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“The coverup makes what Nixon did almost small.” —⁦@SpeakerPelosi



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We’re so lucky to have Speaker Pelosi! She’s handling this like the seasoned pro she is.
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Given the scope of what Trump has been accused of, he makes John Gotti look like a hobbyist.
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“Nancy Pelosi…I met her and I’m very impressed by her. I think she’s a very impressive person. I like her a lot… It just seemed like she was going to really look to impeach Bush…which...would have been a wonderful thing.” - Donald Trump Oct 15, 2008 thatwasthenthisisnow.org/donald-trump-o…
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.. and at least Nixon hired American criminals..
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Donald Trump: I’ve done nothing wrong & the call was perfect. I won’t let anyone testify. I won’t release any documents. I won’t release my taxes. I won’t follow the rule of law. I will use tax payers money. I’ll break the emoluments clause. I will let nepotism run rampant.
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What a joke. The old bag can’t string three coherent words together. Everything she says is complete nonsense.
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Exactly what code did Trump violate. If you really cared about corruption then why is this committee not looking into Bidens son who got 50,000 a month from a company that his father was dealing with. ?
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She is ready for the old folks home
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It was a big nothing. Schiff lies and lies and then lies again. HEY DEMOCRATS TRY GETTING SOME WORK DONE.
Is @SpeakerPelosi gracefully warning WTP haven't seen anything yet?
I warned in 16 Trumps corruption would be beyond🇺🇸comprehension! Laura Cooper private testimony is one GOP bombarded..I Wonder what she testified 2 that GOP tried so hard 2 stop?! 🤔

we will soon find out!!
Ain’t that the damned truth!! And to think Clinton was impeached over lying about a damned blow job in the WH. This is so much more, it’s horrifying!
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She’s like you’re crazy old Aunt...always babbling nonsense making everyone in the room uncomfortable Sad, she should retired YEARS AGO.
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Nixon was insane at that point and so is tRuMp.
And I hear,blah blah blah blah. Well Bless her ❤️. True Southerners know what this means.
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What a embarrassment
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Pelosi is a joke!!!!
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Peach Porty Pour, Peach Porty Pour....
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.@SpeakerPelosi what you did with your position in Congress to benefit with your overnight windfall via the Visa IPO makes what @MarthaStewart did look small! VERY small! 😡🤬😤
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Another day ANOTHER narrative so no Quid Pro Quo now but bribery? Get your story straight as it’s getting hard to follow who said what said to whom on a cell phone? You need to retire...#Embarrassing #EnoughIsEnough #QuidProQuo #whosonfirst #whatsonfirst #Bribery #PelosiMeltdown
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We've read the transcript. You look like a three year old throwing a tantrum over not having your way.
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She's a poisonous loon. The evidence of an old female politician trying to soothe wounds with raising her right hand and avoiding questions.
#ImpeachingHearings Nancy's hair and makeup look awesome! Her stylists do a great job with her blush, contour and highlighter. I'm not a huge fan of the dress though. Nancy looks good in yellow and blue but red is a tricky color for her. #NonPoliticalComments #Fashion
The sillyness of Pelosi makes Daffy Duck look rational...
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