No big deal; just a guy playing fetch with a beluga whale... 😮

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Reminder: we live on a tiny, magical, delicate planet. Let’s take care of it.
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Beluga: I think you lost this hooman, here you go. Have a nice... *throws the ball* Beluga: Wtf??
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I love this, cause the whale was playing fetch with a human, or it was trying to tell it to remove it's trash from the ocean. Fun times we live in. Fun, yet curious times indeed. Time to clean up humans, keep your trash in the boat. Or it was playing. I love it both ways.
1. This is amazing amazing amazing.
2. May it remind us not to ruin this magical planet we get to share.
Fun fact: If you take POTUS outside and throw a ball, he will stare at you blankly, wondering what in the hell is going on.
If only we were doing this instead of watching it on twitter...
You gotta be fucking kidding me! I don’t know what is trick photography anymore and what isn’t. But this kind of shit blows my mind!
One of the greatest things ever!!
In reply to @SteveStuWill
In reply to @SteveStuWill
Do we need any more proof that animals are absolutely amazing and need/deserve our protection? ❤🌎🐳
we don't deserve this planet.
Por isso que eu não durmo
Things like this make we want to fight for our planet, over and over again.
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Or, as Douglas Adams might have put it, a beluga whale performing a fiendishly clever experiment on a human...
Me imagino a la beluga diciendo en balleno 'deeeeeeeeeejaaaaaaaaa deeeeeeeee tiiiiiiiiraaaaaaaaar mieeeeEEEeeeeeEeeerdaaaa aaaaal maaaar, giiiliiiipooooOoooOoooOooOoOOOOllaaaaas'
They are smart beautiful wondrous creatures. And the Japanese whaling industry won’t stop massacring whales for food.
In reply to @SteveStuWill
It's actually trying to say 'stop throwing waste into the ocean you stupid human!!'
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Baby beluga in the deep blue sea I throw the ball and you fetch for me 🎼
so wonderful

reminder: nothing more beautful and inspiring than Nature

I'm sure this is as wonderful as everyone is saying. But being a rugby purist, I can't help but notice that the beluga whale keeps coming in from the side. I'd love to get a view of this from @Nigelrefowens.…
In reply to @SteveStuWill
Playfulness is one of the strange side effects of intelligence. Would be logical that running around all the time would be just a big waste of energy and a survivability risk and evolutionary adversity. Probably that big brain needs a "training program"..
In reply to @SteveStuWill
They're all good dogs, Brent
İnsan: "Hayvana bak ne akıllı, topu atıyorum getiriyor."

Balina: "Hayvana bak ne aptal, topunu kaybedip duruyor."
Por isso que eu pago o Twitter premium
Get this plastic shit out of my house.

- that whale
I would like to play catch with a beluga whale
😮👇 he’s playing catch with a beluga..That’s awesome..I want one!!
I remember a fraternity that got kicked off campus because of a beluga whale’s ability to play fetch..
Dit is zo ontroerend.
I’m here for this. Good night!
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Best thing on twitter today.
Esta ballena podría ser mucho mejor diputado que varios de los que metimos en el parlamento.
Inteligencia le sobra y ni que hablar de humanidad.
In reply to @SteveStuWill
But you know this whale is telling his mates how well he's trained a human, right?
In reply to @SteveStuWill
Belugas evolved to like rugby because it’s a hooligans game played by gentlemen.
Wholesome Friday content.
Funny, I recall all the animal activists and experts telling us that it was unnatural for marine mammals to do stuff like this which made the shows at Seaworld and Marineland evil.
....sometimes, end of a tough day, this is what ya need t’see..
Evidence that two different species can play around with each other without words. Just action and attention.🤔
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I can’t even get my friends to return a text...
De que están hablando yo solo veo un perrito de agua
Leaked Hoth scene from Rise of Skywalker
Omg! 🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️
poucos sabem mas um dos meus maiores sonhos é ser bióloga marinha

todos os dias fico olhando vídeos assim e CHORANDO
In reply to @SteveStuWill
My human says I should fetch like this. Not happening. - Toblerone
We are so busy as a society it can be challenging to appreciate the true magnificence of our animal friends. This is truly fascinating to watch. 🐳 💕
if you want to look away, look at this::
This is absurdly magical
In reply to @SteveStuWill
And a wild beluga!! Very cool
In reply to @SteveStuWill
Great! tks! You can Youtube that video of a passenger dropping his iPhone in the water by mistake and luckily a wild beluga brought it back... Extremely intelligent animal (superior to us in many ways). They think and are conscious like us!
In reply to @SteveStuWill
I think this is great the more we see creatures as fellow living beings and not just things to be exploited then maybe we’ll all have a future.
Start your weekend the correct way by watching this video
Can't even get my dog to bring the ball back.
In reply to @SteveStuWill
Beluga: “dude, stop littering my ocean!”
In reply to @SteveStuWill
Here does the same whale, Hvaldimir save one of the Norwegian local girls iPhone
In reply to @SteveStuWill
We need a Bill of Rights for animals.
In reply to @SteveStuWill
those intelligent animals certainly wonder (as my dog did) why humans stupidly throw things away again after having got them back ... my dog always refused to fetch things a second time, with a slightly contemptuous look on its face. 😂
This video makes me so happy!
I’ve had the amazingly good fortune of being able to experience these majestic creatures up close, and they stole my heart forever.
This is incredible!
In reply to @SteveStuWill
If you listen to their accents they are South Africans and throwing a rugby ball with the SA flag colours. Fitting seeing as SA has just became the World Champs
Okay, wo kriege ich jetzt einen Beluga her?
Anyone have an extra beluga whale I can play with?
How many of us can say we played fetch with a whale?

fucking amazing creatures. 💜
I would have done this until the Beluga tired of it and left. When is that opportunity ever happening again???
The most amazing video!
Deff doing this when i buy my Antarctica crib
This will put a smile on your face!
no big deal; just the purest, loveliest thing i've ever seen
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