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This good boy was abused and then abandoned. Now rescued - this is his first ride to his new home.

Dogs, bruh...💪🐶😍😇😉

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Look at this absolute beauty. My heart breaks.💔
Definitely 🐶🙌🏻🐶
If you abuse dogs I want to punch you in the face. What a sweet soul this is.
We don’t deserve dogs. ❤️
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quick question WHO'S DRIVING
I don’t know how anybody can look at this face and want to do anything but love him.
I’m not strong enough to follow this Twitter account...😭
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And the beautiful pupper is trying to console the hooman cause she's crying!
Will forever cry over dog videos.... we don’t deserve these loyal creatures 😭
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Jesus Christ, Chapman it's not even noon out west and you've got me tearing up.
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We rescued Casey over 12 years ago and brought her to a wonderful home. She said goodbye last week. I am sure this pup is headed to an equally loving home. pic.twitter.com/deKVYk374s
me parte el alma ver que la gente no valora los animales.
People who abuse dogs should be burned in a public setting.
i know i bang on about getting your dog from re-home shelters and not breeders and this is why. a dog is a family member, not an accessory, all you need is to love them and they’ll love you so please adopt don’t shop.
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I have a rescue that was found abandoned, brought to the shelter, adopted out, and then returned to the shelter. She is super sweet. Their loss, my gain. She smiles at me and it melts my heart. pic.twitter.com/dFTTSawwPM
Dogs are pure love. Please adopt from rescues whenever possible.
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Been there. I have 2 from severe abuse/neglect cases. 1 abandoned and 1 that was offered for free online (likely would have been used as a bait dog). Now...spoiled rotten!! 😊 pic.twitter.com/xfhsPlwk8Y
Ok enough with the whining about the helmet and me being right about concerts. Let’s cleanse our palates with the sweetest of all the boys
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I can totally relate to this sweet lady. I cried all the way home after picking up our sweet girl last March. She was found frozen to the sidewalk and was close to death. But she’s a fighter and we can’t imagine life without her. This is the pic of her after leaving the rescue✌🏻 pic.twitter.com/DEPVvZbPm1
I've just got something in my eye.
See , I can’t take it .. I be den pulled over cause my tears won’t let me see 😫😭
Fuck who ever abandons doggos.
Abused, abandoned, rescued & he's comforting HER because she's crying.
Sometimes I think we don't deserve them 🐶🐾
Their love is unconditional 💕
Please #AdoptDontShop
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I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for people who mistreat defenseless animals. And I hope it is awful. If that makes me a bad person, sorry not sorry. 😡
I am fasho this white woman
I'm rooting for that boy to have a great life. But is his new caretaker petting him, driving and taking video at the same time? If so, I just hope they make it home.
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She was in the pound for 4 months, had a litter of puppies and all of her puppies were adopted before her. My wife went to adopt another dog but couldn’t find it. She hid in the corner of the kennel so she walked past her a few times. She was adopted on Halloween two years ago. pic.twitter.com/QtT2stPRIQ
Damn dust be gettin all up in Muh eyes.
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I rescued my Claire Bear hours before she was to be put down. Her previous owner had thrown her out in the street in Fresno CA along with her sister. Her sister was killed by a car but she was caught. She is my biggest love bug ❤️ pic.twitter.com/cv2pqZHTae
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Both of ours are rescues. Mr. Beans was mistreated as a pup, went to the SPCA and then given up again in a divorce. He is the suckiest. Frankie was born in a ditch and we got her as a puppy. Now she's the biggest princess in the world. But they are ours and arent going anywhere pic.twitter.com/abaWrSqdeI
This is just the sweetest thing you'll ever see 😭
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Our English Setter Pete is a shelter rescue. He was a stray. They don’t know how long but he was very thin. Sweet, sweet loving boy whose mission in life is to be close to us. He was amazing through my cancer treatments. Stayed by the couch hours and hours while I rested pic.twitter.com/hlweJDWU9o
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This reminds me so much of our rescue Ziggy Stardust. Here is a picture when @streetdogfdn rescued him and a picture of him today. He fills every day with joy... (pay no attention to the giant drool bubble in the 2nd photo 🤣) pic.twitter.com/YrxcLLSb97
I’d like to find the owner and talk to him-Brooklyn style.
got a real nigga misty eyed rn
God Bless Dog’s & Dog People🙏🏻🥰🐶
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Question: if the right hand is petting the dog and the left hand is holding the phone, which hand is driving?
Man love is all you need!! This is so amazing!
💖💖💖🐾 Thakks for posting Rex.
We do not deserve them 🥺
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that's not a dog, that's an angel
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Rescue pups know when they have found true love. These are 2 of the best decisions I have ever made. 💖 pic.twitter.com/bpEnqpP3ye
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We rescued a pit three weeks ago. This was his first ride home. Total softy. He's on my lap sleeping now. pic.twitter.com/oXXpbFhV3R
First the lesbian car commercial and now this! I’m wrecked. Done.
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The concern in his eyes from her crying got me. My dog used to do that...
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Love this..reminds me of my rescue, Atari. He was in 2 kill shelters & 12 hours away from being put down when I found him. He was just like this when I first brought him home from Texarkana. pic.twitter.com/uJ01XXPtBd
This is why I LOVE dogs 😩😭
Se ela tá fazendo carinho nele com uma mão e filmando com a outra QUAL MÃO TÁ DIRIGINDO????

Not even gonna play, “I’m not crying. You’re crying."
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My good girl is a rescue, please adopt a dog, don’t buy one. pic.twitter.com/b744xX76FP
The rumours about me are true, I am crying in the club right now... 🥺
Sweet and wholesome retweet of the day
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This made me tear up! What a dog!!!One day I will have a dog...but I rescue kitties until then. I’m this guys third home, and I’ve never had such an affectionate cat...this is him on his ride home with me 4 years ago... pic.twitter.com/S7prfTbHf2
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My boy Malcolm was in a shelter for 2 years. He’s my best friend. pic.twitter.com/mbKjwwTVz8
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This is me trying to keep it together at the office after watching this. (If you’re gonna put gushy stuff like this on here, I’m gonna need a warning next time.) pic.twitter.com/lLF6b5ZakK
This is amazing. ❤️
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Maaaaaaaan, if you can watch this and NOT be moved, you have no soul. Dogs, bruh ...
Dogs deserve the world😢
I'm not crying. You're crying.

Excuse me... 😩😭😭😭
Ain’t love grand 💛 I love new Moms! #Congratulations 🐕🎉
I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭
Even abused and broken this dog sought to comfort the woman who was crying.

I mean... damn.
No one fucking talk to me thanks
We really don’t deserve dogs awwww
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My sweet Minnie girl is an old lady I rescued several months ago. She flinches whenever we pet her. She had no idea what a belly rub was She didn't trust anyone Now she sleeps next to me and gets belly rubs every day. She gives kisses now too. She is learning to trust #ilovedogs pic.twitter.com/VSwK0RhSaj
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All our Babies are rescues, 3 str8 off the street & 1 from a puppy mill 13 years ago🐶 pic.twitter.com/pdUvOp6ox3
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Sobbing - mushy gushy happy sappy sloppy sobbing - wow - and hi.
Best thing I've seen in weeks.
We should all be as good of people as are our good boys and girls.
Thanks for making my day, @RexChapman
I’m sobbing. This is what happens when my @JoshMacuga isn’t here. I see football injuries and dog videos and I cant handle it. We don’t deserve dogs. I just want to love on that sweet boy! My god. I’m not ok.
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This is our rescue. She was afraid of everything and didn't want to be touched. With patience, love, and the help of our sweet golden retriever she's one of the best dogs I've ever known. Open your home to rescue animals, you won't regret it pic.twitter.com/F8LPItjWTU
Bet you can't not tear up 😢
It's dusty up in here.
Rescuing a dog is the best feeling in the world.
Poussière dans l'oeil😢😢😢😢
I'm not crying, you're crying
OMG 😢😢 Those eyes... 😢💔❤❤
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One of my rescue dogs (below) was abused as a puppy and this video absolutely makes me sad but happy at the same time. People that abuse these precious animals belong in a special place in Hell. My boy has my heart and soul. He's also cold natured and loves his blankets 😆 pic.twitter.com/B6urSe7ISC
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This is a photo of our rescue on her ride to her new home. She was found abandoned on the streets of Tulsa. She's an amazing dog and we love her. pic.twitter.com/SYySvftyxT
When we rescued Honey Bear, she came up and rested her head in my hand just like this. We knew she was "the one" the moment we met her.

She's been filling our home with joy and laughter ever since. If you want to be loved, rescue a pup. You'll never regret it.
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