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Dr. Seuss, 1959

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This is my first time in my 25 years of life that I鈥檝e ever seen a picture of Dr Seuss
The Dr. Seuss biopic staring Robert De Niro needs to happen. Like, yesterday.
Fun Fact: He cheated on his wife(Helen) while she was dying of cancer but she committed suicide bc the affair, he then married his mistress Audrey.

Afterwards he got the library at UCSD named after him and inside the library there鈥檚 a coffee shop named Audrey鈥檚. Men ain鈥檛 shit!
wait he鈥檚 real?
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Looks a lot more like Robert Deniro than I thought
Fun fact: Dr. Seuss cheated on his wife while she was sick from cancer and on her deathbed with his wife鈥檚 bestfriend. When his wife discovered the affair, she committed suicide. A year after her death Dr. Seuss married his mistress. Men ain鈥檛 and will never be shit.
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Feeling kinda fresh, might go cheat on my wife and make her commit suicide and name a character in the Lorax after my Mistress later idk
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All the pictures I've seen of Seuss was of him older, with a beard and glasses. This is the first time I've ever seen him young and it's so weird. It doesn't look like him at all! pic.twitter.com/csq5vZ9zwS
This is the first picture of Dr Seuss I have seen in my 29 years of life. Wtf.
Why he look like Robert De Pacino??
Retweet if you鈥檝e never seen a picture of Dr. Seuss before
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I never seen the doc until now.... doesn't he look like Robert de Nero???? pic.twitter.com/Vd9DOjdaKi
Why did I think Dr.Seuss was some chubby dude with a white beard
Idk why I always thought he鈥檇 be a cat
Bruh i never knew what he looked like till now 馃槀
Still can鈥檛 get over how he cheated on his wife while she had cancer and then when she k*lled herself because of the affair he married his mistress right afterwards
Girl this is Mr. Big. No wonder he was always playing games
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I gotta admit it, i never knew what he looked like up until today.
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No, that's Law from Law & Order
This is the first time in my entire life that I've seen a picture of Dr. Seuss
I thought this was Robert De Niro
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We need Robert De Niro to star as Dr. Seuss
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I just realised ive never seen a picture of the doc himself
I have never seen an actual picture of him until today wow
Y鈥檃ll can call me dumb, but I used to think The Cat in the Hat was Dr. Seuss
First time seeing this guy鈥檚 photo in my life. Also found out that he was racist. He looks like the friendliest racist.

鈥淵ou鈥檙e an alright nigger. Please get off my lawn鈥
The best rapper alive . Debate ya granny.
Gonna be honest I had no idea what this dude looked like until right now
His wife who was suffering from Cancer killed herself because he cheated on her. After her death he married the woman he had an affair with 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Literally thought this was him but ok pic.twitter.com/lQSfRIegsU
This is the first time I've seen Dr. Seuss.

He looks like such a kind soul.
can we get a dr. suess movie & have Robert deniro play him 馃憖馃檶馃徑
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The 1950s were so crazy... a visionary artist all buttoned up in business attire was pretty much the norm.
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I think this is the first time I ever see him
In reply to @41Strange
He looks like Robert de Niro and Mr. Rogers had a baby lol
He really does look racist.
You can鈥檛 tell me that鈥檚 not Robert De Niro
Dr. Seuss is just young Robert Dinero
literally why have i never known what he looked like
Why does he look like a mix of Robert dinero and that one guy from law and order lmao
Never in my life have I seen a picture of this man.
This the first time I鈥檝e ever seen what he looks like. 馃槀
Why does he look like Robert De Niro tho
If De Niro doesn't play this man in a biography
Somebody get a screenplay together so Kyle Chandler can get his Oscar already... 馃憖
Why does he look like an Armenian Robert De Niro
All my life i鈥檝e never seen this man until now
Looks like Robert De Niro and Mr. Rogers鈥 love child.
Did y鈥檃ll know this man cheated on his wife who was dying of cancer with a girl who was friends with both of them? His wife was so heartbroken that she took her own life. Within a YEAR...he married the side chick and stayed with her until he died. (Of oral cancer nonetheless)
Is it just me who鈥檚 never seen this mans face
I don't think that I EVER knew what Dr. Suess looked like.
Idk what I thought Dr. Seuss looked like but this wasn鈥檛 it
I had no idea what this man looked like
In reply to @41Strange
I never knew what this man looked like till today馃ぃ
Why this Nigga look like Robert De Niro
Greatest rapper of all time
I don鈥檛 know what I thought Dr. Seuss looked like, but this isn鈥檛 it.
I was today years old when I first saw a pic of Dr. Seuss
They gotta cast Robert DeNiro if they ever make a movie
In reply to @41Strange
Why is robert deniro rhyming about society?
I was today years old when I found out what this man actually looked like
Thinking abt how he cheated on his wife while she had cancer and then married his mistress as soon as she died
Why does Dr. Suess look like Robet Deniro and Fred Rogers did the fusion dance???
This my first time seeing a picture of Dr. Seuss and it鈥檚 Robert De Niro
why is this my first time seeing his face
This is the first time I鈥檝e ever seen Dr. Suess, why he look like Robert De Niro
I was Just now years old when I seen what this dude look like.
Is it just me or this y鈥檃ll first time seeing what Dr.Seuss look like too?
Wait...Dr. Suess doesn't look like The Cat In The Hat?
Fun fact I鈥檓 20 years old and this is my first time seeing Dr.Seuss
why does dr seuss look exactly like i thought he would
I never knew what this muhfucka looked like
... dr seuss can lowkey get it tho
I've been on this planet for 17 years and 359 days, and I've never seen this man's face. I'ma just act like I never saw this at all.
You mean to tell me that he鈥檚 not a cat??
Never knew what he looked like all my 21 years on this earth . Wow.
How the fuck have I gone 19 whole years of existence without seeing the face of such an influential man?
it has come to my attention that dr suess can get it
Retweeting for good luck because never in my 20 years did i know what Dr. Seuss looked like.
First time in my life seeing Dr. Seuss and I thought this was Robert DeNiro's brother LMAO
this is legit the first time i鈥檝e ever seen this man
i don鈥檛 even know what i鈥檝e always imagined dr seuss to look like but robert de niro was not it
DeNiro mixed with DA Jack McCoy from Law & Order

You see it.
That鈥檚 Robert De Niro
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