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simple guide on how not to listen to these artists uwu
In reply to @Kyleelavee
Carley Rae Jepson is no longer under scooter Braun
In reply to @Kyleelavee
i stg y鈥檃ll are the most childish fandom i鈥檝e ever seen like seriously you don鈥檛 need to protect ur fav by boycotting/ending someone else鈥檚 career... they鈥檝e nothing to do with scooter actions, pls GROW UP.
In reply to @Kyleelavee
Ok Let鈥檚 stream these artists y鈥檃ll
In reply to @Kyleelavee
Everyone saying to boycott these artists... maybe these artists are stuck in the same place as well 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 Taylor May just be one of the first to speak up!
鈿狅笍 ANTEN脟脙O 鈿狅笍

o jovem militante do twitter vai cancelar v谩rios artistas!!

MOTIVO: tem contrato assinado com o scooter.

vcs v茫o falhar nisso, pois nenhum artista tem haver com as merdas que o scooter faz.

voc锚s s贸 mostram ser podres, sempre boicotando mulheres por NADA.
Stop blaming them for what scooter is doing. PLEASE THEY DID NOTHING!
In reply to @Kyleelavee
carly isn鈥檛 under scooter anymore! she hasn鈥檛 been since EMOTION came out
In reply to @Kyleelavee
Look at those beautiful names wow talented legends we Stan 馃槡馃槡馃槡馃槡 scooter really out here legending
CARLY is under his record label but her main label is INTERSCOPE 鈥 he has no impact on her or her career post 2015鈥檚 E鈥O鈥ION鈥
imagine boycotting other artists just cause their manager made a business deal they deadass had zero to do with. i get y鈥檃ll upset but it鈥檚 a business deal it鈥檚 not like he鈥檚 gonna ask his clients for permission plus they have contracts & he鈥檚 been a decent manager to them? fight
voc锚s querendo cancelar quem tamb茅m pode ser v铆tima das mesmas circunst芒ncias que ela na m茫o dos caras kkk se ela que j谩 t谩 fora e 茅 um nome de peso t谩 passando por essa situa莽茫o imagina se algu茅m de dentro arrisca fazer alguma coisa
In reply to @Kyleelavee
Thank God, Demi, Justin and Ariana own their music. You鈥檒l never know. But actually trying to boycott artist who are signed with contracts it鈥檚 kinda low. It鈥檚 not their fault their manager is doing wrong. She asked for help not boycott.
In reply to @Kyleelavee
You know that he only manages their career right? He doesn't own their music and boycott them ain't helping Taylor right? Or should I make myself even more clear for yall 5 year old tiny brains?
y'all so naive, lmfao. the artists have NOTHING to do with what scooter does or fails to do. HIS actions, HIS fault. blame him and only him, NOT the artists he currently manages.
Y鈥檃ll really about to bully and jeopardize every one of his clients鈥檚 career because him and Taylor are going through a legal battle over her music. Are y鈥檃ll alright? Do y鈥檃ll need some juice and animal crackers?
y鈥檃ll really want to boycott artists who have nothing to do with the situation for ONE WHITE WOMAN who is not getting her way... I鈥檓 so sick imagine if we supported minorities like that but i guess y鈥檃ll not ready for that conversation
In reply to @Kyleelavee
It isn鈥檛 Ariana Grande鈥檚 fault for this. You shouldn鈥檛 punish her.
not to be the 鈥渆verything is gamergate鈥 guy but everything is gamergate
In reply to @Kyleelavee
why are we boycotting them it aint their fault this shit is happening ...
I guarantee you not a single one of these artists will say a WORD about this whole thing. Scary thing is, they are all managed by these monsters so their music is in jeopardy too馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
for what????? theyre under contracts..... scooter braun indirectly helped fund the yemeni genocide that shouldve been the first reason u made this list as much as this thing is wrong...
Do they realize they're boycotting artists that doesn't have anything to do with the decision being made?
streaming party 2pm EST!!
aten莽ao 鉁嬧湅鉁嬧湅鉁嬧湅 temos um contrato milionario com nosso empresario e a quebra dele pode resultar numa multa absurda mas vou cancelar AGORA porque ele comprou direitos autorais de musica 馃槨馃槨馃槨 sendo um empresario 馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨 tay tay estamos com voce 馃グ馃グ馃グ
This is absolutely idiotic. Like beyond stupid.
Carly....?omg feel bad for her 馃槶馃槶馃槶
In reply to @Kyleelavee
funny how i know about like 5 people only and they鈥檙e the worst kind of celebrities
Y鈥檃ll wanna boycott the artists who work with Scooter, when they don鈥檛 have anything to do with the situation between Taylor & Scooter. Most of toxic swifties really have only one of 100 billion braincells. (Not the woke swifties, I love them)
j谩 percebemos, querem cancelar a ind煤stria toda menos a vossa fav que sabendo que tipo de f茫s que tem, que atacam todo mundo est谩 a pedir seja la o que for com o seu textinho e incentivando indiretamente o bullying, cancela a tua fav tbm ent茫o!
every artist on this list needs to speak up right now. fire scooter. his reign of power in the music industry needs to end. #IStandWithTaylor
We鈥檙e boycotting them ALL
In reply to @Kyleelavee
Taylor asked for more support, NOT BOYCOTT THESE ARTISTS 馃拃馃拃馃拃
Swifties really dont know another way to support their fave other than attacking other artists. Pathetic
In reply to @Kyleelavee
I'm sorry for these artists but I'd have to boycott their music from now on
The artists clearly have nothing to with scooter scott and taylor鈥檚 issue im-
THANK YOU i will now listen to these artists exclusively
In reply to @Kyleelavee
y鈥檃ll and your fave really need mental help
WE DONT HURT ARTISTS WHO ARE COMPLETELY BINED INTO A CONTRACT BEFORE THIS HAPPENED. Scooter will not benefit from those streams like the artist will. Don鈥檛 punish them for something they didn鈥檛 do.
In reply to @Kyleelavee
All the most annoying ones are signed under sc**ter IM DED
Okay, but can Swifties not mass bully them? They are under contract. What are they gonna do? Like a tweet?
Y鈥檃ll are forgetting they signed the sunset clause too. They leave him or violate their terms, they owe him money for the next four years...
Yes lets totally attack all of the hardworking men and especially women who have no control over a contract between three individuals and blame them for another man鈥檚 actions, genius, wonderful... because this is TOTALLY the way to get them to support her 馃槂
Carly rae bby we gon get you outta there
@kweenjeed we ride at dawn
See why Tailor Suis fucking sucks? Now all these weirdos and on the loose harassing people thinking they are the knights of justice.
In reply to @Kyleelavee
Just a heads up- Rixton now goes by the name Push Baby, I don鈥檛 know if they鈥檙e still with Scooter but they鈥檙e definitely called Push Baby now 馃槉
The sad reality is that most of these artists can鈥檛 say anything because they NEED the label. And the other half... probably already got orders to shut the fuck up.
The fact that a lot of country artists that I love are on here makes me sad
In reply to @Kyleelavee
all you鈥檙e doing is harming the small artists. if scooter can do that to someone like taylor, it鈥檚 not hard to imagine what he鈥檚 done to them. Taylor might just be first person to speak up but won鈥檛 be the last one.
what are we supposed to do? be mad at them?
In reply to @Kyleelavee
these guys, except j*stin, better leave their labels before they experience the same fate as taylor #IStandWithTaylor #FreeTaylor
I so glad Carly disowned his a**
nossa a central de cancelamento vai sair do ar hoje de TANTO artista q ta lista
In reply to @Kyleelavee
this fandom makes it so hard for anyone to side with y鈥檃ll 馃ぁ
In reply to @Kyleelavee
if y'all harass demi with this bulls hit asking for help!!!! i swear to god 馃槖馃檮 y'all don't deserve help from demi AT ALL!!!!
In reply to @Kyleelavee
you are harming many artist that have not to be involve on this fvcking situation.
now i see where scooter found the money to buy that record label, those are a LOT of artists damn
Some aren鈥檛 their artists anymore (see the thread) tag them and ask them to talk to Scott & Scooter
what does this have to do with anything? this situation is NOT their fault.
Do you also understand that if Scooter is THIS malicious to Taylor- imagine what he would do to his own artists.
Can we just focus on taking Scooter & Scott down?
In reply to @Kyleelavee
u guys are so childish oh god
os artistas n茫o t锚m nada a ver com isso vcs s茫o muito ignorantes
these artists have nothing to do with this wtf kylee
What are they supposed to do 馃槶 they probably have shitty contracts too
i get that you don鈥檛 want him to make money but you鈥檙e also taking money from artists and that鈥檚 NOT what taylor swift is standing for.
Delete Carly Rae Jepson and Ariana they鈥檙e innocent I know them!
The list for artists I won't support anymore. I am so sorry. I am a huge fan of most of these artists, but I can't be okay with listening to you all and supporting @scooterbraun and @scottborchetta hopefully y'all make a better choice for yourselves now you know their tricks
In reply to @Kyleelavee
Dont hurt these artist guys, this is not their fault, speaking up could be determental to their careers
God forbid there's the possibility that they're in the same situation 馃槶
In reply to @Kyleelavee
You are just pathetic please stop. Imagine being THAT pressed at the point where u have to make a whole list about who works with Scooter. Scooter decision isn鈥檛 his client鈥檚 one too. It鈥檚 like when you make a decision your friends didn鈥檛 have to be agree but they still ur friend
In reply to @Kyleelavee
in a day an age when streams mean a lot especially to rising artist why would we punish them for the label they were contractually bound to before this happened. The minimal revenue these streams bring scooter vs. the impact they have on some of these artists careers 馃様
Ask them to support Taylor but PLEASE don鈥檛 harass the women under their sign. They might be victims of these manipulative men as well
La vd es que no deberiamos a boycott a los artistas por culpa de su manager. Just saying osea yo entiendo que no escuch谩ndolos pues hacen que scooter no gane nada pero igual. Well esa es mi opini贸n jeje sns
imagine letting this affect all other artists who have had NOTHING to do at all with this situation. y鈥檃ll are beyond ridiculous.
wouldn't be unfair to attack this small artist? i mean, your problem is with scooter, these artists should be the issue here.
e vamos de stream ent茫o
Girl, what the hell do you expect Psy, Tori Kelly, and Lil goddamn Dicky to do, shut your dumb ass up.
Sorry but I鈥檓 no supporting anyone on this list as long as they are with @scooterbraun any artist who truely loves music wouldn鈥檛 go within a metre of him #istandwithtaylor
KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK e nos coment谩rios tem @ incentivando o pessoal a "nao ouvir mais as musicas da demi" sendo q ela nao tem NADA haver com esse drama todo, ngm dessa lista tem dedo nisso, esse povo eh sequelado demais
In reply to @Kyleelavee
I can鈥檛 imagine what happens behind closed doors and they just don鈥檛 say anything
In reply to @Kyleelavee
Kanye isn鈥檛 under scooter anymore. Kanye said he fired him (idk if it鈥檚 legit, but I don鈥檛 think Kanye is on scooter鈥檚 roster anymore)
In reply to @Kyleelavee
They ain鈥檛 the ones stopping Taylor from re-recording her music but go off I guess馃檮馃檮
In reply to @Kyleelavee
And what? You made the list so you all can harass them more? They have nothing to do with your girlie mess.
Who the fuck still listens to these people?? I stan maybe 3 on this list
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