background
In reply to @squizxy
In reply to @squizxy
So I guess it's internet canon now that these two cursed emojis are dating and I will support this even beyond my final breath.

Minha internet ainda está sendo paga pra isso

Isso ta ficando cada vez melhor
This is relationship goals;;;
i legitimately dont know what to feel but i dont hate it
In reply to @squizxy
Okay where is the audio of the guy breathing from? I need clarification because it sounds like he's constantly busting a nut
Oigan ya párenle amigos, los voy a terminar shippeando no irónicamente
I just noticed that they are watching the JOKER movie.
Ostia tu, la secuela de emogis la película
podríamos ser nosotros...
In reply to @squizxy
dejen de humanizarlo me tienen los huevos al piso, esto se va a convertir en contry humans, recuerden lo que digo
oomf said this is kacchako
esto es... genuinamente lindo
The fact that they're watching Joker makes this ten times funnier.
I think the best parts are:
1. It stays true to the meme
2. They’re watching Joker
In reply to @squizxy
Hand holding before marriage! They love to live life on the edge
насколько бы проклятыми не были существа, они бы не стали целоваться на инцелокере, подобное запрещено физикой этого мира
In reply to @squizxy
holy shit im crying omg omg omgogmgogmpg@omg omg HOLDIN HANDS
And then they rigorously fucked for 16 hours.
Es lo mas hermoso que veras en tu vida 💔✨
look at this
fuck yall doing
esto de los cursed emojis se nos fue de las manos
In reply to @squizxy
Cursed Emoji sex...?
In reply to @squizxy
This just looks like Pete Davidson & every woman he’s been linked to in the last year
who is fucking making these abominations
fav ship dynamic
WHY does this keep developing?? In a year we’re gonna get a video game about these two.
Me and @PinkGoldKakarot lol
I'm the cursed emoji tho
In reply to @squizxy
They get what f*cking deserve, and im so proud of that
You should make a version with the Up music
I like this. Turning an odd, weird meme into a cute, romantic story
idk if i should scream AWWW or AAAAAAAAA.......
this is so cute 😭😭😭
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