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Sheriff's office: "The following surrounding schools are on lock down: Highlands Elementary and Rosedale Elementary in Santa Clarita Valley."
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Students evacuate after shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California.

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There has been a shooting at Saugus High School, about 35 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. It’s been reported that there are at least six victims. The gunman is on the loose and nearby elementary schools are on lockdown.

We don’t have to live like this.
As a mom, I’m so sad for these students & their families injured & traumatized by this. As a former prosecutor, I want to know how the shooter got a gun & why. As an American, I’m mad as hell that @SenateGOP is stopping our federal government from doing more to protect our kids.
God, this video is so frighteningly familiar. I'm so sorry Santa Clarita. We are here for you.
California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Pray for the victims. ❤️🙏
Everyone please be safe. Heart wrenching.
Happening now.

We're sick of this being our routine in America. We should be able to go to school without fear of being shot and killed. #EnoughIsEnough #GenerationLockdown
It’s heartbreaking to learn of yet another school shooting, this time in Santa Clarita, and I’m keeping this community in my prayers.

The truth is, words alone will not repair the damage done or prevent future tragedies. We must take action to end gun violence. #EnoughIsEnough
Praying for their safety. This needs to end.
I can’t stop crying

no community should have to go through this
Don't look away. Don't accept this as normal. Don't brush off the trauma and fear this instills in OUR CHILDREN.

@senatemajldr pass the damn bills.

We need gun control NOW.
UGHHH My son just texted me from school...Saugus high is 10 minutes from my kids school😭😤😱😡🙏🏽
I just can’t believe Americans are not DEMANDING to keep our kids safe at school and to regulate guns.
Just unbelievably so demoralizing. Why do we have to live with this fear???
This is tragic. Every day our kids face the risk of being shot at school, but leaders of the GOP refuse to take action to prevent these tragedies.

I want the victims & the loved ones impacted by this tragedy to know that I’m with them and fighting to #EndGunViolence.
I was in high school when I saw this same footage from Columbine. I cannot handle this footage. I am so, so, so, so, so, so, so physically sick of twenty years of this same traumatic footage. I'm sorry, teenagers. I'm so sad and so sorry that this is still happening to you.
United States of America, where kids fear for their lives just going to school
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BREAKING: School shooting in California; major police response unfolding.
Sad to comment as this is a horrific situation but look for a Democrat. I’m fairly sure you can eliminate the conservative families.

We need to arm our schools. This is ridiculous. All these gun free zones are a playground for psychos.
Gun. Control. Now.

If you want to scream about your gun rights, just block me.
the fact that school shootings don’t even trend any more breaks my heart. My heart goes out to everyone affected :(
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And nothing will change Thoughts and prayers And Wait for the next one Sorry but it's true
This shit gotta stop bro straight up.
this never gets easier to read.
My heart breaks for Saugus High School and the Santa Clarita community.

How many more, @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell? Our children cannot keep living like this. The Senate needs to #DoSomething, we need to take action on gun violence.
As legislation sits on @senatemajldr desk that could prevent things like this from happening, he chooses to not allow it up for a vote.

Elections matter. And in 2020 you have the ability to remove #MoscowMitch.
im tired of seeing kids with their hands over their heads #endgunviolence #guncontrolnow
Leaving town today on business -hugged my kids goodbye this morning as they left for school. 10 minutes away a school shooting -why should parents worry about never getting to see their kids again??
Checking on our Saugus families 🙏🏽💔
How unacceptably horrific for this country
So painful to see this again and again. I’m sorry, Santa Clarita. I’m with you.
i’m tired of shootings being a normal/typical u.s. thing. absolutely awful
another day, another mass shooting. this is so heart breaking, but the government won't change anything. they don't care about the well being of its citizens - only about how much money they make selling weapons. violence and death is so normalized and that's terrifying.
We went under a Hold this morning which means everyone stays in the room.

A student asked me while we were talking, why is there a higher level of mental illness & depression with teens?

Without knowing this - I said school school shootings & active shooter drills.

This shit has to stop. Something MUST be done, we can't keep doing this over and over again because It's fucking sickening. Don't give me the thoughts and prayers BS either because look how far that's got us.
Waking up to this horror time and time again is absolutely unacceptable. No child should go to school fearing that this could be their last day. My heart, prayers, and actions are with everyone in Santa Clarita.
In reply to @NBCNews
America, where guns are more important than children and their safety.
This is UNACCEPTABLE. We cannot become numb to this. We cannot appease anymore. We have to be fearless and pursue gun control as part of a holistic solution. I WILL be heard on gun control in my race for IA Senate. #EnoughIsEnough #ialegis #iapolitics
Tens of thousands of kids are shot every year in this country. Millions are marched out of their classrooms with their hands above their heads - or told to pile into supply closets for active shooter alerts or drills.

Guns are killing our kids - and traumatizing a generation.
this sight is too familiar. so sad to see nothing change shooting after shooting. my thoughts and prayers go out to Santa Clarita but sadly those do nothing. change does something.
...and another one...and another one...and another one...and another one...and another one...and another one...and another one...and another one...and another one...and another one...and another one... #GunControlNow
Kids shouldn’t have to continuously go through this.
They said @BetoORourke was too harsh on guns! They demonized him for being so passionate about ending this epidemic.

So, let’s continue to live like this and allow our children to go to school like this.

The media and @PeteButtigieg are weak! #GunBuyBack
These scenes of kids filing out of schools with their hands over their heads wreck me every time. And there have been way too many times.
دوباره در یک مدرسه در آمریکا تیراندازی شده انگار. بچه‌ها رو دارن خارج می‌کنند از مدرسه.
watching this news with my journalism class and it’s amazing how little reaction there is. your children are numb to these tragedies now.

we don’t have to live like this.
far too close to home, my heart aches for these kids and their families. stay safe and be good to each other — love one another.
This image of American children evacuating their school with their hands raised above their heads has become so commonplace that I’m starting to find it difficult to distinguish one school massacre setting from another.
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Do you think this story has enough pizzazz for the public?
This is the cost of America’s ‘guns everywhere for everyone’ mentality.

Our children deserve better.
We don’t have to live like this.
Can't we all imagine our kids in this video?

Doesn't it break your heart?

If yes: do something. @ResearchAffirm #SantaClarita #SaugusHighShooting
This shouldn’t be happening, my sisters should not be scared at school, change needs to happen
This is happening today. On the same day my kids have their active shooter drill. In the same week there have been multiple shootings in nearby Danville, Illinois.

Don't ignore this. Don't become numb.

Text READY to 644-33. Do something. @MomsDemand
Awful news... My heart goes out to the victims and their families.
We don’t have to live like this. I know our #SCV @MomsDemand are already volunteering daily for #GunViolencePrevention and today we will continue to #HonorWithAction after another school shooting. Sending love and strength to Santa Clarita CA #CALeg
”Today it happened to me.” is what my friend who is the band director at this school shared earlier today. I hurt for him and his students. I can’t fathom being barricaded in a dark room praying for my students’ safety. We must come together and find solutions NOW. How many more?
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Every time I see a high school mentioned on Twitter, I instinctively hold my breathe and click. I hate that my worst fears are always confirmed... No child should live in fear like this. Ever. #EndGunViolenceNow
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Children shouldn’t have to live like this
These are our kids. Does this make you happy @senatemajldr @GOP @realDonaldTrump and all you do-nothings? As you sit on your hands and count your @NRA blood money, we are seething and will #VoteThemAllOut. This is not a game. @MomsDemand @Everytown
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My heart hurts hearing this 😢
Santa Clarita
El Paso
Virginia Beach
Thousand Oaks
Tree of Life Synagogue
Capital Gazette
Santa Fe, TX
Sutherland Springs
Las Vegas
Cascade Mall
Pulse Nightclub

The list goes on. Our communities are being terrorized. We need action.
So @PeteButtigieg when does Gun reform stop being a “shiny object”?
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These scenes make me sick to my stomach. Over and over and over, this keeps happening, yet nothing changes. 🤬 please keep these children safe.
It’s not even 9am yet man
So so devastating.... another school shooting. Please listen to my program: an effort to help prevent mass shootings.
Hey @realDonaldTrump, @senatemajldr, @GOP, @NRA --
You might want to go wash up. Looks like you've got blood on your hands.
Homeschooling seems to be the way to go.
Thinking of my friends who are in this area. Angry that @senatemajldr refuses to bring #HR8 and #HR1112 to a vote, letting more and more Americans to continue to be shot. We don’t have to live like this. Get in touch with your senators by texting CHECKS to 644-33
This is something that we should never have to see or experience, we need gun control now. Too many lives have been lost and too many KIDS are too scared to get the education they deserve. This is wrong and you know it
Children are being KILLED. CHILDREN AND TEACHERS are in danger. I am in CONSTANT worry I am going to get a call that one of my cousins is in danger because of an evil human shooting up their school. CHANGE NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW.
In reply to @NBCNews
Please just vote Republicans out. Only then will we see change.
ugh. this world has truly become such an evil place. kids shouldn’t have to go school and worry about things like this happening.
Forget 2A arguments.
Forget that people are afraid to go to movies, malls and churches.
And think about what we're CHOOSING to do to our kids. WHY would anyone with children and grandchildren be OK with this?

Man up #MassacreMitch.
Put #HR8 and #HR112 on the floor for a vote.
In reply to @NBCNews
Imagine seeing this video without the context. What does it look like?
Synchronized evacuation is a uniquely American sport.
Another school shooting
Another Republican blocks a gun control bill…
Scenes from a war zone?
No - just a Thursday morning for students in America.
We can do better than this. And we should all demand better than this.
#NotOneMore #EndGunViolence @MomsDemand @Everytown
How many times till everyone realizes that guns arnt the problem here. Its mental health. Plain and simple. If schools actually started to care for students' mental health this wouldnt have happened
Hope everyone is okay. This really needs to stop
When is this ever going to stop....
I’m home schooling my kids.
My brother was one of the Fire Department/First Responders on this scene, sad...none of us should ever get to a point where we are not appalled at these occurrences!

He described the looks on the kids faces..."sheer horror"
When will it stop?😪
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Hey kids, you've just been through the worst half-hour of your lives, so walk single file with your hands in the air where we can see them.

Great system we have here in the US of A.
Jesus. My prayers won’t do any of these people that have been affected enough. AMERICA, WHY HAVENT WE DONE SOMETHING?
In reply to @NBCNews
Just another day in America.
We see scenes like this in America again, and again, and again.

There is an entire generation of Americans growing up in the shadow of gun violence. It's unconscionable and inexcusable.

To those standing in the way of lifesaving reform: sit down and get out of the way.
This was, at one point in time, the high school I was zoned to attend. Hits too close to home for me.
It does not matter where in the country this is happening, the image of students walking out with their hands up is one that is always haunting. Demand gun control now.
In reply to @NBCNews
They watch their friends and peers get murdered and then they get perp walked out of school with their hands up. In 20-30 years these kids will be in leadership positions in government and industry and they are going to be rightfully pissed off.
This is sad and I feel for everyone involved, but it’s intresting to see how this got so much attention but the Torres High School incident went unheard outside the East LA community
How much is it going to take before something changes ??????
In almost 80% of incidents of guns on school grounds, the gun came from the home or the home of someone the shooter knew. Schools can prevent this by educating parents about secure storage
cc: @SAISD @NISD @NEISD @AHISD #txlege
3-2-1 until @GOP starts pointing to the type of weapon used followed by thoughts and prayers. Enough already!

Se registra un tiroteo en una escuela ubicada en Santa Clarita, cerca de Los Ángeles en Estados Unidos, primeros reportes indican 7 heridos. PM

I am SO tired of seeing videos like this. So tired of it!! Where are the ADULTS who are supposed to be changing the laws and working to keep this from happening!! I will never send my children to school in America if this keeps happening. Never! #santaClarita #SaugusHigh
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