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In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Burrow wasn’t smoking in the locker room either. Don’t play the race card
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Yea one is in HD the other in 240p
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Better camera phone Burrow was threatened with arrest too…
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
I’ll take being white vs being black for $400
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Can’t qWhite put my finger on it…
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Not gonna act like there aren’t race issues in this country, but Joe is 23. Don’t know exactly what the cops are up to here, but probably should just let these guys have a good time.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Burrow’s parents were in Trump’s suite
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Man If this ain't a photo of white privilege. Idk what is
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Any evidence to suggest the cops didn't talk to Burrow? Because these videos were most likely a not taken at the same time. I'm a little shocked that you would stoop so low
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
None of them were supposed to be smoking. The cops went after everyone who was. The NOPD later backed off and said it was fine. The only difference in these photos is the timing of when they were took and obviously the resolution.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
(Joe Burrows is 23 and everyone else on the team is 21 at best)
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
1.) Why is Barney in the locker room? 2.) Why isn't he working with an LSU Rep instead of interacting directly with Players? 3.) Its obvious Barney wanted to interject himself 4.) This will all go away when he gets his pay day from OBJ’s 23. Regardless, let them live. Sheesh.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Yes it's white in front of you.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Timing of the photographs? They all got reprimanded, but one photo was taken BEFORE while the other is DURING.
Bro they all got threatened with arrest for smoking in the locker room. If you gonna share something make sure it’s all factual.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Yes. The location where Joe was smoking. He was where it was allowed. The others weren't.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
backwards hat, Steven. Only thugs wear their hats backwards. Cop knew that.
Don’t create this narrative right now
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
You didn't add the fact the cop went player to player, if you are going to be disingenuous do it better
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
The difference is burrow is in a designated smoking section outside the locker room with high ceilings and no Sprinklers 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Oh race card again. Who would have ever thought
Did you graduate from the @Brett_McMurphy school of journalism? What do you both have in common? Zero journalistic integrity.
Lmao first thing i thought about can't lie
Well your trying to paint a racist narrative yet joe burrows in that photo isn’t in the locker room and the offensive lineman is in a team facility where all smoking is forbidden but that’s cool continue to push the people further apart with this bullshit
Every player in the LSU locker room were told they’d be subject to arrest for smoking cigars. Please stop trying to make instances about race without all the facts. It makes it harder to combat other issues that actually do involve racism.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
They just won a national championship..whatever he was lookin for, they was supposed to have it.
Image quality. This is why you invest in creatives 🔥
(I know there’s a bigger issue here- I kid)
How skill players are treated vs. lineman
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
1) cop is racist; didn’t like the sight of young black men on top of the world. 2) the cop was simply doing his job. 3) Odell should not have done that* 4) Odell should NOT BE SUSPENDED All 4 can be true *handed out wads of cash to amateur athletes like a drug dealer
One played at Ohio State and the other didn't?

One won a Heisman and the other didn't?

One is wearing a hat and the other is not? 😐
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
QBs always get away with more than everyone else.
these cops out here fat shaming now too huh?
y’all gotta stop throwing the race card into everything bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️ do your research on what was happening in the picture on the right
You must have missed the HEADLINES that read “Joe Burrow and LSU teammates were threatened with arrest for smoking cigars”...left picture was taken before the police arrived, 2nd after. Quit reaching for a story, ALL players smoking cigars were involved here
i swear y’all be bringing the racism card into every conversation. shits crazy
Heisman Trophy winner > “Random Nigger”
Smfh. They both indoors so they should of checked Joe just like they did the other dude. Sad man. Just won the national championship and you being threaten by the police officers?! Then there is a battery charge out for OBJ?! Wild 🤦‍♂️
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Yes burrow was in a private room in the back and the lineman was in a common area
This shit so wack
Why the cops in the locker room???
so we’re just going to ignore that his hat says big dick joe???😭😭
Yeah Joe is 23 and that guy prolly like 19. Y’all love to keep the racism narratives alive huh
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
number 9 is a snitch
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Fantastic race baiting here Steven! 🔥🔥🔥
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Ya no problem. One is in a private room with no police around. One is in the locker room with security and police around.
lol I was waiting for someone to tweet this... thank you... and if obj was someone like Tom... nvm
I spot a shit journalist trying to pull a race card despite multiple accounts of the story painting a different picture🙊🙉🙈
... the whole team was told by officers to put out their cigars in the locker room. It’s illegal to smoke inside in the state of Louisiana.
If y’all are making this a narrative of racism then y’all are really reaching...
Yeah. One can be done by 18 year olds the other is illegal for anyone under 21. Officer should have dropped OBJ with a taser after sexually assaulting him. If it was a female officer everyone would be crying rape. Then OBJ tries to pretend he’s squaring up with officer. Idiot.
yeah one is HD one isn’t
iPhone vs Android
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Cop came in there and said “EVERYONE smoking is subject to arrest” just because there’s video of the cop talking to that dude does not mean that’s the only dude they talked to
Y’all love turning people against each other with this reach huh? No context, just pictures.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
One is smoking a cigar, the other, allegedly, had alcohol in his Gatorade bottle
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Burrows 23 dawg. But still ridiculous either way that cop should be shunned.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
THE difference?! Nah...there’s definitely more than one. But I get what you’re after here.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Joe is 22 and the other guy is like 19,stop making false narrative
I'm the last person to tweet stuff like this but this is 100% on point.
Why is everything assumed racism? We literally don’t know anything about the situation.
Don’t even do that homie . You starting shit that ain’t called for
Joe Burrows is on the casting couch. If you know you know.
Always making it about race... stop doing that.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Those men in blue uniform are hired to monitor and control a certain population.
One guy is sitting in a secluded place by himself. The other in a smoke filled room. Why a cop was patrolling the locker room is a better question, and seems like the appropriate case for law enforcement to use discretion and say “who cares”
I knew someone would eventually pull the race card, smh.
Hmmm I wonder why ones a “legend” and one is getting pressed by the cops 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Ppl will do anything to get retweets for pulling the race card. Joe Burrow was threatened to be arrested too. Shouldn’t have a blue check by ur name
Everything ain’t a race issue bruh
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Yup man, it's always about race. Literally always. You guys can't see anything besides race, ever.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
One is a 23 year old smoking a cigar the other is a person younger than that being asked if he is consuming an alcoholic beverage? I know race is an issue, but this situation is apples to oranges.
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
Ones a QB the other is a linemen ?
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
QB always get the free pass. Part of the race problem in this country is people trying to reach for it, like this. 🙄
In reply to @theStevenRuiz
The only thing I see is a person selecting 2 random pictures to help make a social point for no other reason to prove his narrative regardless of truth or facts. We do not need to make up stories, there is plenty of real issues out there. No help dividing people needed.
Don’t do that lmaooo big big bigggggg reach
Thank you. My first thoughts exactly.

This IS NOT A KNOCK ON JOE. It’s a knock on law enforcement.
Yet another example of the true reason why there is a push to raise the age of consumption for tobacco and vape products. It is not about safety, it is about the state being able to control and criminalize already marginalized groups of people
People always pulling the race card. Shit is literally cancerous.
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