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This is Donald Trump before Donald Trump became Donald Trump. This has been hiding in plain sight for years. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
Cherry was Max Bernier before Max was.
Don Cherry with Eric Malling, 1990 - Cherry rails against foreigners, calls himself a nationalist, says we should have a nationalist party.

We do. They鈥檙e neo-nazis.

This was never about poppies.

Don Cherry, back when he was a mere anti-immigrant guppy of 56 years.
So, has Don Cherry always been a bigot?
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Holy crap .. he鈥檚 Donald trump
But hey, Bobby Orr says Don ain't no racist...jesus mother loving christ Number 4, give your head a shake...
For those asking if SportsNet was too quick to get rid of #DonCherry, this old interview should dismiss any doubt. He is the worst possible Canadian--an alt-right bigot who thinks 馃嚚馃嚘 should be hostile in global affairs & closed to immigrants. Same as Trump. So gross.
And this, my friends, is why Canadian鈥檚 so vehemently defend this old prick. It鈥檚 in the collective DNA of the country.
"They're ticked off at the foreigners coming over here and earning the dough...You can say it's bigotry if you want...I don't think it is. I''m pro-Canadian".

No it's not pro-Canadian. It's anti-Canadian. Every last xenophobic inch of it is anti-Canadian.
Don Cherry: 鈥渞espect the poppy!鈥

Also Don Cherry: 鈥淚鈥檓 a nationalist鈥
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Respect to the journalist for calling him out. Scary how much he resembles Trump.
Don Cherry's been doing this forever. People are acting like he got fired over one offside comment. Offside comments are all he does. This is from 1990. (Note for Americans: the bit about fish is re. the collapse of the Nfld cod fishery in 1990. He's not just riffing about fish.)
Don Cherry complaining about foreigners back in 1990, for those pretending he was just misunderstood by his 鈥測ou people鈥 comment.
In reply to @CoachsCornerDC
After watching this video I'm glad you're gone bud!鈥
And the CBC kept him on...
But no, tell me more about what he REALLY meant by "you people."
Now go ahead and try and tell me Don Cherry wasn鈥檛 a racists. I dare you.
Well, there you have it:馃憞
Bigot Don Cherry @CoachsCornerDC - mouthing off about immigrants 29 years ago.
Still think #youpeople was just a slip of the tongue?
#cherryout #CherryFired
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Eric Malling was a great journalist. Don Cherry was always a loud-mouthed schnook.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Mini trumper right there....馃槖
Canada 馃嚚馃嚘 is a far better place without Don Cherry having a national, prime time platform to espouse his vile, bigoted, racist, xenophobic, homophobic views!
I say good riddance to bad rubbish.
#cdnsports #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
Eric Malling interviewed #DonCherry nearly 30 yrs ago. #MustView
REALLY!? The Liberal & PC parties pre-1990 courted Don Cherry?? Have a listen to this anti-foreigner rant from good ole Cherry. Though a nice throw back to how journalists used to ask tough questions. #cdnpoli
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Can you imagine the words that would have come out of Grapes' mouth if the interviewer had been egging him on rather than trying to reel him in?
In reply to @NathanCaranci
and people are defending this man. THIS MAN ?????
Don Cherry probably strokes his meat during Maga conventions.
Excellent find on the 馃嚚馃嚘Canadian family鈥檚 mad uncle whose behaviour we all tolerated far too long. May he have a reflective retirement.
#cdnpoli #DonCherry
The people who are defending Cherry, and especially those who are using the "boycott CTV and boycott The Social" hashtags are telling on themselves.

He has always been like this. Going to Tucker Carlson and The Rebel only cements that.
Don Cherry has always hated immigrants and foreigners. The difference is this time is that Canada won鈥檛 put up with it anymore.
Amazing find. Cherry鈥檚 Us vs Them bluster presaged the current political moment by 25 years. Trump before Trump.

鈥淲e鈥檙e giving money to the foreigners?
No way!
It鈥檇 be Canada First and Canada only.
That鈥檚 what I am, a nationalist鈥
Let's not pretend like what got Cherry fired was a one-off. He's always had those sentiments
Man's been trash my whole life
Hey #BobbyOrr, you used to be many people's hockey hero...well now, you will be falling out of grace as #DonCherry did....Are you a racist enabler???
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Never watched this video but as a young immigrant kid watching hockey night 22 years ago in Toronto & rooting for the Leafs, I knew instinctively #DonCherry wouldn鈥檛 like me. So I never bothered to play hockey. Not the right skin colour for it. Eventually stopped watching it too
In reply to @NathanCaranci
He was Donald Trump before Trump became Donald Trump.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Aside from the foreigners that come here bit, he's right about Canada first. We have way too many sell out politicians. Very Trumpian. Don Cherry was a populist before populism was a thing.
TW // hate speech
Don cherry is a Canadian hero
looks like Don Cherry was a white Nationalist all along. colour me shocked.
WOW. He鈥檚 Canadian Trump. 馃憢馃従 bye

These are all @MaximeBernier talking points
If #Canada would just listen to a political party with a #Canada first agenda, we would be stronger for it

The Principled Alternative
@MaximeBernier and the PPC

#cdnpoli #onpoli #polqc #abpoli
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Makes sense why he is in the position he is today.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Glad he鈥檚 gone.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Eric Malling. It is Malling. 1946-1998. Distinguished Canadian broadcast journalist.
He hasn't changed a bit.
Was asked to run by both the Conservatives AND Liberals. 馃
You people should watch this clip from 1990 馃憖
In case there are still people around that think it was an issue of just 鈥渢wo wrong words鈥.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
.@JustinTrudeau between 1992 and 1994. He can't remember. Just like he can't remember if he wore #Blackface again after his 2001 #PrimeMinstrelTrudeau performance. Just like he can't remember how many other times he performed as #TrudeauBlackface #Hypocrisy #Cdnpoli
It was never about the poppies. Not now, not 29 years ago.
Here鈥檚 the full Fifth Estate interview. The guy鈥檚 a bigot, been one since forever. Plus he鈥檚 a bully who dishes it out but can鈥檛 accept criticism. And he likes to sucker punch people. He鈥檚 a class A jerk.鈥
not a bigot 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
In reply to @NathanCaranci
29 years ago and Canadians did nothing until now.
S鈥檌l parlait fran莽ais, Quebecor et la CAQ se feraient comp茅tition pour le recruter.
I'd say this didn't age well, but it feels like we should have been concerned by it 29 years ago.
Don Cherry with Eric Malling (sp?) I blv. (as you watch this, you鈥檒l realize Cherry never changed, but Canada mainstream sensibilities have. This probably wasn鈥檛 shocking then)
It's cool, I'm sure Cherry became much less xenophobic as he aged into his 70s and 80s.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
1990. This looks like 1972
Nah, he totally didn't mean immigrants... 馃檮馃檮馃檮
In reply to @NathanCaranci
This provides context. The poppy blow-up wasn't a one-off -- "you people" has been part of his shtick for decades. His feeble attempt at retraction (no, Don, UK immigrants don't come to Canada for its milk and honey) only justifies the firing. He was referring to non-whites.
My biggest takeaway here is that Don Cherry is anti-metric. And also a racist.
鈥淚t would be Canada first and Canada ONLY.鈥

Who does he remind you of?
I love it when people act like "I say what I think" is some sort of excuse to say stupid or harmful things. Often the same people who think freedom of speech means freedom of consequence from your words.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Might want to have a look at this as well. It鈥檚 ex-Philly Flyer Don Saleski comparing Cherry to Fred Shero as coaches. Pretty interesting. Sheds a little light on Cherry as a coach for what it鈥檚 worth.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Pro Canadian gee where did I hear this? Oh right off the lips of every white supremacist in a yellow vest
Uggh. Ugly then. Ugly now. Reminds me of my dad. And Archie Bunker. #bobbyorr what do you think now?
In reply to @NathanCaranci
He's an unevolved insecure bigot. Then and now. Like these 2... #Cherry
In reply to @NathanCaranci
Cherry has been a bigot his whole life Its a disgrace he git aeay with it so long
In reply to @NathanCaranci
And he got to spew this crap for another 20 years. And just to be clear, Cherry did mean 鈥測ou people鈥. Glad he鈥檚 gone but I will miss my first period intermission bathroom break.
Don Cherry is not a racist?

If you鈥檙e not from his village or his clan, he fears and despises you. In this interview alone, he鈥檚 willing to accept the label 鈥渂igot鈥 and calls himself 鈥渁 nationalist鈥.

Stop defending this old fool.
And I guess by 鈥榝oreigners鈥 he obviously meant everybody...
鈥淭hat really plays in the country these days, but when is it going to end?鈥

*Narrator: November 2019.*
When someone tells you who they are, believe them.
Someone wanna add an orange tan and yellow hair here?
In reply to @NathanCaranci
None of this is surprising. Cherry has always been a Nationalist. And that's okay. Listening to the concerns of people from all points of views is what makes a country strong. Something I have seen very little of is mention of how outspoken Cherry was for First Nations players
Wow! Faque on avait Donald Trump qui nous pr茅sentait les sports 脿 chaque samedi depuis 1987 et on le savait pas.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
He's been racist for years.
In reply to @NathanCaranci
The beer people. The same people Doug Ford was courting.
My dad is a foreigner that lives in Newfoundland. He doesnt own a boat. Rather than my father coming here and "stealing our fish", alot of local people who have boats actually take my father fishing all the time. We really are not that divided as the internet portrays
It鈥檚 Eric Malling, but this is a good interview and very revealing of Cherry鈥檚 offensive views
He was always a white nationalist.
Don's true self. Always was always will be. Deplorable.
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