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“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”—Nancy Pelosi to the Dreamer community @ an event in S.F.

If anyone knows anything about deportations, it’s them. It’s communities like mine.

FACT: Bernie wrote a letter criticizing Obama’s deportation policies.

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In reply to @BernieEffect
Over Pelosi? Replace her with an immigrant who fought Obama's deportations and Trump's concentration camps, instead of funding them as @SpeakerPelosi did. #ShahidVsPelosi jacobinmag.com/2019/07/nancy-…
This is the most I’ve seen @SpeakerPelosi shouted down ever. Nancy tries to talk a good game, and is lauded by MSM, but she cannot ignore any longer the voices of the people. This is how we do it, fam. Get in their faces and don’t let them prevaricate. #DACA
In reply to @BernieEffect
“You just wait a minute!” Nancy said. She EXPECTS to be listened to. But she doesn’t expect to listen.
In reply to @BernieEffect
nancy pelosi is a trump democrat
In reply to @BernieEffect
She and Chuck bailed on them the minute they became a useless prop.
most satisfying video I’ve watched in a long time
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they still don’t see the money is not going to get them elected anymore. Now we the people expect representatives for the people #Bernie2020
In reply to @BernieEffect
Gotta love the contempt the old guard have for their constituents.
In reply to @BernieEffect
These protestors are Heroes. She should be held accountable like this every day. She is no friend to immigrants. She voted to fund the concentration and attacked the squad for voting against them.
god forbid you should let their concerns be heard @SpeakerPelosi
In reply to @BernieEffect
Has she forgotten the nickname immigrant right activists had for Obama? "Deporter in Chief".
Fact Obama Gave you DACA
Pelosi is a massive advocate for dreamers so I don't dig whatever Bernie shit this is.
Be mad at trump that recinded it.
In reply to @BernieEffect
"The opposition"... only thing I've ever seen Pelosi opposing is a progressive people's agenda.
In reply to @BernieEffect
love to tell people who likely had family deported that they don't know what they're talking about. nancy pelosi is handing 2020 to trump.
Vote for @ShahidForChange or donate if you can. Pelosi has to go.
In reply to @BernieEffect
Nancy “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Therefore it's painfully obvious and clear: Congress needs a new Speaker, And Frisco needs a new Rep.
In reply to @BernieEffect
Something is really rotten in a country when politicians get the same status as rock stars. Their whole trust, which they ask you to give them is the one thing they certainly will break,not because they want to but because nothing is as smooth or easy as it seems when time comes.
In reply to @BernieEffect
nancy pelosi's wealth increased 500x since taking office.
Guess I'm not the only one who's tired of her Trump-enabling, center-right rhetoric.
Good For Them.
It's both amusing and terrifying to see these self-proclaimed progressives who are so opposed to progress.
In reply to @BernieEffect
It's fun when the corporatists get shouted down.
In reply to @BernieEffect
“Screw this, i’ve got 10am brunch at Mara-la-go” - Nancy
In reply to @BernieEffect
In reply to @BernieEffect
Nanci Pelosi is the first person we should all be saying "ok boomer"
In reply to @BernieEffect
Thank God for Bernie courageously naming those post offices to show 40 years of hard work.
In reply to @BernieEffect
is political poison. She's only one drop in a vast ocean of what's wrong, twisted & corrupt in the American political system.
1. Good for the dreamers / protesters.
2. Pelosi is awful and needs to go.
In reply to @BernieEffect
Donate to Agatha Bacelar and let’s send a Brazilian immigrant to Congress :) secure.actblue.com/donate/agatha
Shout her ass all the way down hell yeah 🔥
This is beautiful to behold. Pelosi put in her place and hating it.
In reply to @BernieEffect
I’m a dreamer and I’m a progressive, but I’m not sure what the big deal is here. Attacking moderates simply because it’s cool doesn’t solve our problems. It looks like she was replying to something someone said. Does anybody know what she was replying to?
"Hey you..... you there, I know you've been fighting your whole life to become a citizen and to be able to enjoy the same rights that I enjoy, but you don't know what you're talking about."

Pelosi is brain damaged, and so are her supporters.
In reply to @BernieEffect
Obama's legacy revealed.
You treat my community like this and demand our votes? No, never again.
We’re in luck ! We have a great candidate who’s is going to take her on & he is @ShahidForChange ! He is going to be a voice for the people (of all backgrounds) in Congress not corporations, elite donors, or the military industrial complex. #ShahidVsPelosi
If we ever expect to course correct from this dangerous path we’ve been set on by the Democratic establishment, we absolutely need to purge them from their positions of power and the party. And we must elect Bernie Sanders.
This is the only thing that will change their minds. Or, at least, force them to change their actions/policies.
In reply to @BernieEffect
In reply to @BernieEffect
what an actual fucking joke of a politician
In reply to @BernieEffect
She would very much appreciate it if she could talk to the DREAMERS manager post haste.
In reply to @BernieEffect
She is a liar. She’s also a conservative in a “blue” dress.
Ask Nancy when she was last deported?

Or missed a meal?
Honest headline:
White lady tells Hispanic lady you know nothing about deportation.
While walking away from the microphone Nancy whispers *but vote blue no matter who...
Wow. This bitch needs to go.
The fall of neoliberalism in America and I’m here for it.
Stupid bench
Need more proof that SF needs .@ShahidForChange & not more #NancyPeloser? Here it is! 👇👀
VP Biden & Sp Pelosi are giving the establishment DNC an officious & disrespectful reputation toward young voters.
Not a good look.
Today of all days, her "Just wait a minute, If you don't want to listen...don't know what you are talking about..." is crap.

She's a mother?
You, .@SpeakerPelosi. It was on you, at this moment, to listen. To lead. To get a short, defined list of their greivances to take with you. They are the women here, you are the man legislating birth control, & the women know better than you ever will. In any case, don't do this.
This satisfied me on an emotional level. It was cathartic. Can't imagine why...
Corporate democrat deported 3,000,000 immigrants during the Obama administration the Speaker did nothing about, the GOP isn’t any better either.
Love to see the youth go after these ghouls.
In reply to @BernieEffect
Here’s a little clue for you: Coalitions are not built overnight. You have to actually get the votes to get bills passed. The Dem party is not all this progressive FYI. That’s the real world
In reply to @BernieEffect
Berners never have a bad word to say about Republicans and Trump. Could it be they have the same pay masters?
In reply to @BernieEffect
Californians r not smart enough to kick her out.
In reply to @BernieEffect
Honest question, Ms. Corrales, should the US have open borders?
In reply to @BernieEffect
Even if the Dems win the next round of elections. Nancy, you're out too. Sorry, not sorry.
In reply to @BernieEffect
No she's not stopping deportations! She's deserves this hammering!
In reply to @BernieEffect
In most cases I would not advocate intimidating a senior citizen...
Pelosi is out of touch. Time to upgrade to someone rooted in the district, @ShahidForChange.
“You are a liar!”
Pelosi is terrible. Support @ShahidForChange to replace her!
More of this please!!!!!
@SpeakerPelosi gotta go!
It’s glorious to watch eat their own.... she thinks she is safe from the guillotine
Holy cow. The people have awoken!
You have a mob of people surrounding you, affronted and claiming how you have the "audacity", calling you a liar and you still DON'T FvCKING GET IT.

Neo-liberalism is dead. Elitists Democrats are literally drowning in voices.
Oh man I hate Pelosi and this shit needs to be injected into my veins.
Definitely needs to be defenestrated
The fucking gall Pelosi must have to say that. The Obama administration did drop the ball on this and Pelosi was right there. They fucked up and should own it, be humble and try to fix it.
#BernieSanders2020 Humanity First With #BerniebeatsTrump & #PresidentBernieSanders Puts a Integrity & a Conscience in The WH Supporting What Benefits All of US , We, You & Me , Not Rich & Corp. Only
Fuuuuuuck establishment Dems
In reply to @SpeakerPelosi
@SpeakerPelosi @JoeBiden @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump take a good look and realize that we are through with your crap. You ask for civility so you can lie to our faces and not have to hear our voices
Inject this video straight into my veins. It’s about time folks like Pelosi and Schumer start getting made very uncomfortable for their shitty politics. Dem leadership is due for a reality check and it’s coming fast.
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