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I dont charge $50 a cut for nothin !! & im only 19 .. not even in my prime 💯🕊

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niggas is crybabies crying over $50 cuts 😂 we literally pay over $300 to get our hair done
In reply to @realkashy_t
Me offering him 40 instead of 50..😂 pic.twitter.com/qHEqPJYgcc
In reply to @realkashy_t
In reply to @realkashy_t
after getting a fade and he says its $50 pic.twitter.com/VMvZHKdErr
In reply to @realkashy_t
Me running out the door once he tell me to run him his 50 pic.twitter.com/BQVYorH3Tg
In reply to @realkashy_t
Lol y’all complaining about $50 cuts 😩 now y’all see just a glimpse of how expensive it is to be a woman lmao
In reply to @realkashy_t
I'm just gunna stick with my fresh Krusty for $10..😂 pic.twitter.com/7szWi0gMPH
In reply to @realkashy_t
Shoooot $50 a head x 8cuts daily = $400 $400 daily x 6 days a week = $2400 $2400 weekly x 52weeks = $124,800 Gone and do ya thang mane 💰
This like a regular $15-25 chop in Memphis, but respect.
In reply to @realkashy_t
How people gonna complain about your price? Don't like his pricing...go on and take your butt down to Supercuts and pay your $15 or whatever for quick, low quality work that will need fixing. Certification ain't cheap. Tools ain't cheap. Quality artistry deserve quality pay.
In reply to @realkashy_t
Yu cold but 50?... relax
In reply to @realkashy_t
That’s a regular 20$ cut bud
In reply to @realkashy_t
it’s crazy cause the women don’t see a problem with the price , only the men 💀
In reply to @realkashy_t
nah if a barber tell me $50 imma make him tape my hair back on my head cause it’s either that or i’m bringing my mystery mousekatool pic.twitter.com/6PoPgSf5jc
Black Men it’s time to start the revolution and cut our own hair.
In reply to @realkashy_t
reviews 😁 but anyways I appreciate everybody showin love 💚 pic.twitter.com/lTZJCOPk8i
If I’m paying anywhere near $50 for a trim I gotta be getting my dick sucked while I’m on the chair
In reply to @realkashy_t
Me already planning to do the dash after the cut is over pic.twitter.com/jY0jM7oQLP
In reply to @realkashy_t
For $50 that cut better stay crispy for 3 months
Bro paid 50 for a basic cut🥱😭
In reply to @realkashy_t
The guys that’s complaining about $50 cuts be the same ones complaining about they barber with those nasty bumps on the back of their necks
Girls spend a MINIMUM of $200 a MONTH for nails, hair, wax, lashes, etc. And men are out here complaining about a $50 haircut. GOODNIGHT
In reply to @realkashy_t
I seen so many people complaining about his price

Don’t go, it’s that simple

Keep grinding young hustler next time I’m in your area pencil me in & I’m bringing the whole squad & we paying $50 for the cut $ $50 tip

His work speaks for itself
In reply to @realkashy_t
Your cuts tough and you got talent not goin lie💯 But its just somethings i would nvr do and that’s pay 50 for a cut 😂
In reply to @realkashy_t
It’s crazy because $50 is average price. I pay $55-$60 for a fade. A lot of people think it’s crazy but they can pay for an iPhone 11. It pays to look good and handsome. Don’t lower your standards or prices. Know your worth. You got talent!!!!!!!!
In reply to @realkashy_t
Reading these comments and its sad that our people don’t want to pay this brother what HIS CRAFT IS WORTH. Trust me I know plenty of quality barbers that charge this amount including mine. I mean wtf are we teaching our youth if we can’t support them earning an honest coin?
In reply to @realkashy_t
What else does it come with?
You could get a cut like this right In Nassau for like $15. These Americans be wildin
Oh shit y’all be paying $50 for cuts
In reply to @realkashy_t
Why all these woman for opinions on what guys think? Y’all woman paying $300 for hair that ain’t even yours, yet trying to sit here and bitch at men for not wanting to pay $50 for the same haircut they can get for $20
In reply to @realkashy_t
$50 for this? LMFAO buggin
Dudes complain about $50 cuts when we pay an arm and a leg to get our hair done by a stylist that say come with your hair already washed and blown out 😕
In reply to @realkashy_t
Charge your worth. Don’t let nobody tell you anything. You know what you do. Keep going.
All the men in the comments complaining about his hair cuts being $50. *LAUGHING IN WOMAN* yall could never 😂
Since everybody fenna start tryna get that cross .. lets mark that as the Kashy “t” .. just ask ya barber fa the Kashy t
In reply to @realkashy_t
Follow me on Instagram ( Kashy_T ) 💚
for $50 you better shave my balls too
I get charging what you think you’re worth but 50 my nigga and it don’t come with a shave not even a hot towel nah bro can’t fw it
Idc how hard life gets. I’m never paying $50 for a haircut
Let my man say his haircut $50, Ima have to go see bout that nigga myself
In reply to @realkashy_t
If I don’t get the cross that’s gone be 20 then right?
In reply to @realkashy_t
$50 too much for a cut? Im confused? My sew ins be $120 just to install &’ my bundles be like $200. So that’s $320 for a month style.
Son said he not even in his prime like he go out there and drop 40 a night
The women in this thread are just dumb .. we are broke because we complaining about a $50 haircut that we’ve never paid for in our lifetime ?? And then trying to compare it to them getting their hair and nails done 🤦🏾‍♂️ just stop it . Never paying $50 for a cut EVER
Other niggas don’t even fade no more just bald yo shit lmao you got the game in yo hands fuck these broke niggas charge yo price
Y’all crying about $50🤦🏾‍♀️ Females out here paying $300+ to get one hairstyle ugh.
£50 a trim? It better last till thy kingdom comes
Bruh coulda got that for $20
honestly fam anything 20-80 aint shit because females be paying like 300+ for they shit all together lmaooooo
Miss the days when a cut was $10. $15 max 🤦🏽‍♂️
You nice but 50? Niggas getting hustled 🤣
In reply to @realkashy_t
U charging 50$ a cut for kids & teens?
In reply to @realkashy_t
Him: “That’ll be $50” Me, after my fade: pic.twitter.com/9U00ZlNXRc
You talented fasho but I refuse to pay 50 for some that’s only gon last me a week 😭
Bruh line is CRISP, you got a gift man. Keep going
Is that a razor on the back of a black mans neck?
Shordy nice as a bitch , I wonder where yo located
My generation gone be rich asf. We all some bosses in our teens😂 just wait til we grown grown... I can’t wait to see it
80% of the barbers in Memphis choppin like this for 25
Females pay up to 4-5 hundred for they hair. And niggas be needing and wanting hair cuts bad asf. 50$ not bad for it to look this good. He live. He already living ahead.
You listening to NoCap and I like that about you.
no cut is worth $50 idc
When your barber does as well of a job for $20>>>
In reply to @realkashy_t
Booking link in my bio on instagram ( Kashy_T )
If I pay $50 for a haircut it better last the whole month😭
In reply to @realkashy_t
Imma jus screenshot that cross and have my barber do it . Shit fire tho 🔥
homie nice & I respect the hustle but I know barbers who could have your cut looking like this for $25.
In reply to @realkashy_t
The people that go to that barbershop linking up pic.twitter.com/JJpljdL63S
He wouldn’t have no college customers 😂 we be struggling to pay for the $20 cuts 😂
I DONT care if I’m rich I’m not paying $50 for a cut.
In reply to @realkashy_t
what ya’ll don’t understand is this mf could be charging $100 for his cuts if he wanted to! you’re not just paying for a cut you’re paying for his time. our time in the beauty industry is important and we should never be scared to value you ourselves at a high price.
In reply to @realkashy_t
Fam $50? U lost yo damn mind. 😑
That cut hard but $50 my nigga?! pic.twitter.com/NNaNbNCkSZ
Les coiffeurs ils prennent la confiance, ils font de l’abus de pouvoir c’est 10€ ou 15€ une coupe.
Idc barbers are underrated!! They be changing people’s lives fr fr
$50?!!???? No nigga better complain bout 50$ when I spend 500$+ on wigs lmao
In reply to @realkashy_t
I’ll give his ass 20$ though
You know your worth! I’d have no problem paying you $50 with a tip. Keep doing your thing bro!
I don’t care how good you are or how rich I am I never pay $50 for a cut 😂
Y’all complain about everything. He is extremely talented and gone charge for that talent. I’ve seen barbers charge $100 and they chair stay spinning. People WILL pay, even if it’s not you 🤷🏿‍♀️
In reply to @realkashy_t
$50 for something that lasts 2 weeks?? Glad I got locs
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