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Here’s the “I don’t know him at all, don’t know what he’s about, don’t know where he comes from, know nothing about him” guy, w Lev Parnas & Roman Nasirov, former head of Ukrainian Fiscal Service, at Mar-a-Lago 12/16. @POTUS .@realDonaldTrump @Acosta #LevRemembers #LetLevSpeak

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Parnas attorney 👇
Trump is only able to get away with gobsmacking lies like this because of Republican complicity. They’ve aided and abetted Trump in his quest to turn the US presidency into a protection racket for his family.
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Trump just repeatedly claimed he doesn’t know Parnas. It appears the president didn’t let a prayer event stop him from lying. twitter.com/josephabondy/s…
yikes just endless receipts
Besides Parnas, the other guy Trump is meeting with in this video, Roman Nasirov, was charged with embezzlement in Ukraine and then ran for president, coming in dead last (39th place).
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Have to say, I welcome the brave new world where legal defense happens over Twitter
Roman Nasirov, seen in this video with Lev Parnas and Trump at Mar-a-Lago, was arrested for embezzling millions in case linked to fugitive ex Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko - who in 2006 bought the rights to Miss Ukraine from Trump HT @StacyJannis
As soon as @realDonaldTrump's crooked cronies, including his FORMER CAMPAIGN MANAGER, got #busted, he suddenly didn't know them.

Will Trump do the same thing to his spawn – Don Jr, Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie, and Eric?

Lev Parnas' lawyer is funny, folks.
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🔥Trump, Lev Parnas and Emin Agalarov all at the same event🔥cc @maddow twitter.com/kelly2277/stat…
This little ditty is topping the charts!
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Does Lev Parnas work at CVS? Because HE'S GOT THE RECEIPTS!
In reply to @josephabondy
And here is "I have absolutely NO IDEA what went down with this 'Stormy Daniels' person" guy. pic.twitter.com/bIfzSJOGWM
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“Oh... I thought you said Len Pardas... I don’t know Len. I’ve never met Len. I don’t know anything about Len, maybe he’s a nice guy, you’ll have to ask someone else, I don’t know him. I don’t believe I’ve ever met him. No. I don’t know Len.”
In reply to @josephabondy
Twitter made Trump and Twitter is going to ruin Trump.
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Lev is like Trump's crazy ex-girlfriend who kept receipts and just refuses to let him go, and I'm totally here for it. pic.twitter.com/N5RkknbRz3
I heard Lev Parnas tell either @Maddow or @AC360 that every time Team-Trump denies knowing him, he will post another photo or video. They were warned.
🤔 @realDonaldTrump the guy in this video looks so much like you. The other guy looks so much like Lev Parnas. Guessing there are a few more videos like this. You sure you want to keep denying you know him? Just admit you know him.
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12/16 as in a month ago or 12/16 as in 3 years ago? Here’s President* Trump today denying 13 times that he knows Lev Parnas. #LetLevSpeak twitter.com/mollyjongfast/… twitter.com/atrupar/status…
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Lev is standing between POTUS and the Secret Service. This is unusual.
Parnas threatened to release videos of himself & all these clowns everytime they say they never heard of him

Here’s tonight’s

And keep ‘em coming Cause Im in a sharing mood!
In reply to @josephabondy
I love how Lev is the one introducing everyone to Rump...because he's the one who KNOWS him!
How many videos and pictures will it take for the Republican party to allow witnesses?
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Will Lev I Don't Know Him Parnas be there?
This tea tastes especially good today.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
I hear you're heading to Mar-a-Loco after that. Will Parnas be there this time?
He released a new video! 😂😂
In reply to @josephabondy
Trump also said he’d “never met the man”...it’s almost like Trump thinks people are incapable of seeing the numerous photos and videos that prove Trump has met and knows #Parnas #ImpeachmentTrial #impeachment #LevSpeaks #LevParnas #maddowinterview #AC360 @AC360 @maddow
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We are one day away from Lev Parnas releasing a photo of Donald Trump lighting a candle at his daughter’s bat mitzvah. #LetLevSpeak pic.twitter.com/zOWAe4Cth5
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I don't know how he can continue denying knowing him. when there's picture after picture and now video of them being together.
In reply to @josephabondy
Your client started working for the Trumps at age 16 in the 1980’s. It’s likely he always has since then and sunlight protects him from the Trump mob. Come all the way clean, please.
Three corrupt mobster wannabes walk into a gilded cockroach-filled private bribery club... rferl.org/a/ukrainian-co…
The idiot “I don’t know him at all” LMFAO

Roman Nasirov is the disgraced Ukrainian tax official who feigned a heart attack as authorities closed in and arrested him for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars. He put on quite a show, appearing in court on a stretcher. After being reinstated, he miraculously walked away. pic.twitter.com/uhtoq3GPga
In reply to @josephabondy
I’d wager that Trump knows Parnas better than Barron.
In reply to @josephabondy
The R”s will never believe this. Not until there is a recording of trumps voice speaking to Lev. And even then, I could see the Republicans saying that it isn’t real. However, after hearing Lev speak, I am more convinced that Trump needs to spend the rest of his life in prison.
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Just the former head of Ukrainian fiscal services wandering into Mar a lago.
Today’s tune: “Together Again” by Janet Jackson
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Secret service said sure. Let a guy Trump doesn't know at all get this chummy. Trump knows him veererrry well.
In reply to @josephabondy
When trump says “I don’t know the guy. I don’t know what he’s about”. We all know it means that he knows the guy well and he knows exactly what he’s about.
In reply to @CheriJacobus
Yes, Lev is not in a million pics with the liar, and definitely not in this video twitter.com/josephabondy/s…
In reply to @josephabondy
😂😳 Not looking too good for you, Donny dum dum...
Joseph Bondy is the gift that keeps on giving.
Hey @realDonaldTrump, please continue repeating that you don't know Lev. He'll just keep reminding you that you do. With proof.
In reply to @MarshaBlackburn
You’re insane.
In reply to @josephabondy
Trump didn't know Russian mobster Felix Sater, either, though he escorted his then teen children around Moscow (seating Fredo Barbie at Putin's desk), and was a partner in the criminal SoHo real estate deal. pic.twitter.com/Y39fYx35Jq
In reply to @josephabondy
Do you know how many ppl Trump must interact with at parties that he doesn't remember?! Just b/c he's seen in the same video or picture with someone doesn't mean he knows them.😂 There's a difference between meeting and knowing someone.

Oh dear, @realDonaldTrump, you are no match for... well, most anyone. We're all laughing at you.
In reply to @dcpoll
Today in the Oval Office, Trump laughably claimed that he doesn't know Lev Parnas at all, and then goes one step further in his lie: “I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken to him.” Parnas's lawyer, @josephabondy, fired back. *sound on 😂twitter.com/josephabondy/s…
In reply to @josephabondy
Have a few in Pence too? Looks like he doesn't know Lev either.
You left out the “I may have met him at a fundraiser” part.

You guys have nothing.
Um. Lev Parnas' arm is around Trump and they aren't posing for a photo. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, Trump knew/knows this guy
In reply to @josephabondy
Are you EVER going to stop tolerating the stinking, obvious lies of this lunatic? He knows all these images are out there, and that NO ONE he doesn't know gets this close to him? Will you continue to enable his frauds + crimes against
In reply to @josephabondy
The crook who brings receipts is the crook who is telling the truth.
In reply to @josephabondy
This is one battle Trump isn't going to win.
In reply to @josephabondy
As his lawyer, you doing so right by your client Joe and his safety. Going full on to the press the right choice. Keep going.
True to his word... Every time Trump lies about not knowing Lev Parnas, Lev said he will release another photo... This time it's a video! I think #45 is out of his league...
Trump doing a LOT of meet and greet with campaign finance fraudster and Ukraine influence pimp, Lev Parnas, a guy Trump [lied and we quote] "never met", "doesn't know".
Love how video evidence melts Trump's idiotic lies.
In reply to @josephabondy
I would NOT fuck around with lying about knowing Lev. My sense is that Bondy has a an entire stash of photos and videos just waiting, like a sniper, to take out any false claims on that.
In reply to @josephabondy
Lock him up! Lock him up! 🎶🚨🔥👩‍⚖️⚖️👨‍⚖️🔥🚨🎶pic.twitter.com/Qa3otFhZsU
In reply to @josephabondy
Lev Parnas’ lawyer is throwing everyone under the bus. Pretty soon he is going to need a bigger bus. pic.twitter.com/aNkX8AWWy0
In reply to @josephabondy
Parnas has known the tRump family for 32 years since he worked for Fred Trump selling condos when he was 16! tRump introduced Lev to #RudyColludy! Watch @msnbc again tonight on @maddow and #LetLevSpeak !
Parnas' lawyer posts new video of Trump and Parnas together at Mar-a-largo in 2016. Which is a bit weird, because the president continues to insist he never spoke with him.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
never knew him. But he even sat next to you for diner with his prepared name card. Strange that you never him pic.twitter.com/nUGiI6PEcQ
Lordy, there are tapes!
Here is Trump with Lev, who he does not know at Mar - a - Lago in December 2016.
#IMPOTUS is caught in another lie.
Wow. Just wow.
In reply to @thehill
Here are the receipts👇🏻
In reply to @josephabondy
Ah, nothing like home movies to share that lovin' feeling! Keep 'em comin' Joe!
In reply to @josephabondy
...and CNN just played it.
In reply to @josephabondy
If he can’t recall this meeting, I think we need to demand to see medical records. And “I don’t recall every single person I meet” is not a good excuse either. If anything, emphasizes need to see medical records even more. That’s not normal to be that forgetful
In reply to @GovernorPerry
What the hell planet are you living on, Rick? #LevRemembers
In reply to @josephabondy
Of course he is lying. He has been lying since he became President almost 4 years ago. This is what criminals do. Lie, deflect, distract, gaslight, rinse and repeat.
This is Lev Parnas's attorney.

This is a video from a couple weeks ago at Mar-a-Lago.

This is awesome.
In reply to @josephabondy
Isn’t that Lev Parnas standing right next to you @realDonaldTrump? He’s even touching you. Why LIE? Just own it instead of looking like you have something to hide.
In reply to @josephabondy
Great song choice. Hell hath no fury like a mobster scorned.
In reply to @Otpor17
"#LevParnas got his start in real estate, selling Trump condos for Donald #Trump’s father, Fred." (h/t @CheriJacobus) washingtonpost.com/politics/how-t… twitter.com/josephabondy/s…
In reply to @josephabondy
They seem to be standing in the same pattern pic.twitter.com/j4iv1VV7L9
It’s Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty
In reply to @Bill_Maxwell_
Who is the blonde woman with the white hat on wearing the same coat as Ivanka. She is also in this video Les posted
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