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This is a text between a parent and a student during the Saugus High School shooting in Santa Clarita.

We don’t have to live like this. Our children shouldn’t die like this.

Text ACT to 644-33. Every voice and vote matters.

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Vote every Republican out. Our kids deserve better.
Reading this text brought me to tears. Every parent’s nightmare. Our kids’ reality and they are scared. We need common sense reforms NOW.
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Note when you read that and cry realize that @senatemajldr feels absolutely nothing. Support a candidate who’ll do something like @ShuttleCDRKelly. #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare
We as adults are failing the kids across this country. We need common-sense gun reforms now.
This is just sickening that we live in this type of society where our children are forced to deal with our inaction.
We should not have to live like this. This text should never be sent from a child, should never be read by a parent.
I can’t even imagine.
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Kids are so brave. I’m so sad that we’ve let them down like this.
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If my children texted me this I would pass out, just reading it now I cant breathe... praying for the parents who lost their children today...
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😰no one should ever write nor receive such a text. I'm holding all of these families in my heart right now. ❤️
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😢😢😢💔 If I ever received a text like this from one of my children or grand children, I do not think I would survive long enough to reply. It would literally kill me.💔💔💔
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Such an abomination that a text like this gets sent. And it could be their last. Sobbing.
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This literally almost made me throw up. Thank you, as always, for what you are doing, Shannon.
#Enough #SantaClarita Our prayers for this community, yes. But our kids deserve so much more. If we can’t fight to keep them safe with every fiber of our beings, then what can we claim to stand for? We Mama & Grandma Bears WILL meet this moment w the love & POWER it demands.
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I heard an expert say any pop, any sound, any backfire, treat it like it's gunfire, those few seconds can save ur life, and i couldnt help but think that's like a country at war. Our kids are supposed to act like they live in a war zone, bc why? $$$$ ?
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Doesn’t @senatemajldr have grandchildren or know someone who does. How can anyone sleep tonight after reading this, especially if you’re THE one person who could do the most to prevent this.
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I immediately started to cry reading this. Our country has lost its moral core.
Millions of parents in America sending their kids to school every day and wondering if they’ll get a text like this. What’s the psychic cost of this? Maybe why a nation was deranged enough to elect Trump.
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I can't understand how anyone can be ok with children suffering like this just so they can keep their assault weapons, my heart breaks thinking this could easily be my daughter one day, how many more kids must be sacrificed to protect a very small minority of gun fanatics
233,000 children have been in this situation at school.

This is America! Get involved and make your MoC do something! Call them, write them and if they don't act, support someone who will and #VoteThemAllOut

Every parent should take a minute to imagine getting an email like this. How much more?
All of the hell we are putting our kids through can be blamed on the politicians like @RepDonBacon who let their NRA donations decide how they will vote. Despicable. @MomsDemand
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I’m crying again. Our children should not have to go through this.
This is every student’s and parent’s reality in the USA. When I drop my kid off at school I pray that she will be safe. I do this every day. EVERY DAY! Because the threat that someone will come into her school and kill her is always there.
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Frankly I’m sick of politicians who think this okay for our children and grandchildren to live like this. It’s time to vote them out damn it!!
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I don’t know how parents in the USA send their kids to school everyday, living with the fear that this can happen anytime, anywhere. pic.twitter.com/TwWno3ZLiJ
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“The sheriff said the deceased girl's parents were at the hospital. He was notified of the second fatality during a press conference at the school.” Who wants to be “the deceased girl’s parents?” This is what @NRA blood money and #2A gun nuts support. abc7.com/amp/2-killed-4…
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I am crying reading this
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I am crying reading this. We have to change our gun laws.
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No child or parent should ever have to experience this. Period.
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I'm in tears. I live in a country where common-sense gun laws for the most part keep weapons out of the hands of those who lack common sense - and weapons of war off the streets. We have never had a school shooting. We have had one successful mass shooting. Ever. Pls learn. pic.twitter.com/zhojGFJBk8
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Have exchanged these texts in lockdowns with my own family- once 4 days after Sandy Hook. Found you shortly after to keep my sanity. My children are the #LockdownGeneration and I am done. I want my politicians rated F for Fearless or they don’t get my vote.
I've asked it before and sadly, I know I'll ask it again but-- #HowManyMore? How many more innocent lives taken before our lawmakers pass meaningful, commonsense gun legislation. The children of this country deserve so much better than this horrific reality.
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This is heartbreaking
Love of children should be non partisan. How any parent could read this and STILL want their child to live in this reality is beyond me.
This is just heartbreaking. All of us with kids can imagine it. What stops us from stopping school shootings is a broken political system. We need ranked choice voting, multi-member districts, neutral redistricting. To stop the NRA, we must take back our democracy. @PolReformNA
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This is a text I receiver from my daughter who was a brand new RN about a year ago . My heart breaks for every parent who has to go through this 💔 pic.twitter.com/rY0qT8v7zg
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It’s 2 am as I read this and as a father of 4 daughters it brought me to tears and made me angry. EVERY member of the current US government that has not supported reasonable gun legislation must be identified and voted out of office.
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In reply to @shannonrwatts
Damn it. Do we have to have a country where this happens? I suppose because our Republicans value guns over children’s lives is why we got someone like Trump. What kind of nation have we become? Have we always been like this?
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I have exchanged messages like this with my own kid twice in two school years. In our case, thank dog, one shooter never fired and the second shot only one student. Twice. 2019. Suburban California
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A text I got last year was, “I’m in Mrs. L’s room. Everyone else is gone. She won’t let me leave since I can’t run if he’s close. Hurry Mommy!” My teen daughter is unable to run, so her teacher wouldn’t let her out of sight.
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😭 This hurts so much.
This made my heart open wide. This is the America we live in. This America is preventable. Students: text JOIN to 644-33. It’s one small action, and you can help with a big problem.
I never, ever want to get this text. I never, ever want another parent to get this text. This is a moral outrage. You want the 2nd amendment?


You can have a fucking musket. In fact, I'm feeling generous; you can have 2 muskets.

Now let our children live.
Just a reminder that social media thinks T Swift’s cry for help is more important than kids dying in yet another school shooting. Kids are being put in situations where they have to send goodbyes in preparation for the worst. Unacceptable. Please pray for them. #SaugusShooting
I’m crying. My god can you imagine being this mother & her child? Hug your babies tight every day bc we live in a country where each day you send them off to school, it could be their last.😢
We can choose not to live like this if we fight hard enough.
This is heart breaking.
There should never be a reason why a text like this should ever exist.
This shouldn’t be our reality. Families shouldn’t fear this will be their future. And yet.... here we are, again.
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What do we do Shannon? I don’t understand the game plan. The immediate end goal is to remove all of the cowards from political office and replace them with those willing to end gun violence with their voices and their votes. Thinking from the end, what is the plan? 1/2
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wonder how you would feel if this was your grandson texting you?
Imagine being a parent and getting this text or a child & having to send this to a loved one..... Shame on all of you... @senatemajldr @GOP @NRA
It’s painful but we can’t look away. I spent an hour on the phone with my sister yesterday as she was in lockdown at her college in Santa Clarita. I’m sick of this. If you are too, help me elect @KamalaHarris and take on the NRA with everything we’ve got. #JusticeIsOnTheBallot
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This made me cry. No child or parent should suffer these fears. Why do some people still think guns more important than our children or grandchildren? I blame Mitch McConnell for refusing to allow anything to be done.
This should never be a conversation that happens in America. Ever.
#EnoughIsEnough for our neighbors in Santa Clarita and youth who are growing up traumatized every day.

The Senate must pass #HR8 into law. Republican legislators are complicit in the gun violence tearing our communities apart.
My heart breaks for the students, teachers and families impacted by the shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita. 85 school shootings to date should be ringing the sirens to everyone that common-sense gun reforms are needed now to protect our children. #EnoughIsEnough
This is so heartbreaking that he/or she has to text their mom to say goodbye incase they won’t make it out alive. This has to change. Nobody should have to text their parents like this Incase they die.
Worst regulations in the country as far as guns go. Use child propaganda to push your narrative. When you wake up do you ask how bad of a person can I be today or nah? Asking for a friend ms blocked me?
Senate Republicans blocked a background checks bill while this was happening.
Vote ALL of them out.
Heartbreaking. May these families find peace, strength & solidarity.
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Fuck the GOP for blocking sensible gun control.
If I got this from one of my kids I think i might just stop breathing and die right then and there.
fuck every single one of you against gun control
Yet another tragedy to remind us that there are politicians determined to deny research on mass shootings. I am running for NV CD2 to change the script and create safe environments for our children. I am listening, tell me what that looks like for you. kobleforcongress.com
No parent and child should ever have to resign themselves to sending potentially their last text ever to a loved one in the face of gun violence.
No parent should have to receive a text message like this.

No child or teen should ever have to send a message like this.

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Can’t read it without being triggered... but I feel it without having to see it
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Had a man with a gun outside my school while my kids hid under tables. Usually I don't tell kids what's going on, but it wasn't a drill. Said if man comes in, I'l stop him and you run out opposite door. One girl said, No, I will fight him with you. Then others agreed. This sucks.
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Unless and until we ferret out every republican that is blocking gun control this sadly will occur again. Outrage and letter writing are not going to do it. We must somehow channel this energy right into the voting booth and change as many hearts as possible to vote blue.
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What has happened to our country? Tornadoes, fires, earthquakes I understand. This is beyond my comprehension.
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My heart hurts after reading that
I am sitting here crying. This is NOT the kind of text a child should ever be sending: I don't know if I'm going to live so I want to make sure you understand what I felt, who I was, before I die. #NotNormal #NotNatural #GunControlNow Text ACT to 644-33.
Hey @senatemajldr @marcorubio @LindseyGrahamSC @JohnCornyn @SenatorCollins @SenCoryGardner @SenTedCruz. This child's agony and fear is on you. YOU. YOU. YOU. Do your fucking jobs.
This is a pathetic and barbaric country.
Een kleine reminder dat Vlaams rechts dweept met een republikeinse partij id VS die op regelmatige basis kinderen laat afschieten in scholen.
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I sent a similar text to my grandson at his school near Saugus High that was on lockdown. He replied “love you too” Thankful he had a phone. But it’s heartbreaking. This is not what they should be worried about while at school.
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The fact that children have to go through this on a regular basis because some rich old white men love nothing more than money and power is the most reprehensible thing I have ever seen in my life.
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FACT: 54% percent of mass shootings started w/ a shooter targeting a partner or former partner. I'm @GOP. The Violence Against Women Act is💯% a bipartisan issue. I'm using #MAGACHALLENGE to encourage Senators to reauthorize #VAWA #SantaClaritashooting twitter.com/BrandonBeckham…
No parent should ever have to read a text like this from her child. Leadership can solve this problem. For too long, Republicans have refused to act like leaders, so now, we’re going to act like voters and replace them with people who value our kids’ lives more than NRA’s money.
No child should live in fear of being shot. Children can’t change our laws so our #CowardlyCongress & more specifically @senatemajldr must act on their behalf to pass common sense gun control to better ensure the safety & peace of mind of our kids.
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That is purely heartbreaking. Fuck Mitch McConnell, he's forcing thousands to live through traumatizing terror like this, on our own soil, at our own schools and places of work. He's forcing thousands to experience worse. He's forcing total loss on entire families. Fuck. Him.
There have been at least 85 shootings on school campuses just this year. Our children aren’t safe at schools. THIS IS NOT OK!!! Join me in volunteering with @MomsDemand or @Everytown or @GiffordsCourage and pestering congress until they freaking DO SOMETHING!!#EndGunViolence
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