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The New York Times, at it again.

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This is both a huge embarrassment for the Times and a dangerous normalization of white nationalist propaganda
The New York Times opinion section just published an anti-immigration piece from a member of a hate group.
Is it really too much to ask the editors of our most prestigious newspaper not to publish op-eds by a dude who works at an organization founded by a eugenicist that often promotes white nationalist writers
There is a lot of cutting-edge and world-bending work happening at the New York Times but it is constantly undercut by blunders and oversights like this, and frankly that is a massive bummer
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I Am Generally Against Killing Half The Universe, But Now I Think We Should Kill Half The Universe, by Thanos
this isn't a mistake! a core service the respectability press performs for its readership of rich white people is continually assuring them that they can hold views and support policies rooted in white supremacy while still regarding themselves as tasteful, upstanding liberals
are you fucking kidding me
This really should be the final straw for the NYT. A truly unbelievable failure of basic journalistic standards.
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how do they keep accidentally publishing racist articles by racists?
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Who needs YouTube rabbit holes when you have constant, open racism in the the NYTimes opinion section
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"How do you do, fellow liberals"
TL;DR: The 鈥渓iberal鈥 belongs to a right wing hate group.
Jesus, this is MARK KRIKORIAN'S outfit. Do Times editors not read label on household products either? How do they keep from eating rat poison?
In reply to @jjmacnab
Perfect bad example. The N.Y. Times just gave space to a known extremist to vent their views. twitter.com/daweiner/statu鈥
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Pretending CIS isn't anti-immigrant is an old shtick alicublog.blogspot.com/2018/03/new-vi鈥
same group yvette carnell was part of
I am a Conservative Who Thinks the Proletariat Should Seize the Means of Production
Somebody on the right gets to write an opinion piece once in awhile? Gosh I鈥檓 so mad.
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THAT IS NOT A LIBERAL. This "liberal" gimmick is something that right-wingers use constantly: They employ the word "liberal" in a very loose manner which could refer to a number of ideologies (neoliberal, classical liberal, etc) in order to falsely suggest they're a Democrat.
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I'm an atheist who thinks Jesus is our one true saviour
NY Times uncritically publishes an SPLC designated hate group article
Who commissioned this one...
This is fucking awful
In reply to @daweiner
classic nyt, perfectly willing to platform fash if they look respectable
how/why do they keep doing this
In reply to @onesarahjones
And then there's this, a truly unconscionable editorial decision
You put a little white nationalism in your newspaper, maybe it鈥檚 a mistake. You keep doing it, it鈥檚 an editorial policy.
this is prolly my favorite kind of twt
The fun thing about this is that since the NYT has published something from a CIS fellow, according to the SLPC logic, that makes the NYT a hate group.
So when does white journalism actually look at the all white response threads of the 鈥済ood guys鈥 and the dead silence and failed reach outs to communities of color and start making real public change . because this shit has never been funny to me and is even fucking less so now
Something happened to the NYT during the Iraq War that is just getting worse and worse. Today's BS: publishing an anti-immigrant op-ed from a designated hate group. HT @HuShuo.
gotta hear both sides of fascism
The NYT has beef with Media Matters. But like...officially designated hate groups...馃し鈥嶁檧锔
So...I showed that Eugenics film in class today & this headline just made me queasy.
In reply to @daweiner
The most basic vetting would have caught this. Unconscionable.
In reply to @daweiner
I genuinely can鈥檛 parse if the editorial board just has zero political instinct or if they鈥檙e doing this shit intentionally.
At this point, an endorsement from the New York Times seems like a liability.
In reply to @daweiner
This is what happens when you are run by boomers obsessed with appearing 鈥榖alanced鈥.
Well, would you look at that?

The New York Times is publishing pieces written by members of John Tanton's white nationalist network...claiming to be "liberal".

And now you know why ADOS, with a founder who's a PFIR member, was featured a while back.

Stay vigilant.
In reply to @daweiner
Ahhh the infamous John Tanton eugenics crowd that is cited in Trump鈥檚 very first national ad of his presidential campaign!! pic.twitter.com/WBlLn7bT1Z
This is malpractice for other reasons, but it鈥檚 important to note, every time this comes up, that immigrants and immigration are WAY more popular in the US than they were 25 years ago pewresearch.org/ft_19-01-29_im鈥 pic.twitter.com/uoI973NgmE
Ok, the @nytimes doesn't get to run opinions anymore until they can avoid shit you could see coming with a gotdamn Google search.
Please do not subscribe to the New York Times
how do you screw up this badly
So anyone want to report out how this happened? Like which op-ed editor or writer vouched for this guy? twitter.com/daweiner/statu鈥
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We become culpable when we deny that this is not a concerted methodical and intentional practice.
Ah, behold ........."The Paper of record".
*sad trombone*
This is a disgrace. I truly have no words for this.
In reply to @daweiner
They're doing their damndest to become the most hated media outlet in America.
The NYTimes is allowing a white supremacist to write anti-immigrant op-eds posing as a "liberal"

I guess they didn't think "white supremacist man is strongly against immigration" was a good headline?
Stop publishing fascists.
In reply to @daweiner
Damn them! #FireDeanBaquet ! When will @nytimes realize that Trumpsters won't subscribe and long time subscribers are sick of the disaster he's made of this organization. Where are board members on this? They can't support this disaster.
Stop buying this fucking newspaper.
In reply to @daweiner
Why is it never WaPo?
i am stroking out right now
In reply to @daweiner
Exactly why I canceled my sub and encourage everyone to do the same. IMHO no amount of good reporting makes up for this BS.
In reply to @daweiner
If they want to publish far right opeds, fine. At least that tells us something about an ideological project with real power in our society. But this is just the enablement of a lie: lazy, smug propaganda by a cowardly bigot unwilling to admit to his real beliefs.
In reply to @daweiner
.@nytimes and other media outlets will continue to blunder until they get off the "both sides" bullsh隆t. There's so much trash opinionizing in the zeitgeist right now because the media thinks coming from a place of hate is a valid pov. pic.twitter.com/PpkyBmOJgq
Dude works at @CIS_org, an organization declared a "hate group" by @splcenter. Why is he published in @nytimes? & allowed to describe himselfas a "liberal," no less.
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O New York Times se supera a cada dia em ser um lixo e respeitado
鈥淥ne of my prime concerns is about the decline of folks who look like you and me ... for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that." 鈥 Eugenicist John Tanton, founder of Center for Immigration Studies
Why do I have to keep waking up to this shit?
If you need a primer on John Tanton, the cofounder of the
Center for Immigration Studies (an anti-immigration think tank) may I suggest this very insightful episode of What Next featuring @marysdesk in conversation with @HMAesq

Narrator: 鈥淗e was not actually a liberal.鈥
The New York Times is pushing op-eds from White Nationalists.
In reply to @daweiner
Our liberal media is actually a center right propaganda machine
NYT stop publishing op eds by white supremacists challenge
Reporters should honestly be following James Bennet down the street to get comment on this.
The NYT loooooovvvveeeeessss Nazis - as proven in multiple examples like this over the past couple years.

Please consider cancelling your subscription to this declining rag.
It鈥檚 unconscionable that @nytimes normalizes, mainstreams and pays for such people to write opinion pieces. Same goes for paying David Brooks to hawk AEI talking points.
the author of this piece defended the ICE raids in Mississippi and has called for mass deportation many times
If you're still reading the NYT, you're complicit in the harm Trump/ GOP are perpetuating on vulnerable humans.

Don't @ me.
there鈥檚 that famous adult supervision again
In reply to @daweiner
Among the many reasons I cancelled my subscription
New York Times shouldn't exist. They're bad
You鈥檙e not going to be able to discredit people鈥檚 ideas and organizations by calling them names forever, David.
In reply to @daweiner
What? The NYT posting stuff in support of white supremacy and bigotry? Never. Ever. Except for that time in 1934, or the Holocaust denial of the 30s and 40s, the pro slavery stance they took in the 1850s, etc etc etc etc.
This was the last straw. I canceled my subscription and they offered a 50 cent discount for a year xD pic.twitter.com/bKh88hehEu
It鈥檚 not an accident, it鈥檚 not sloppy vetting or carelessness and it never was.
WTF is happening at the New York Times?
Pretty sure I can guess which opinions editor greenlit this one
This shit is inexcusable, WTF has happened to the Times?
In reply to @daweiner
Why @nytimes are you fueling extremism?
In reply to @daweiner
I didn't realize it was that easy. I'm a conservative who thinks the carceral state must be abolished
Bernie should've cursed the editorial board out to their faces. holy shit. such trashy ppl.
In reply to @daweiner
"I'm a liberal" Must be one of those "Classical" Liberals I hear so much about.
In reply to @daweiner
Hearst won, and yellow journalism rules the day.
In reply to @daweiner
The NYT, forever manufacturing consent for terrible shit that enriches the 1%.
In reply to @daweiner
tHe LiBerAl mEdIa
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