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No, Mark, it’s not that “complex.” Let me simplify (again): you and Facebook take money from politicians and run their ads — even if they’re not true — without fact-checking them. That’s not democracy, that’s you profiting off propaganda. #siliconsix


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The idea that what the world needs is a bunch of 23 year olds in Silicon Valley deciding what political ads are truthful or not is so preposterous that I wonder if this is just another one of Cohen's put-ons.
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Why shouldn't your tweets be fact-checked?
No Borat

Zuck knows he & most of his company are biased & there is no pure "fact checking"

Some things are indisputable
Most are affected by viewpoint & confirmation bias

It's best to let a competition of ideas happen & allow them to be challenged publicly

Then we vote
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Question Borat, I Own a print shop, Should I make sure everything I print is 100% truthful as well? Or just do my job and sell the customer what they asked for leaving my own opinions out of it?
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No need for Facebook to be involved with Political ads at all.
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Please don’t forget the profiting off of microtargeting of those lies. That defies Zuckerberg’s entire position about sunlight being the best disinfectant for political lies.
A man who’s made a career out of deceiving people in order to mock them in movie scenes with little to no context wants you to believe he’s for “the truth” and “fairness” give me a break dude.
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Not to mention, he takes money from white supremacist groups and spreads their hatred and messages condoning violence.
If you think that’s bad wait til you find out about advertising
This is so condescending. It implies individuals are incapable of judging for themselves the veracity of what politicians claim. It is profoundly anti democratic and illiberal
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Another reason why I dropped FB & continue to beg everyone I know to do the same. This guy is poison ☠️
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I really don't think it's wise to appoint Facebook, or any tech company, as the arbiter of truth in society.
Should we fact check ads for movies

Because the ads said The Brothers Grimsby was good

And no, it was not
Be critical of political ads on Facebook
They are refusing to change their policies & will allow political ads that contain FALSE info to continue 🤥 It's 2016 2.0!
Must've been a helluva dinner w/tRump, right Mark?
The "throw the Jew down the well" guy is calling for censorship.

I'm not sure if this is a schtick, because it sounds like his character, The Dictator.
You are wrong, Borat. A free society does not want Mark Zuckerberg deciding what is "fake news". Never before has there been so much info available. People need to make their own decisions, not Big Tech, not Big Government. #freespeech
The tech dudes whole stance depends on pretending that propaganda isn't even a thing, like with a horrendous history and everything.
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What is "complex" for Zuck is imagining how he's going to rake in billions by abandoning his lucrative, amoral propaganda-spreading business model which wrecks every democracy that comes near it.
Here's your Borat and Ali G.
This idea --that a Facebook bureaucracy is an infallible truth engine on which helpless audience members should rely-- is a shocking rejection of American values of free speech and self-determination.

I'm astounded as to how any comedian could possibly endorse such a thing.
Mark Zuckerburg says politicians shouldn’t be “censored” on FB. Things FB has censored me for:
-30 day ban for posting about a serial child sex predator getting out of prison & preying again locally (my post helped uncover new underage victims & send him back to prison) ⅓
Not going to end well for Mark.
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your call for censorship is undemocratic, historically speaking
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last one-promise..#Facebook appreciate you getting the message out-So IMPORTANT to democracy - to justice. "This is about giving people, some of the most reprehensible people on earth the biggest platform in history to reach a third of the planet" #Zuckerberg #StandUpFightBack pic.twitter.com/2iTLjb0q3A
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No, Sacha, it’s that simple. It’s free speech in a free society. We’re adults. Everyone speaks. And everyone decides for themselves what to believe. bit.ly/The-Watchers-W…
The guy who literally lies to people for a living is upset that a giant corporation he dislikes and distrusts isn't determining what is, and what is not, "true." I see a problem.
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I don’t see why the same laws that apply to newspapers and TV shouldn’t apply to digital media
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Propaganda in secret - No transparency Psyops campaigns - NO rules - NO restraint - FACEBOOK is an alt - right collaborator "Facebook is what propelled Breitbart to a massive audience - We know its power " STEVE BANNON - They propel the fascism #Fuckerberg #StandUPFightBack pic.twitter.com/UuGGcJIkbA
Unfortunately for Zuckerberg, Sacha Baron Cohen is not going away
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Our latest #ShahidVsPelosi ad satirizes how Facebook is monetizing the destruction of our democracy by allowing politicians to run paid ads promoting objectively false facts. twitter.com/shahidforchang…
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Here's Mark Zuckerberg making a deal to sell out the country that has given him everything, everything. #Fakebook pic.twitter.com/Tl6JCpMjvb
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Like Hillary Clinton said of Facebook: "If the check is made out in rubles..."
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no different than NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or any other outlet. bloody wanker
I am so here for the Sasha Baron Cohen takedown of Mark Zuckerberg!
I’ve been Tweeting this for 3 years.
Zuckerberg sold out,continues to sell out our
Nation for profit.
Before you delete tell FB the reason is their
current political ad policy,inability to block hate
speech and White Supremacist groups on FB.
FB supports Trump.
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Zuckerberg benefiting from monetized propaganda. Following in Rupert Murdoch's shoes.
We’re just supposed to ignore the newspapers and TV news that have lied to us since their existence and freak out about what is and isn’t true all of a sudden.

This is a con designed to limit speech.

Go fuck yourself
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Why should the @facebook “no questions asked” false claim advertising policy apply only to political ads? Why can’t every advertiser lie in their #Facebook ads? #MarkZuckerberg is shameless. The #WinklevossTwins were right all along. pic.twitter.com/wTTjf2C78s
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"To whom much is given, from him much is expected" Nation first Mark, income, money, power, bullshit, second. #facebookads #elections2020 #nation #first pic.twitter.com/OkiapQ8ucY
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Zuckerberg likes his dark money.
Sad to see a comedian promoting censorship, but here we are.

The key question, as always unanswered:

"Quis ipsos custodes custodiet?"
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These two are going to be shamed for the rest of their lives and their children will be embarrassed to say they are related. I don’t think Zuckerberg is processing how offensive and hideous his actions are.
It's not that complex. We need to put the government in charge of speech to save us from an authoritarian government
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There is a simple way to tackle this: regulate Facebook just as broadcasters are regulated. It's a political decision. Why have politicians not taken it?
>That's not democracy
Help. I'm trapped in a second iteration of the curse of Babel. Communication has become impossible because we are free to peg the definitions of words to specters in our mind. Plato's once external world of forms meeting the internal archetypes of Jung.
So deeply here for this. Bravo @SachaBaronCohen 👏 🏆
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Social media platforms need to be fined SUPER HEAVILY when caught peddling lies & misinformation. Make it REALLY COSTLY to run a social media platform in an irresponsible manner. That's the only way they'll learn to operate with integrity. Their greed is causing REAL HARM to USA.
I don’t need FB deciding for me what is true or not. Why would anyone want that?
I also don’t need the Borat guy giving me politics lectures. What ever happened to comedians just being funny?
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Fact checking is for the voter and the media to do. We do not need a big brother fact checking requirement.
It’s ok for politicians to lie on Facebook but if you are queer and remotely sex positive NOPE THAT VIOLATES POLICY
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And because of what Facebook is doing, your vision of uniting the world (Zuckerberg) has failed. You instead created a divided world, a society of chaos and lies. Bottom line, Facebook has just enriched themselves. To hell with fact checking. 😔
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Is there any chance we can crowd fund scathing ads on Facebook saying Zuck is a rapist murderer? It isn’t true, but that’s kind of the whole point here
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Wow equating censorship with fact checking. Maybe Zuckerberg went to Ukraine too?? 🤔
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They "embed" themselves with their fascist sponsors . $$ for democracy - fascist collaborators - sharing data bases - sharing the lies - providing the propaganda platform for dictators across the globe #Fuckerberg #FaceBook #standupFightBack pic.twitter.com/KRH41zRJEU
#Zuckerberg and Facebook absolutely profit off of propaganda / which undermines democracy.
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Mark Zuckerberg should be in jail. pic.twitter.com/3b8HMMTC59
Which is the same thing TV and print media does with all advertising

It’s not that complex
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I don’t under why people are still on and using Facebook 🤔
i never trust anyone who is pushing for an authority on “facts.” and the idea of a TV and film star criticizing someone for “profiting off propaganda” is laughable. jesus, can someone just not be a total fraud for like ten minutes?
Perhaps staying at Harvard for a bit longer might have been useful...round out his education beyond computer science and math with courses on critical thinking, ethics, and civic responsibility.
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Sacha, all campaign commercials are propaganda. The voter is the arbiter of what propaganda is valid. You expect me to believe Warren when she claims she can purchase tens of billions of dollars of services from only a 2 cent tax on billionaires? It's the same as TV airing ads.
That awkward moment when you realize Borat wasn't speaking truth to power, but was part of the powerful class all along.
The #siliconsix are also known as Terminator Nerds. They see no morality, just algorithms, they have no social awareness, they understand no human impulse, and they absolutely will not stop, unless we melt them all in a vat of iron ore, including the skynet chip in their heads.
I missed where network TV execs vetted every campaign ad that ran on their stations.
I can simplify it even more: FB sees politics as investors 30 years ago saw healthcare. FB turned elections into a market. Politicians will pay anything for access to it. If FB valued democracy, ads would cost $0. FB wants profit from elections, not freedom for political speech.
Still nary a tweet from Cohen about the antisemitism in the Labour party.
Crazy idea but maybe people don’t need ads fact checked and censored. Maybe we can figure out for ourselves what’s true or not. Also? I have literally never heard of a political ad changing anyone’s mind. Most of us hate them and wish we’d never have to see one.
That’s not democracy, that’s you profiting off propaganda. ~Sacha Baron Cohen
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When Borat is our only hope in fixing the flaw in our democracy, you know we are doomed. pic.twitter.com/Orw8klDaRc
This isn't Democracy. Clearly Democracy is a wealthy British guy coming over here and interfering in our elections by trying to tell American companies to censor people he doesn't like.
Now do newspapers

Then magazines

Then subway signs

Borat is tryna intimidate Megatech into flipping an election (they seem to want to anyhow)
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Just think - they "see" all the talk behind the scenes in personal messages (FACEBOOK) they know the horror they are propagating - the bigots , the pedophiles - they are given a free platform with no constraint. So dangerous . "Freedom of Speech is not Freedom of Reach" pic.twitter.com/icAakbtjNy
WE have the power to #DeleteFacebook I did.
in my country there is problem...
Little Mark Zuckerberg:
Apparently money doesn’t buy you a CONSCIENCE or MORALS as in *LIES are WRONG*!

LIARS are BAD PEOPLE no one can TRUST! If you decide to put MONEY over telling & publishing the TRUTH ~ YOU ARE ALSO A LIAR & A BAD PERSON!

It isn’t Rocket Science MARK!
In reply to @SachaBaronCohen
Apparently Sacha the public are on your side. Fancy that. 73% want all political ads BANNED. Until the laws catch up to this fascist madness/psyops bullshit - we fight. #StandUPFightBack #Fuckerberg #FacebookFascism pic.twitter.com/WP6KrfiBfr
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