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Frederick Banting, awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of insulin, was born on this day in 1891. The discovery of insulin is one of the biggest breakthroughs in medicine and has saved millions of lives.


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“Insulin doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to the world.” Happy #WorldDiabetesDay my Dad is Type 1 & has been for over 40 years. He’s lucky to be living in Europe where insulin is cheap because drug prices are regulated. We need the same here, RT if u agree! #LowerDrugCosts
“Saved millions of lives” -Mine included!
(And fun fact Dr Banting’s specialty was orthopedics)
A mis estudiantes de Medicina cuando estudian homeostasis de los nutrientes, no se olviden de F Banting. Él luchó para que estudien #insulin
Happy birthday, Dr. Banting. Go, Canada 🇨🇦, go.
Note that he sold his patent for $1.
I drive past the family homestead of this lovely man every day. He and his co discoverer of insulin sold the patent for $1.00 so it could be affordable to whoever needed it. He would be spinning in his grave today to see the price gouging going on for insulin in the US today.
The Nobel Prize winner Dr. Banting saved countless lives, and as a #T1D I am grateful. He sold the PATENT to insulin for $1 so people would haveFREE Life Saving #insulin Unfortunatly @LillyPad @sanofi @novonordisk charge $375 a vial for what Banting wanted as #Insulin4all
#fredrickbanting gave insulin away to the world for $1. Unfortunately this wasn't to be and people are dying across the world from lack of access to affordable insulin. To all T1s insulin is like oxygen a need not a want. I'm v grateful to @NHSEngland for access to insulin etc
"when the patent for insulin was first drafted in 1923, Banting and Macleod declined to be named on it. Both felt that insulin belonged to the public. Now, nearly 100 years later, insulin is inaccessible to thousands of Americans because of its high cost." nejm.org/doi/full/10.10…
While Insulin has been a miracle drug - saving millions of lives - the skyrocketing cost of diabetes management is literally killing our friends and neighbors.

On @WDD I'm committed to finding ways to make insulin affordable for Connecticut residents. #WorldDiabetesDay
Este debe ser uno de los Premios Nobel más merecidos @drbentzbrugal @BebetoDice @DoctorEscano
When Twitter is a force/source for Good: 🙏 for this shout out to the #Canadians🇨🇦 who came up with one of the 🌎 's most important medical breakthroughs. Happy Birthday Dr. #FrederickBanting! #insulin #WorldDiabetesDay #CanadaInnovates
Too bad about those latter-day American profiteers
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we t1d's owe our lives to Dr Banting , we cannot survive without Insulin , let's all be together for this and ensure that no one suffers because of lack of Insulin #WDD2019 #Insulin4all #type1diabetes
Oh, and he was totally Canadian. 🇨🇦🍁

#worlddiabetesday2019. Raise awareness on your wards and visit our stand at the atrium @qehbham @QEHBCharity
🙏🏻and he never wanted insulin sold for profit (gave the patent to @UofT for $1 after the discovery) so all with T1D could lead long and healthy lives #insulin4all
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Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that allows your body to use sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates in the food that you eat for energy or to store glucose for future use.
L'insuline a été découverte par un homme blanc, Frédérick Banting, l'insuline est donc une oppression patriarcale et colonialiste twitter.com/NobelPrize/sta…
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It is mind over age; and it is the mind which won the Nobel prize for Fredrick Grant Banting at the age of 32, not the age
La ciencia, siempre la ciencia. Día mundial de la diabetes.
وُلد في مثل هذا اليوم من عام ١٨٩١م #فريدريك_بانتنج، طبيب كندي حصل على جائزة نوبل في الطب لاكتشافه الإنسولين #اليوم_العالمي_للسكري
It's remarkable contribution...
Still replacement is not available after modern methods of drug development... truly phenomenal
Without this dude, my mom (who has Type 1 Diabetes) probably wouldn't be alive today. #worlddiabetesday
Banting is also probably turning over in his grave knowing people in the US are dying because they can't afford to pay for it. Scientists make a lot of sacrifices to benefit society, what is the point if it turns out like this? #Medicare4All #MedicareForAll #SinglePayer
Today is #WorldDiabetesDay. Insulin is a lifesaving drug used to control high blood sugar. It also carries a high price tag even though it is cheap to manufacture. Americans shouldn't have to go to Canada for affordable medication.
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But it is criminal what it costs to have it now! He wanted this to be easily accessible to all who needed it.
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Frederick Banting, galardonado con el Premio Nobel por el descubrimiento de la insulina, nació ese día en 1891. El descubrimiento de la insulina es uno de los mayores avances en la medicina y ha salvado millones de vidas.
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He shared the Nobel Prize with John JR MacLeod, who is less often remembered.
Betaalbare Insuline


Een apotheek bestaat NIET om winst te maken.

While I'm grateful for Banting and Insulin. This is also the most abused medicine allowing for people to increase their carbohydrate addiction.
Dünya Diyabet Gününüz kutlu olsun🥳
Because of Dr. Banting:

My paternal grandfather lived to raise his kids and meet his grandkids

My maternal grandfather enjoyed an improved quality of life in his last years

My 13-year-old niece is alive and thriving.

I have nothing but gratitude. ❤️

On #WorldDiabetesDay we salute Banting & Best for this life saving drug.🙏#Fridaymorning #Diabetes
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god bless him❤️it’s wonderful you save people lives and you really feel great about yourself! we’re all owe him
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आज #WorldDiabetesDay है! 420 मिलियन से अधिक लोग #मधुमेह के साथ जीते हैं, यह मौत का 7वाँ प्रमुख कारण है तथा महंगे और दुर्बल करने वाली बीमारियों का भी एक प्रमुख कारण जैसे: 🔹हार्ट अटैक 🔹stroke 🔹किडनी की विफलता 🔹अंधापन 🔹अंग विच्छेदन #ChildrensDay #LetsFollowAAPians ❤️
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This is absurd, everybody knows that diabetes is caused by disruptive holistic emotions misleaded through blocked channels.
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#WorldDiabetesDay @drharshvardhan Every 6th Diabetic is an Indian ! Education on DM must start from school... #lifestyle changes Children are more aware of DM on their phone . pic.twitter.com/603skWcDrf
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JJR MacLeod also won the 1923 Nobel Prize for discovering and isolating insulin with Banting. Why not mention him too? @NobelPrize. Interesting book on Discovery of #Insulin by Michael Bliss pic.twitter.com/dtaXxf0xv7
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Thank you so much for saving and extending millions of lives.....👍👍👍👍👍☕️
I was detected diabetic two weeks back.
Sıkı durun yeni bölüm geliyor
No doubt, not just for diabetics diagnostic but opened doors to a wealth of medicine therapies inspiring scientists to work further in developing cures 👏👍
Det har samtidig fastholdt millioner af fattige i en økonomisk spændetrøje.

70 millioner af mennesker har ikke råd til Novo nordisk dyre insulin.
Może trochę dziwnie, ale mój kot jest cukrzykiem i od tego tygodnia dostaje insulinę 2 razy dziennie. I będzie jeszcze dobrze z nim.
Thanks, Fred! 👍
Taking a moment to honor a true pioneer of medicine on #WorldDiabetesDay and we will continue to advocate for lower #insulin prices!
... And there are still many people out there who can't afford an insulin injection. That's criminal.
and now it doesn't matter because people can't afford it any more.
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