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Thoughts? Opinions? I low key wanna do this cause I鈥檓 too lazy to wash my brushes and sponges 馃拃馃槀

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Since this is blowing up imma go ahead and plug myself real quick 馃おHouston based MUA trying to make a career out of my art 馃ズ Ig: @ makeupbyjeo // P.s. don鈥檛 wash your damn sponges and brushes in the washer 馃槀馃槀 pic.twitter.com/L2pGOw4Q63
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Your brushes would fall apart and the water would destroy the glue that holds the bristles in the brush together also they use detergent you鈥檙e not supposed to use detergent on sponges and brushes it鈥檚 not sanitary use something else if you do 馃槅
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Y鈥檃ll please don鈥檛 do this LMAO you鈥檒l ruin your brushes 馃ゴplease do cop my good sis brush/sponge cleaner and you鈥檒l be set twitter.com/btaylorbeauty_鈥
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who records their open wash machine??? omg that鈥檚 a flood waiting to happen
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What about this 馃憖馃憖 looks like magic to me pic.twitter.com/UUTuLVWaXQ
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I鈥檇 do it for sponges but I鈥檓 sure sinking the brushes under water isn鈥檛 good for the glue that holds it together :(
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Use Zote soap , it cleans it so fast with out too much effort. This is my go to , also work great on Beauty blenders 馃挒 AND ITS PINK pic.twitter.com/JZA9ukjdgW
i coulda sworn washing machines didn鈥檛 wash while they were open馃
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Ok the sponges in there kinda makes sense but the brushes are most likely to break or mess them up so i wouldn鈥檛 risk it
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Sponges yes brushes no. Water getting past the bristles will make them fall apart for sure
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
that brown liquid makes wanna me vomit
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Shea butter twitter
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Vitamin C
Hyaluronic Acid
2% BHA
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Besides brushes falling apart, I don鈥檛 see anyone talking about how much water is being wasted on those little things
You're going to wear down the glue holding the bristles to the brush handle and make them fall apart faster if you do this.
I'm calling the cops.
Those brushes finna fall apart your not supposed to submerge them under water completely
Y鈥檃ll love ruining your brushes 馃槶馃槶馃槶
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Just cause we are talking about beauty blenders.... just because they look clean you can not use them on another client ! ! ! Bacteria stays in the middle!!! Please if you love (bb) buy a new one for each client or buy disposable sponges... don鈥檛 get caught with a law suit
this will ruin literally all of your brushes
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
It鈥檚 crazy how everyone鈥檚 just concerned over destroying the brushes, what about using the chemicals from the detergent on your face, my sensitive skin could neverrr
im letting the pink girlies put their brushes in the washing machine鈥hen the glue on the handles fall off ill call it reparations
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Sponges yes, brushes no. They鈥檒l definitely come apart from being jostled too hard in the water.
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Definitely don鈥檛 put brushes in there
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Yea , I had to learn the hard way that your shouldn鈥檛 let your brushes just sit in water 馃槵馃槵
BITCHHHH . I AM DOING DIS 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 cus i hate washing my brushes omg wow
Real question... how tf did you open your washing machine while it鈥檚 on 馃拃
The lazy in me is rejoicing, but I know better not to put my brushes in there. Sponges on the other hand pic.twitter.com/PI6LEAgncC
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Sponges possibly but still..... such a waste of water lol
I just wanna know how you were able to record them being washed because every time I open my washer machine in the middle of a load it stops.
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Though it is affective, that's a crap ton of water wasted lol throw some towels or something in their to make it the load be worth it at least lol
This the type of 2020 content I鈥檓 interest in ~yesss help us help ourselves get shit done in an efficient way.
Wait how鈥檚 the washer working with the top open
Please do not put your brushes in the washer theyre going to fall to pieces! Also be careful with the type of detergent for blenders it could irritate your skin
You think I鈥檓 gonna use my money to buy this when @onlybells_ has told us to use a pillowcase. No ma鈥檃m
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Alori soap is the best !! A little bit goes a long way and they last long, they also have the best scents 馃槏 pic.twitter.com/9Lyd2Pvynp
I just wanna know what kind of washer they have that stays open while it鈥檚 running馃槀馃槀 cause mine immediately stops if I even open it up a centimeter
you will absolutely ruin your brushes and melt the glue in them doing this. for the sponges tho 馃憖馃憖 use a pillow case if u don't wanna but a lil bag
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
You鈥檒l destroy your brushes! I started to laugh and got choked the fuck up. Do not do this, LOL.
How you get the washer to still run while open 馃槀馃槀
I wish this was it bc cleaning my brushes for an hour is not it
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Nope for me!! U aren鈥檛 supposed to dip your whole brush in water (only the brush tip while washing them) cause it loosens the glue from the handle 馃し馃徑鈥嶁檧锔
So I been cleaning my sponges and brushes one by one by hand like a peasant for no reason?
how did you record the washer while it was washing cause from what I鈥檝e seen the washers stop when you open the lid or some lock 馃
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
You won鈥檛 catch me putting my brushes in the washing machine.
how you recording it washing with the top up ?
Hi please don鈥檛 do this to your brushes. When brushes are fully submerged in water it breaks down the glue holding the bristles together and your brushes will start shedding and falling apart like crazy!!
Ma鈥檃m do u understand how many chemicals r in detergent
I definitely do this with my sponges. DO NOT put you brushes in the washing machine.

ANDDDDD use a bigger bra bag if possible. That one in my experience is too small and doesn鈥檛 actually wash thoroughly.
Maybe I鈥檓 trippin but like....

How tf is the washing machine going while it鈥檚 open驴
How you open the lid to the washer without it cutting off
Instead of doing this and ruining your booty blender, beli je brush and sponge cleaner kat Watson. Ada kat area nail polish remover tu try la cari.
I got 1 question how鈥檇 you get your washer to run with the top open??
Sponges it makes sense but for the brushes 馃槜 you gonna need to buy whole new sets bc they will get destroyed
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
The Mexican soap jab贸n zote >>>> only $1 and cleans your brushes/sponges better than any brush cleanser I鈥檝e used
Y鈥檃ll really that lazy? Lol i just stopped doing my makeup in general tbh cause i was too lazy to clean my brushes 馃槴
h-how did you record what was going on in there.. i thought it only works if it鈥檚 closed... or am i stupid.
You鈥檙e a genius 馃槶
Okay, but what kind of washer allows you to open it mid cycle ?
Okay but has anyone used this for its actual intend purpose like will my bras be safe?
ok so first of all don鈥檛 use laundry soap on your makeup brushes and sponges. 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
But how y鈥檃ll washer work with the lid open????!
Ight where you buy this shit at ? I NEED IT馃槀
This cute and all but your washing machine let鈥檚 you open the lid while it runs? What kind you got?
How tf your washing machine work without the lid being closed 馃え
i will never understand not washing your sponge before every use but that鈥檚 just me... also dont do this to ur brushes
I feel like this is probably not good for your washer 馃槀 I would not chance ruining my clothes because I'm too lazy to wash a sponge lmaoo
How is this washing machine running while open????
Ohhh.. wait . That鈥檚 life changing 馃ズ
For sponges yes but for the brushes I wouldn鈥檛 because it can loosen the glue between the actual brush and the handle thus over time ruining the brush
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Does the makeup mess up the washing machine? Like will foundation stay behind and possibly ruin clothes? I don鈥檛 know make up like that but this looks awesome!
Hold up. I think he just did sumn.
my lil elf & aliexpress brushes would get ate UP w thisshsyskgdjd splinters all in the mf washing machine twitter.com/makeupbyjeo/st鈥
Submerging brushes in water will eventually loosen up the adhesive holding the bristles together 馃ゴ
Kinda confused how the washer open and still on 馃く
Definitely do not do this. It will fuck up your brushes and using detergent on your sponge sounds like a breakout waiting to happen
#iykyk 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
This is such a convenient idea, but my college laundry is too gross to be putting my makeup brushes and sponges in there unfortunately
My mom would kill me if I use her washer for this馃槥
I just wanna know what kind of washing machine she has that runs while the lid is open.....
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
It looks like a good idea but ultimately I feel like it鈥檒l destroy them over time or even maybe once when it comes to the brushes .. I wash my brushes and sponge with my hands after every use (I鈥檓 a little OCD and got sensitive skin so that鈥檚 why) 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槀馃槀馃槀
Jab贸n Zote is better 馃お
ya washer still wash while it鈥檚 open ???
Yooooo. Why didn鈥檛 I ever think of this.
Your asking for your brushes to fall apart
In reply to @makeupbyjeo
Don't do this to your brushes. Water isn't meant to be exposed to the feral (metal part) and it will cause the bristles to shed. For sponges though? Geniusn
Imagine spending money on brushes just to ruin them like this.
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