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The Federalist Society’s hosting a black tie dinner inside Union Station tonight, so protestors rolled up a big screen and loud speakers blaring Christine Blasey Ford’s Kavanaugh testimony as a welcome to attendees

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I hope Brett Kavanaugh hears Dr. Blasey Ford’s words loud and clear.

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For those asking: This is put up by Demand Justice, aka @WeDemandJustice on the tweets
Oh, you mean *Justice* Brett Kavanaugh? 🇺🇸
Stop what you’re doing and watch this. #WeBelieveSurvivors

Shame on every last one of you!
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I'm in awe of the determination and creativity of these protestors !
Indelible in the hippocampus is the smug nastiness of the Federalist Society.

An elegant, perfect protest — I hope no one's black-tie dinner is spoiled as their ears ring with Christine Blasey Ford's account of what Brett Kavanaugh did to her.
Everything about this is marvelous.

Yes, we have become a nation of trolls. But ringing the shame bell is actually worthwhile.
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Is George Conway there?
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The trauma has to be endlessly relived under this monster in chief. (And who did pay off Kavanaugh's debts?)
also it's fucking bs that you can just rent out a public transportation terminal like union station for a private event
These people are legends.
One day Christine Blasey Ford will be recognized as the national hero she is.

This is a great start.
omg. Every woman I respect is still so fucking angry about Kavanaugh.
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I hope they've covered the sewer entrances where Kavanaugh will sneak in. #impeachKavanaugh
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Who are these protesters? I want to send them a donation. They are doing God's work.
I can’t tell you how much I love this.
The testimony where Ford was asked "is there a political motivation for your coming forward?" & she responded "no," which Ford's lawyer exposed as a lie this year when she said "part of what motivated" Ford was Kavanaugh having "an asterisk next to his name" when he rules on Roe?
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thank God for the fighters in this great land! PROTEST!
Not all battles are fought with a sword.
Facebook is a corporate sponsor at the highest donation level for this event (twitter.com/juddlegum/stat…).
Kavanaugh could enjoy the lifetime appointment he slid into from an illegitimate president after an illegitimate investigation. Instead, he's rubbing it our and Dr. Ford's faces.
Everything the left does is tedious and meant to annoy.

Like teenagers yelling at their parents. 🙄
In reply to @MattLaslo
I am amazed at the activism we have. Bravo! 👏👊♥👊👏
Grateful for @WeDemandJustice, @NARAL, @CPDAction and many others for continuing to put the spotlight on Kavanaugh. Believe women. Believe #ChristineBlaseyFord.
This is sweet and it couldn't have happened to a more appropriate individual: Brett Kavanaugh, who as we all know, loves beer:
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Thank you to @WeDemandJustice for taking action tonight. #ItsOnUs
This is a 👊👊👊 to all survivors.
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Protest is fun, but being in power matters a billion times more. Which the Federalist society clearly understands. They will be laughing how the rolled past all this and still got their guy.
They try to bury us, they didn’t know that we are the seeds.
Le juge de la Cour suprême Brett Kavanaugh avait un dîner chic, en costume, avec un parterre des juristes conservateurs américains. Des activistes ont projeté dehors, sur un grand écran, le témoignage au Congrès de Christine Blasey Ford, qui l’a accusé de viol.
This is the best they could do? They're so very broken...
In reply to @MattLaslo
can’t wait til we’re all flooding the streets for #ImpeachAndRemove day bc im picturing a rave with dancing & glow sticks but also big screens blaring trump saying ‘perfect call’ on repeat & we the people throwing rotten tomatoes at him. a girl can dream.🤷🏼‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/8km8wTuEjC
Must be a lot of beer!!! I bet whoever paid his debts will be in attendance tonight!!!
In reply to @MattLaslo
This is amazing. And what they deserve. Thank you to these people!
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Ultra conservative anti Democracy elitists in black ties who brought into being the crackpot unitary executive theory,and has produced the tainted Robert’s Supreme Court,and open federal life time judicial appointments to individuals,the most recent one who never tried a case
In reply to @MattLaslo
***My faith in humanity is temporarily restored.
#NEW: Protesters play Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony on a big screen outside the Federalist Society's black tie event, where Justice Brett Kavanaugh was appearing.
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May he NEVER be free from the taint of his sins and public condemnation.
In reply to @MattLaslo
Katie Harbath, FAcebook global elections director is a GOP operative who worked for RNC and Guiliani. pic.twitter.com/JqXWQEx0vJ
It appears they will leave tonight and once again be greeted by Blasey Ford's testimony blaring outside of Union Station. pic.twitter.com/3NYsTW0OM1
In reply to @MattLaslo
I want to help fund these protesters
Cannot *WAIT* for that RICO.

Hay @MingGao26 just saying what with timing and such, it would be poetic for them all to get served tonight
We’re taking on the powerful Federalist Society and their big donors like Facebook. They’re powerful opponents, but they’re trying to normalize Brett Kavanaugh and we can’t let them get away with that. Help us stay in the fight: : secure.actblue.com/donate/impeach…
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That is amazing!
Kavanaugh is the speaker.
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Who paid off Kavanaugh’s debts and who paid Kennedy to retire ? @MattLaslo pic.twitter.com/ejlGhLpCe4
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Whoever is doing this, thank you! If you have an organization to support, I want to support it! #ImpeachKavanaugh
In reply to @MattLaslo
🎯 @GOP Federalist Society think rape is a sport, a hunting game, they prey on women and children for fun. Christine Blasey Ford’s Kavanaugh testimony ☝️☝️☝️ pic.twitter.com/nZRJldi7CZ
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Yes! It's a safer way to protest. And with all the angry young white supremacists with guns, you NEED to protect yourself. Oops, there goes another. Only a kid. No big deal... pic.twitter.com/EJohXAurnQ
Well done. @facebook is sponsoring this wretched event. Shame on them and all who attend. All power to the people!
I hope this becomes indelible in Brett Kavanaugh’s hippocampus.
Even if this accomplished nothing useful, it is a great example of protest in the finest American tradition.
In reply to @MattLaslo
Damn these protesters are good. Gives me hope

I shall correct you.

🇺🇸 It's "Justice" Brett Kavanaugh. 🇺🇸

This is weird as hell to me. Christine Blasey had to deal with death threats and risk to her family’s safety.

Also, the federalist society is incapable of shame.

So the libs are re-traumatizing a victim to own the right? Gross af
In reply to @MattLaslo
Can Republicans be more disgusting??
Protesting done right.
In reply to @MattLaslo
Federalist Society of Nazis.
In reply to @MattLaslo
Good job, protesters.
In reply to @MattLaslo
God, do I love patriots!! So awesome!

H/t: @maddow for this one.
In reply to @MattLaslo
I can’t wait until the #KhashoggiMurder audio tape leaks, and it’s blasted at the Turkish consulates.
In reply to @MattLaslo
May good fortune and happiness rain gently upon those very good protestors for the rest of their lives. Thank you. 💕💕💕
While @facebook pays for Kavanaugh’s dinner, @WeDemandJustice is paying to make sure his enablers face the truth.

Chip in here and counter Zuckerberg’s contribution 👉 secure.actblue.com/donate/demand-…
In reply to @MattLaslo
Facebook is a major sponsor of this event.
In reply to @MattLaslo
Thank you protestors & Thank you Dr Ford!
In reply to @MattLaslo
Apparently this Federalist Society Kavanaugh event is sponsored by Facebook. Not that they’re a right-wing-supporting company or anything. twitter.com/ilyseh/status/…
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