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My statement on the result of Labour's parliamentary selection for Leicester East.

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This comes under the definition of 鈥榥ot holding back鈥!
I think Labour might be shocked by the scale of British-Indian abandonment of Labour at this election.
If Labour are not careful this could be the election the British Indian Hindu community abandon it... Lots of chatter in Harrow too...
Did you think the corrupt, posh white anti-jewish racists running Labour wouldn't come for you next? The signs were very clear
Corbyn鈥檚 WhatsApp backchannels now frantically searching for suitable tweeters to post glowing endorsements of his leadership, accompanied by the hashtag #HindusAndSikhsForJeremy

These problems are institutional.

What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews.

The canary in the coal mine analogy proving itself correct again
Would-be Labour candidate in Leicester gives Labour NEC an absolute bodying
鈥淎 slap in the face for the Indian community in Leicester.鈥
There鈥檚 a lot of anger over Labour鈥檚 decision to select Islington Cllr @ClaudiaWebbe as PPC.
This statement from @Sundip sums up the feeling (even though he lost out to her, it reflects what I鈥檝e seen from many Indians)
Combined with Conservative courting of Indian-heritage voters these sorts of disputes in Labour could have significant impact on a few seats.
In reply to @Sundip
I am sorry to hear this, Sundip. Our experience as Jews tells us that is starts with us, but never ends with us. Inexplicably and horrifically, it seems your community is next in Corbyn/Milne/Momentum's crosshairs. Solidarity with you and your community.
In reply to @Sundip
I鈥檓 sorry for you. Am I surprised? Sadly not. A fish rots from the head down. #NeverCorbyn
As a Hindu in Labour this dumb fucking statement doesn't represent me. Solidarity with Kashmir.
Labour has created a real problem for itself. It chose Claudia Webbe, a Corbyn loyalist, over local Indians ( several). Slap in the face for Indians, and indicative of the patronising racist attitude of the leadership.

#LabourAntisemitism: now anti-Indian. #NeverCorbyn.

In reply to @Sundip
Sundip - this is 'Democratic Centralism' where the 'Central Committee' selects delegates who show commitment to the party values, ideology, methods - and Leader. Delegates - not 'representatives' of their constituents. Lenin thought it a good idea!
In reply to @Sundip
I support the sentiment apart from the part about resenting the selecting a non-Indian for the position. That really shouldn鈥檛 be a part of it, but rather someone who the local community know and trust who can represent them in London.
This deserves wider circulation.
The hard left aren鈥檛 in it for the communities - they鈥檙e in it for themselves.

They don鈥檛 care about people, they care about their vain game
In reply to @Sundip
Sorry to hear how you鈥檝e been treated. It seems there are numerous minority groups that are being treated shabbily by Labour. Labour is no longer fit for purpose when they act like this.
NEW: Latest selection wars, as one of those who ran against Claudia Webbe to be candidate for Leicester East accuses Labour of a 鈥渟ham鈥 selection.

@Sundip says 鈥淣EC members are meant to be the referees in late selections, not divvy them up for themselves鈥.
This is atrocious and once again highlights the institutional bias within the Labour Party.
So sorry Sundip. The Labour Party hasn't treated you or countless others well.
Unhappiness over the Labour selection in Leicester East. Labour could have acted much more swiftly over Keith Vaz and then given local members a real say.
I'm in agreement about NEC members getting seats in snap selections being unfair.

However, I find his disquiet about @ClaudiaWebbe's non Indian heritage problematic.

She was born & raised in Leicester. Her heritage shouldn't be a main talking point surely?

Just an opinion
In reply to @Sundip
The constituency is rusted on Labour. Voters of Indian heritage should all vote Tory if they want to be heard.
In reply to @Sundip
You make some good points. Labour leadership is not covering itself in glory
I share @sundip's concerns. This is not about @ClaudiaWebbe winning because I am a loyal @UKLabour member but when really good local Asian candidates aren't even given an interview then there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. We deserve to selected because we are good.
In reply to @Sundip
Disgraceful. Arrogant and disdainful way to treat local members. Questions on NEC appointing one of their own. Someone so unrepresentative of constituency. System brings shame upon the Labour Party. @UKLabour @ClaudiaWebbe
In reply to @Sundip
What you appear to be saying is that Claudia鈥檚 ethnicity makes her an unsuitable candidate. That鈥檚 a hugely problematic thing to say.
In reply to @Sundip
And you have only woke up now about the #AntiIndia Motion! If it concerned you before why shout now #toolate . Dont play race card its about having the right suitable MP regardless of their background for the Leicester East. #judgeonmerit
Leicester East:

"Corruption... Obvious dodgy practices and nepotism"

- and that's the view from a former Labour councillor.
In reply to @Sundip
Disgusting the way you have been treated if the rumours are true of the parachuted in candidate. Another sad day in this period of selections.
This Indian stands behind the Kashmiri people and won鈥檛 let you use my ethnicity for your sectarian dog whistling.
In reply to @Sundip
As some others have said, vote for someone else, encourage others to dothe same or stand as an independent #nevercorbyn
Discontent (to put it mildly) in #Labour ranks in #Leicester, over the choice for the new Leicester East candidate.
A Councillor from Islington has been chosen (imposed?)
Here's the reaction from one of the local people who stood to be the candidate.
Labour just go from strength to strength.
It starts with the Jews. It never ends with the Jews. x
Once again for those at the back: these people are *not* democrats.
In reply to @Sundip
Agree local candidates know area and voters #labour in #leicester are not listening to voters
In reply to @Sundip
That said, I don't think it's necessary a predominantly Asian / area needs an Asian candidate. But this is a bad look.
One of the disappointed/furious hopefuls for the Labour Leicester East #GE2019 candidacy
In reply to @Sundip
It begs the question of why you are still a Labour party member.
In reply to @Sundip
Pretty standard stuff from the authoritarian left. Why people expect anything different baffles me.
Everyone should be angry about this.
In reply to @Sundip
Of course the first question is why you want to stand for a Jew hating Marxist party.
Given Labour is trying to repair its relations with those of Indian heritage in UK - see letter from party chaiman on Kashmir - this latest episode suggests the hurt will continue.
In reply to @Sundip
"what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews" Labour don't deserve you. I would hope that much is now clear
In reply to @Sundip
I see nepotism is rife in the Labour party. They can hardly bang on about the Eton old boys network when they have their own!
This is a no-nonsense statement
Quite a feat for the successor to Keith Vaz to immediately be described as "inappropriate"
Wow - that is a seriously damning statement - Labour in danger of alienating Britain鈥檚 Indian and Jewish communities
Nepotism in Labour and a convicted criminal gifted a seat by the Tories. This is why politicians and political parties are justifiably hated. If as a politician you do not visibly stand against this cancerous corruption, I鈥檒l assume you are complicit.
In reply to @Sundip
You should stand as an independent. the anti labour sentiment in leicester east is real.
"I am throwing all my toys out of the pram because I was not selected but also I am Indian"

Get a grip
In reply to @Sundip
why would it be "slap in the face for someone of non-indian heritage to represent a large percentage of Indian constituents but to perfectly acceptable for ,say, a black man or a black woman to represent an area that perhaps had a large majority of white residents which it is ??
In reply to @Sundip
Maybe you should see this as a chance to bring people together? Suggesting the candidate should be of Indian heritage is implying no non-white candidate can stand in overwhelmingly white areas. That kind of attitude isn鈥檛 helpful.
!!!! Obvs not a fan of the Labour Party this is awful.
I hope constituents in Leicester East question whether the Labour Party actually value them or not, because this clearly indicates the Labour Party couldn't really give a toss about British Indian voters
In reply to @Sundip
What is this about community - Hindus and this and that. We are British first. No more vote bank politics. If you want to make an argument make it on merit not on communities
In reply to @Sundip
Stand as a independent and win
A slap in the face to the Indian Community in Leicester says one Labour hopeful who failed in bid to be #GE2019 candidate in Leicester East. Claudia Webbe an Islington Councillor and member of ruling NEC selected instead.
Wow! This unsuccessful Labour candidate is not a happy chappy!!
screaming that someone called claudia is about to find out the hard way all about brown drama in lesta/british Indian politics and will have to take a position on the indian ladies v Indian women beef. thoughts and prayers at this time.
In reply to @Sundip
I'm so sorry that the Labour Party have treated you, and countless others, in this way. Their disregard for minorities is astonishing. This is a microcosm of how Labour would operate in gov. First the Jews, then your community, who's next? #NeverCorbyn
Labour really do seem to be struggling with their selections 馃
Absolutely appalling treatment of decent candidates in #LeicesterEast as #Corbyn parachutes in one of his favourites. #NeverCorbyn #anyonebutCorbyn
Because apparently an experienced black woman selected as the Labour candidate for Leicester East is a 'slap in the face of British Indians'. 馃

Last time I checked, 1 + 1 = 2 not 5.
In reply to @Sundip
Sadly it鈥檚 why they are. Karma is they don鈥檛 win the seat at all.
In reply to @Sundip
Devastating. Labour is not really a democratic party 9r it is only when it suits the leadership.
In reply to @Sundip
Spoken with such dignity, Sundip. In solidarity.
Don't vote blue or red. It's really that simple. They're both incompetent, institutionally racist, jobs-for-the-mates disgraces. Neither deserves power, or is fit to hold it.
Wonder if the two of three seats Labour aren't going to win because they've alienated Jews and the several more they might lose after doing similar with Hindus & Sikhs are going to be decisive.
Labour beginning to reveal a true contempt 4 loyal Hindus, this is the beginnings of a seismic shift towards Indians becoming actively anti Labour.
@naomi2009 @Peston @Khyberman #labourhateshindus @we_trendsetters @TanDhesi @wearecfindia @BarryGardiner @BobBlackman @Anjana4Brent
In reply to @Sundip
What do you expect? I'm sure that's how Erich Honecker used to do it.
In reply to @Sundip
What starts with the Jews... Stand as an independent and beat them!
In reply to @Sundip
Unfortunately you obviously don鈥檛 fit the Corbyn 鈥榤ould鈥..... which is, no criticism of the beloved leader, obey the party line and be willing to fall on your sword for the 鈥榞reater good鈥
In reply to @Sundip
Aah, so now suddenly u wake up to find that #Kashmir motion was appalling, anti Indian etc... That鈥檚 clever isn鈥檛 it?!!! There are many like u out there who people distrust. #SourGrapes #Chameleon
In reply to @Sundip
I recommend you now join @Conservatives where you will be selected on merit @patel4witham @JamesCleverly @sajidjavid
In reply to @Sundip
why not follow Ian Watson鈥檚 lead and vote for the Conservatives, it is the only way to show the Labour Party that they cannot take voters for granted and treat local parties like this.
In reply to @Sundip
Well done for speaking out. Unfortunately Labour won鈥檛 get any better.
In reply to @Sundip
Agree up to a point but would you support a high population of white people upset by an Indian candidate parachuted into a community with no previous family or business links to the area I don't think you would you would condemn them as being intolerant judge by character.
In reply to @Sundip
Why does the person have to be Indian? We live in Britain where anyone should be able to aspire to any political positon regardless of race. This is not India.
As I've said all along, at first, @UKLabour came for the Jews, but it didn't stop there. Read this 馃憞
In reply to @Sundip
Whilst I broadly agree. Vaz was an outsider parachuted in too and and one with few commonalities with those communities in #Leicester East of Indian heritage.
In reply to @Sundip
I鈥檓 afraid in modern Labour, your far left credentials far outweigh your local suitability and popularity.
Interesting, local Indian lad rejected in Leicester East.

Anti Semite from Islington put in place to replace Vaz.

Leicester East - I predict winter is coming for Labour!
In reply to @Sundip
Sundip, vote Conservatives. They are going to win anyway. Win win. You get your revenge AND back the winning team!
In reply to @Sundip
Stand as an independent. Labour are taking Leicester for granted. Never an MP in sight.
In reply to @Sundip
Sundip, sorry you lost out. Only 22 hours ago Leicester East twitter feed was still supporting Vaz. You deserve better than that seat, it's an NEC whitewash, the same NEC & Corbyn that didn't publicly get rid of Vaz,. Find somewhere better, I'm sure it wont take you long
In reply to @Sundip
Back the @brexitparty_uk they have a very inclusive and diverse Party. A People's Party!
All too familiar with these horrendous anti democratic practices.
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