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so do i study or not???
12 years to save the planet? Nope 17 months now. pic.twitter.com/cFGosWZXbc

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well since the planet ending might as well help.there is a website that gives away free stainless steel straws. a simple rt helps to raise awareness to help our dying environment. oceanlifestraws.com/?sca_ref=21770pic.twitter.com/WL2GJRaw5x
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so greenland is actually going to be green?
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i have other funny tweets or whatever, follow me for more funny and relatable tweets:) pic.twitter.com/iorHcfC8X4
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Damn this tweet gave me a hot 2 minute existential crisis
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Don’t live in fear the earth has been around for millions of years just enjoy your life as best you can in this moment
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Should I sign up for spring classes or not
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Bro the earth getting hotter is only good for 1 race... THE RACE WITH MELANIN
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Should I just max out my credit cards?... lol I could use a trip next week... lol
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Lmao know so I can pop it lock it drop tf out
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
The most effective thing we can do is Vote
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
This is literally a picture of Greenland during the winter vs. summer
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
I call bs. We are actually going through a Global Cooling phase. The sun dictates weather.
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Def don’t pay them loans
Sokrates, idam olacağı hafta flüt çalmayı öğreniyormuş. Öğrencilerinden biri bu ne işine yarayacak ki? diye sorduğunda, flüt çalmayı öğrenmiş biri olarak ölmeye diye cevap vermiş. Cioran bu hadiseyi aktarıp, ‘öğrenmenin hedefi bundan ötesi değildir’ diyor.
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Why do people always misrepresent things, it's 17months til the damage is irreversible. Not til the end of the world.
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
You sorta just bank up, lock it down, and garden ! Recession hitting too
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Lol believe these pictures if you want...
mais les américains ils font des 200k de fav tt ça nous sur twi FR on fait 40 k de fav max, ça se voit ils sont + soudés.
(Un twittos va traduire le tweet et faire 10k RT attendez juste)
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This ain’t even the real planet.
Ik ga dood ik zie mensen die bso doen dit retweeten
The Earth is not ending in 12 months, this idea that it is, makes people shrug there shoulders say fuck it and not care about enviro issues, cause why should if the world is ending? THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING SOON BUT IT IS GETTING WORSE AND WE HAVE ⏱ TO FIX IT
so do i have a baby or not???
este pregunta siempre me ronda en la cabeza, a mi que me avisen pork si no me doy a la vida loca antes de palmarla
So do i drop out or not??
why doesn’t anyone talk about how anxiety/depression gives you memory loss?
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
nah man, go protest go save the planet
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Study survival skills.
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Study. They've been telling us the world would end soon for my entire life, alway 5-10 years away.
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
So after 12 years we all dying lmfao
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
it’s not ending in 17 months. we just have 17 months before irreversible damage happens to the planet.
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Yes, the planet wont die in 17 months the damages will just be irreversible so u might aswell learn to be successful and rich so u can afford to buy a ticket for when elon musk colonises mars and starts selling tickets 500,000 a head
Famm just let me know so I can rest
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
No, you should help organize to fix the planet @sunrisemvmt sunrisemovement.org
Preciso de saber também
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Happy to say in Iowa we are about 1000 ft above sea level #dry
Me estas diciendo que no me voy a sacar la carrera despues de tanto sufrimiento????????
i’m about to sell all my things and go travel
Should I keep studying or ???
the only question I care about
I question myself this everyday...
New England kids whenever there’s a big snowstorm on Sunday:
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
the planet is being run by the united nations saving the world is politics. sure there are environmental problems and colonization but suppose socialism ans new age is a scam and the democrats are just looking for voters?
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
But where tf people getting these numbers from lmao did they watch the movie 2012
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
haha yo we go wild last few months
So shall I drop out now ???
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Study while you’re doing your part to save the earth. Recycling isn’t enough. Reduce your waste as much as possible
eto lang naman gsuto ko malaman HAHAHAH
Ça sert plus à rien venez on abandonne
Preciso mesmo de uma resposta
i really shouldn’t be laughing so hard at this tweet... but i am
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
so you're saying, the whole Greenland ice shield was there in Summer 2018, and in Winter 2019 it's gone, and all the coastal cities are still not flooded? at least *something* we don't have to worry about I guess.
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Been asking myself the same question since its getting near. Like.. should i dropout of school now or...
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Bruh it keeps getting shorter and shorter it used to be 20 year lmao
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
I’ll be okay if I fail everything this semester
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Wait I thought the world was ending in 2012...........
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
que Greta se pronuncie ya por favor que me tengo que organizar
on god if i’ve been busting my ass getting this degree just to die before i get it ima be pissed
@ my nursing school friends 🌚
Whoever is in love with me now is your chance
Yea lmk so I can calm down.
Isto é realmente a minha maior dúvida
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
Nah son fuck all that .. plant a tree and love somebody
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
In reply to @itsnotdarwin
sooooo we dont gotta catch up on 8 weeks of work or???
At this point just enjoy life
deadass bro, I hate it here
Honestly metal straws won’t do anything anymore. It’s over . We are gonna have a Wall-e and be obese in outer space .
Bat pa ba ko nagaaral mamamatay rin naman kskskskk
In reply to @drhfrhn
@drhfrhn let’s bail tx we don’t even have enough time to finish acca
Sooo do I save up ps for when the nhs is privatised or not???
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