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An anonymous “whistleblower” informs us that this was found in a hotel room that @RepAdamSchiff recently check out of. Hmmm...

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Disgraceful, Senator. You are unworthy of the office you hold.
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this memo is as credible as your hairpiece, Senator
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Aren’t you the guy who got thrown in a pile of leaves?
Neighbor didn’t hit him hard enough
In reply to @RandPaul
Be very careful Senator! Sharing fake materials undermines any credibility you have left. And you have very little!
In reply to @RandPaul
Our democracy & checks and balances are a joke to you. Never forget these chilling words on GOP sycophant Rand Paul, visitor to Russia TWICE, once to deliver a letter for Trump before 2018 midterms: “The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.” —@SenJohnMcCain pic.twitter.com/SSNR4RTDdN
In reply to @RandPaul
Seriously Senator? This is how you use your position? Americans have elected you to represent them. I am sure there was a time long ago, you valued, and aspired to Truth Justice and the American Way. What happened? Why now do you use your voice to be... less. So much less.
In reply to @RandPaul
There is always a new low. Congrats on reaching it.
Tea Pain feels bad for havin' to say this, but @RandPaul is a partisan idiot.

In reply to @RandPaul
The liberal media will not like this tweet!
In reply to @RandPaul
"Journalists" writing SUPER SERIOUS articles about this tweet right now... pic.twitter.com/Gkntht9ird
In reply to @RandPaul
So you think it’s a joke that the president and Congressional representatives are using the power of their offices to possibly commit crimes for personal gain Good to know (not that I’m at all surprised) #MaddowParnas #Nunesgotcaught
Further proof that @RandPaul is a complete moron incapable of faithfully executing his duties as a Senator of the United States. He has previously shown his disdain for the American people and with this note, he is showing his disdain for the duties that he swore to uphold.
Rand Paul is the Carrot Top of Mike Huckabees
In reply to @RandPaul
Remember to tip your waitresses!
In reply to @RandPaul
Jesus, what the hell happened to you?
This is disgusting. Now I know why your neighbor had an issue and handed you your ass. Fuck off, Rand.
In reply to @RandPaul
Intentionally spreading disinformation should be a federal crime. Doing it as a representative of the government, while being paid by taxpayers, without any hint of it being a joke, should result in immediate removal of office. #LiarsLyingForLiars
I’m always proud of @SenSherrodBrown. Today, just a little bit more.
Well played @RandPaul well played. @RepAdamSchiff should be ashamed of himself. He sits with liars, leakers & haters. #FullOfSchiff 💩
A not anonymous journalist informs us that your former senior foreign policy advisor Dmitri Simes is now a propagandist on Putin's Russia 1 state-run television channel, after fleeing America because he helped Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin infiltrate the NRA, and more...
In reply to @RandPaul
This is pathetic. If you need joke writers, let us know.
Omg they're triggered Rand.....
Well played and truth!
In reply to @RandPaul
Ok this is Epic, Rand!
In reply to @RandPaul
I notice you didn't put Congressman Schiff's name on your little joke. Being careful?
In reply to @RandPaul
Cue triggered leftists that can’t take a joke in 1, 2, ......
It seems to me that @RandPaul is acting really, really scared.

What has you so scared, @RandPaul?
In reply to @RandPaul
I'm going to really enjoy watching you get perp walked.
In reply to @RandPaul
Are the voices in your head getting louder?
Like Duncan Hunter, Jr., Rand Paul would have no political career unless his daddy did it first and handed it to him, and show that he should not hold public office. This illustrates that perfectly.

A note saying to remember to tap Devin Nunes phone found in Adam Schiffs hotel room.
Rand Paul found the smoking gun! 😆

But seriously, we know Schiff prefers to stay at The Standard, not the Ritz.
In reply to @RandPaul
The FBI thanks you for the tip. They are looking into it in Connecticut. #NoPlaceToHyde pic.twitter.com/RQzbPbT16L
In reply to @RandPaul
Member when John McCain literally called you out as working for Putin from the Senate floor? Good times. Here's a clip in case you forgot. youtu.be/BTdqIlfp8XE
In reply to @RandPaul
You're a US Senator. Act like it.
In reply to @RandPaul
When I worked as a firefighter, I had to put up with grown ass men sending pictures of their poop, hiding my equipment, racism and theft - after that I was pretty much done. To see it replicated in the highest level of government has just destroyed me. Seriously, Rand - do better
THINK ABOUT THIS👇🏽If a sitting member of a jury created & jokingly posted obvious fake evidence on his/her social media account that was related to the trial, that juror would be IMMEDIATELY removed from the panel. This is NOT a joke. Rand Paul is part of the #ComplicitCorruptGOP
This is so unbecoming from a Senator.
Rand Paul is a digital assassin
In reply to @RandPaul
Do you think this is a joke Senator? Our republic is at stake here.
In reply to @RandPaul
LOL. Rand Paul either booked a room at the Ritz or swiped a notepad just to write this tweet. While it's mildly humorous, more than anything it smacks of desperation. Will you be insulting Manu Raju in the hallway later?
👍totally legit. hand it in, Mr. Paul!
In reply to @RandPaul
You do realize that some MAGAT'S will think this is true, don't you? pic.twitter.com/uZqYcYhMPb
In reply to @RandPaul
It is so convenient that you would come with this about Adam Schiff. We knew you were nothing but trash, so better isn’t expected.
In reply to @RandPaul
You aren’t worthy of the office you hold. SMDH
In reply to @RandPaul
. Good Lord. Juveniles. The @GOP is rife with juveniles . . . .
In reply to @RandPaul
The US Senators are no longer considered statesmen. It’s really sad to see what’s happened. It’s like having 5 year olds running the country.
In reply to @RandPaul
Your state is ranked 45th for healthcare. You travelled to Canada for hernia surgery, a luxury most of your constituents can’t afford since Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the nation. Start working for #Kentucky &stop the BS. #DoYourJob
In reply to @RandPaul
Wtf is wrong with you?! REPORTED.
Senator Paul appears to be serious about this. Note: All they have to do is call it a, "Counterintelligence investigation," and they can circumvent Constitutional protections. I have been warning about this for years. It is tyranny.
In reply to @RandPaul
Hopefully, your account was hacked if not what an embarrassment for a senator.
In reply to @RandPaul
I don’t condone violence, but I’m not mad at your neighbor.
I see why your neighbor beat your ass.
Another GOP clown tweeting out lies to defend his king.

A UNITED STATES SENATOR using his twitter account to lie to America to defend a criminal psychopath.

I’ve never seen a bigger group of cowards in my life.

This is your legacy @RandPaul.

In reply to @RandPaul
You’re behaving like a spoiled child, who has no regard for the truth. #RandPaulMustRecuse
In reply to @RandPaul
Shame on you, #RandPaul. This is beneath even you, and you will never be half the man and intellect of #AdamSchiff. This is a pathetic attempt to throw mud at the wall in desperation.
In reply to @RandPaul
Why don't you go cut your lawn.
In reply to @RandPaul
A lot of people missing the joke in this thread.
This is disgusting. This is what this nation has come to. This is what those elected to represent us have stooped to. I’m sick of shit.
Deranged @RepAdamSchiff to do list, and he’s one of the house impeachment managers, hmmm
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...So help me God."

You took an oath, @RandPaul.
In reply to @RandPaul
Read the GOA report
In reply to @RandPaul
January 16, 2020. Still no defense for the impeached President. Remove the whistleblower from the picture Rand. You are left with credible witness testimony confirming abuse of power. Quite odd the Pres is blocking all the exculpatory witnesses and documents.
You ever wonder why Rand Paul's neighbor beat the crap out of him? 🤔 ah...me neither

#RandPaulIsAnAsshole pic.twitter.com/83MDTBWdz6
In reply to @RandPaul
Oh your into hotels. You really like trumps for some reason. pic.twitter.com/pCYZQzWz9Z
In reply to @RandPaul
Republicans are cheaters, and corrupt. It never ends.
In reply to @RandPaul
It’s absolutely mind boggling how two faced the justice system is. If you’re a democrat you can do anything, murder, steal, collude, commit treason! It doesn’t matter, if your democrat you get away with any of it. If your republican, you get life in prison for jay walking!
In reply to @RandPaul
I think it safe to say that we are witnessing the most successful witch Hunt in modern American history. pic.twitter.com/1eqZLiQf8q
In reply to @RandPaul
The real scandal appears to be that @RandPaul stays at the Ritz Carlton and not Trump brand hotels, he’s going to get a tongue lashing from his master and not the fun kind pic.twitter.com/C0Mmlk3Z42
In reply to @RandPaul
I understand why your neighbors don't like you.
Kentucky, our United States Senator is an unserious jerk who demeans the office and his constituents. And he’s our best one.
In reply to @RandPaul
Do your sworn duty or step aside so someone else can take your Senate seat that will take this oath seriously. There is nothing funny about preserving our Republic to the spirit in which it was founded and nurtured. #OurDemocracy pic.twitter.com/OnKuXHGfeC
Odd thing for Rand Paul to post.

At first I thought it was on Stanford Hotel letterhead.
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