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Sen. Kennedy, why are you parroting Russian propaganda that U.S. intelligence officials tell us are designed to divide our country? Did you miss the briefing that day?
Sen. John Kennedy argued in a testy exchange with NBC's Chuck Todd that "both Russia and Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election," claiming without evidence that former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko "actively worked" for Hillary Clinton. axios.com/john-kennedy-u…

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As opposed to you Hillary.

Who paid $12,000,000 to a former MI6 spy for Russian propaganda to smear @realDonaldTrump.

Go back to your COSTCO remainders book tour.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
No one is more responsible for current partisan division than you, @HillaryClinton You could have accepted defeat in 2016 with grace and dignity Instead you disseminated an absurd conspiracy theory - that Trump was a Russian agent - to excuse your slipshod campaign For shame!
Dear Hillary,

The Russia Hoax that you invented has done more to divide and damage this country than any other event in living memory.

Your lust for power has literally resulted in deaths and hospitalization. Not to mention the countless personal relationships it has destroyed.
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There isn't any evidence that Russia interfered in the 2016 election either. Not a single vote was changed.
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Thank you for never visiting Wisconsin — not even once — after the primaries. #BlessYourHeart
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Bless your heart, Madame Secretary. I hope you are well.
Secretary Clinton, he’s parroting Russian propaganda because he was briefed last 4th of July in Moscow.
YOU laundered campaign funds through Perkins Coie to funnel payments to Fusion GPS to pay a foreign national, who procured Russian intelligence to create the infamous, fake Russian dossier to start a federal investigation on your political adversary.

Sit this one out, cupcake.
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Did you miss the phone call about #Benghazi? Shameful cause #BenghaziAintGoingAway Now please, go take a walk in the snow and take Bill with you, your days of politics and running are over! :)
You know what *does* actually “divide our country”? Pushing a lunatic conspiracy theory to get 1/2 the population to believe the president is an agent loyal to Russia. Nothing else comes close. Get bent.
This treasonous harpy is parroting DNC propaganda. Ukraine interference in 2016 election has NOT been "debunked". Soon the world will know who the REAL traitors are.

Oh, and if by "intelligence officials", you mean Clapper and Brennan, nobody believes them but #Resist trolls.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Give me a break. You had every big money and media ally on your side, and the DNC pushing your candidacy and propping up Trump because he would be “easier” to defeat. Have some actual self reflection rather than blaming 4,000 Russian-made memes. pic.twitter.com/3b9jvivTch
wHy aRe U pArRoTiNg rUsSiAn pRoPaGaNda *grabs at wine cooler*
Hillary so far accused the following of being Russian Assets: Gen Flynn, Jill Stein, Donald Trump, Tulsi Gabbard, GOP. If anyone can work out this eclectic bunch are all working for Putin, please let Hillary know.
How can I dislike someone more everyday?🤔
I've never seen a person with less self awareness & so much hypocrisy than her

She stalks @POTUS' tweets😳

I cant wait for one of my favs,@SenJohnKennedy,to put @HillaryClinton in her place w/ words only he can express so eloquently😂
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Wow you're shameless. LOL just kidding about the wow part
Why did you sell 20% of our uranium to Russia? Why did your husband visits Putin? Why did the 500K for a speaking fee from Putin’s bank?
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Kennedy and fellow Kremlin mouthpiece Ron Johnson got their briefing at the Kremlin m.dailykos.com/stories/2018/7…
🤔... someone really, really, needs to make sure that Vast Russian Conspiracy theory keeps the trance on the media. Would not be good for deeper investigation to discover the ridiculous narrative created by Brennan, Clapper and the Clinton Team.
Hillary knew Putin controlled Trvmp.

She said Putin would rather have a puppet as president of the U.S.

Russia interfered with the 2016 election to benefit Trvmp.

Every time #PutinsGOP repeat Russian propaganda they help him re-elect Trvmp.

When Jesus comes back, I hope he kicks your ass first.

Perhaps the briefing was on July 4th--when Kennedy was in Moscow.
Did you miss the briefing on not selling our country out to the Chinese by allowing your illegal private servers to be hacked in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in 'donations' aka bribes to be deposited in to your corrupt foundation?

REMINDER: After the 2014 Ukrainian coup, the IMF loaned Ukraine $17.5B.

Leading up to 2016, Ukrainian banks, two of which are owned by Viktor Pinchuk (the single largest CF donor), funneled that money offshore.

Was he funding your foundation/campaign with laundered tax dollars?
US intelligence officials also told us that Trump peed on a Russian hotel bed, that the Steele dossier counted as credible piece of evidence, that Ukraine didn't interfere in the 2016 elections, and that your server that stonetear tried to bleach bit was an act of carelessness.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Senator Kennedy is just Devin Nunes 22 years older and minus the fake cow lawsuits.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Pretty certain you need to sit this one out
Hey Hill, how about that audio evidence?
Just admit it, you are corrupt as hell.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
When he starts getting $500k per speech from Moscow banks, we'll know he's a Russian asset. Just like Bill did in 2010 when you were SOS.
Note to @HillaryClinton FELONS lose the right to vote..."enjoy" pretending you remain relevant...your gaslighting days are well past over @csthetruth
Benghazi. Did you miss the briefing that day?
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Kennedy didnt miss the meeting nor did his Republican colleagues who are willfully spreading Russian intel. Republicans have become the party of regions with their support and cover up for Putin and are truly endangering our country and our allies in real time
Clearly, this Kennedy is playing for the other team. The one Putin is the captain of.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
And why has @SenJohnKennedy so drastically changed his views on Russian interference in 2016 since his 4th of july visit to Moscow last year?
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Have another drink, Grandma
Because he doesn't have the sense to know the difference btw right & wrong?
Maybe just following Putin's orders?
He's just another typical corrupt, blind, Russian puppet
I'm only sorry he's not up for re-election until 2022
Criminal Clinton, why did you create a Russian hoax for U.S. intelligence officials, mainstream media, and Democrats to divide our country?

You’ve missed the daily POTUS briefing every single day since 1/20/2017.

In reply to @HillaryClinton
Oh man you're still alive. Amazing technology. pic.twitter.com/fC1dVmXRpu
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Hillary, The TRUTH is that the country of Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world AND your foundation’s largest donor. They BOUGHT you. What I’m saying is, you should probably keep your hypocritical mouth shut. 😉 Sincerely, Brad
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Traitor-Cheeks: We, Prefer Sen. Kennedy’s Courage of Noble Patriotism, to Your Incessant Whining About Your Awesome Loss to @realDonaldTrump and, Parroting of Treason. Please, Self-Deport to Russia, China, Venezuela, or, Cuba and, Try Your Failure with those People. pic.twitter.com/1WFC0oQhiO
Why are you doing Putin's work and dividing this country by failing to admit you lost the election?
Hillary, is that a partial admittance to your ties with Russia? Let me see- hmm. Nothing to see here and move on? Is Senator Kennedy your next target?? Retire from your life of crime!!!!
Hey @HillaryClinton why are you working for Russia as you continue dividing us by NOT ACCEPTING election results?
You lost because nobody thinks youre qualified...that and #ClintonCrimeSyndicate
In reply to @HillaryClinton
There may be Russians hiding in your cupboard behind your jug of vodka. I'd stay away from there if I was you.
How many intelligence briefings did you miss before four Americans died in the 2012 Benghazi attack?

☑Ambassador Chris Stevens

☑Information Officer Sean Smith

☑CIA operatives and former Navy SEALs, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods
These people believe debates about foreign policy minutiae divide the country and importing tens of millions of foreign laborers and refugees unites the country.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Power and Money in exchange for his soul.
The Russia investigation was malarkey.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
These same intelligence individuals that covered for you? The same ones that illegally spied on the Trump campaign using fake evidence you paid to have fabricated? Those unintelligence officers? Enjoy the kuru.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Last year Kennedy spent THE FOURTH OF JULY in MOSCOW! ‘Nuff said. pic.twitter.com/AOnvyYmwLi
Why are you still talking? You've missed God's briefing. It's called the Holy Bible. EVIL BE GONE! You aren't anybody anymore. We all know how power hungry you are, and that you never met a bribe you didn't like. You're always deflecting. You and [HUSSEIN] divided this country.
He was watching the movie “13 Hours” that day. Good movie, you should watch it.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Kennedy one of 8 GOP who were in Moscow on July 4, I was in DC filming Trump's bund rally
Senator Foghorn Leghorn can't be trusted since he went to Russia over July 4th Holiday!
Senators Kennedy (LA), Shelby (AL), Daines (MT), Thune (SD), Moran (KS), Hoeven (ND), and Rep Granger (TX), spent July 4 in Moscow’s U.S. Embassy, NPR reported. thehill.com/homenews/senat…

Amazing how she is so well versed in "Russian propaganda"

One might believe that she knows this propaganda from being the previous author of such propaganda or something ? ...

We KNOW Alexandra Chalupa was working with Ukraine officials.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
You've cried RUSSIA😱 about 100,000 too many times now.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Did you miss the results of the 2016 election?
Serious question... If twitter had a breathalyzer, would you be able to tweet?
Because most (if not all) Republicans are OWNED by Russia, like Sen Kennedy and Trump!! They are a dying party and they need Russian MONEY and other "Help" to steal elections!! That's why Republicans are working for Russia and not
America!! #Lockthenup #Lockthemup
In reply to @HillaryClinton
He just told @ChrisCuomo the other night that he was wrong when he said Ukraine was involved. Move over, old plantation owner!
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Flush the #GOPPutinPuppets: #KremlinKennedy & the other 7 that made the #July4thTreasonTour Rand Paul too - he went to Moscow in August '18. pic.twitter.com/qwxWpEtjgi
Hillary, you HAVE to be aware that Ukraine convicted two high-ranking officials of tampering with our elections by funneling stolen intel to you. You're hoping your sycophants don't know.
You will never be president. You are irrelevant. #GoAway
Ma’am, the Senator is loyal to Trump and not the constitution, so nothing else matters to him.
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Very high marks for using "propaganda" in its plural form.
You solicited and received info from Russia and Urkraines government against your political opponent .....you solicited and received help from Americas government against your political opponent.....

Enough said!
Somebody is scared.....never seen this before
Fun challenge excepted
If Hillary had a parrot, what are some phrases would it say?
I'll start with a couple
1: kill him now
2: keep it all
3: super Predators
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Hillary how did you get all those millions. Haiti, Clinton Foundation, uranium deals. Please enlighten us. pic.twitter.com/4AaZC9qLqM
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Did you miss the briefing when the Benghazi nightmare was going on?!
Hillary, why do you still think anyone cares what you think ? Shouldn’t you go get fitted for that orange prison jumpsuit?
In reply to @HillaryClinton
The only reason that Kennedy should ever be on TV, is to play the role of Mr. Haney in a re-make of Green Acres. Other than that, he's irrelevant. youtube.com/watch?v=4PvFw5…
In reply to @HillaryClinton
Is Hillary jealous that someone else is better at dividing people than she is?
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