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let's talk about black swan and auto-tune in case anyone wants to hate

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for some reason--probably partially imparted by taste and partially imparted by the heavyhanded nature of radio overplay--many listeners gawk at the sight of auto-tune. they think it's a crutch, a gimmick, a joke. and it can be. its original intended purpose is to fix notes.
Incredible thread. Give it a read and let me know what you think
stop rting this trash on my tl this is the same person who called jm the fuckable one in a mfing news article idc if you find their threads nice
In reply to @tybutdisagree
wow bro, amazing thread!
In reply to @tybutdisagree
“they are one united, combined voice--not a group of separate stars.” 🥺🥺 pic.twitter.com/4K63TUZceP
This is such a fantastic thread. Thank you @elliotsang!!! Stellar work as usual! #BlackSwan #BlackSwanOutNow #BlackSwanIsHere @BTS_twt
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Autotune was used as a tool to enhance the listening experience, not as a crutch to hide bad vocals (which is what we all associate it with in the back of our heads). I love their use autotune. It makes the song so much more etheral.
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Honestly i just dont like the sound when autotune is too heavy.I love anpanman and shadow for example but in this song it was too much for me. I see that there is an artistic value to it however i cant find myself enjoying the song. But i see that lots of people did and i respect
In reply to @BORAHAELXV
Ok para los que reclamen por el supuesto "autotune" gente empiecen a informarse primero, después si quieren discutan twitter.com/tybutdisagree/…
In reply to @tybutdisagree
I agree with all of this. The effect was chosen throughout for a reason. It’s meant to create distance between the listener and distance between the singers and themselves. Like an echo of the lost. Art requires effort of interpretation, but it pays off if you’re willing to try.
ésta persona llamó a jimin "el que todo mundo quiere c*ger" en un artículo así que pueden ir bloqueándolo y de paso dejar de darle atención a su thread, aquí la prueba de cuando corrigió el artículo por todo el hate recibido en su cuenta principal
twitter.com/elliotsang/sta… pic.twitter.com/xFsogsgUq9
Traduzco hilo sobre black swan y el auto-tune, de @tybutdisagree

Hablemos sobre black swan y el auto-tune en caso que alguien empiece a odiar. (quiera tirar odio) #BlackSwan
If auto-tune was utilized properly, there wont be a need to explain its use in the song.

Auto-tune was used excessively. I dont have to explain further.
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On Reddit they complaining so much for it lmao is getting annoying thanks for this thread
Will you lot stop retweeting him please. Idc what he has to say or how much his analysis is spot on. This is what he wrote about Jimin in an article and when people protested he changed it to the one on the right. Both equally offensive :/// pic.twitter.com/JbDWQZ1RC8
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This is BTS telling us once again don't focus on us as idols, focus on our message. The distorted sound doesn't allow u to recognize who's singing what part, so it's a general message from them, if u don't understand the lyrics u do understand how we feel throughout the movement
In reply to @tybutdisagree
this is one of the most amazing threads ive ever seen 🙌🏼
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Everybody uses autotune. As long as it sounds good, I'm all for it. We'll be watching them perform live anyway. People are making a big deal for nothing. Like support them & go, they be finding faults in every damm thing instead of focusing on the message.
In reply to @tybutdisagree
read the whole thing and did not change my mind. i want to hear their voices, the robotic sound is SO annoying and unnecessary, and i might be dumb and uneducated but i really can't understand how it should be used as a sound effect in a positive way. i want CLEAN vocals.
Great analysis and explanation!
Exactly what I needed!

#BlackSwan @BTS_twt
отличный тред но кто-то не видит разницы между "подвергаться нападкам и хейту" и "не понравиться" и это заметно
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Hi guys! I’m a new army 🥺 I still have to get completely into the fandom! I just wrote some thoughts about #BlackSwan, I would like to know what u think about it 💜
In reply to @RizeOT7addict
This thread speaks about how autotune was made as an artistic choice and it's probably one of the best threads twitter.com/tybutdisagree/…
There really doesn’t need to be a whole thread about this, listeners can judge for themselves and trust their own ears whether they like the song or not. Auto tune works for some songs, not for others and that’s subjective.
this whole thread is very true and informed and valid and u are also still allowed to hate the sound of autotune
In reply to @tybutdisagree
I didnt think of it like this its an interesting point but guess i still dont like it i prefer their row unique voices more but i like the song idk how to explain it😂😭
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Thank you for taking the time to explain, I still can't change my taste, I still don't like auto-tune but I understand better why they chose to use it. I wish I could appreciate it but I can't force myself and pretend I do.
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Seriously appreciate how on point your analysis and examples are.
In reply to @tybutdisagree
I really like this analysis. It makes a lot of sense! Also, auto-tune was first used by Cher, and people use to call it "the Cher effect", lol. I remember reading producers didn't want to tell how they achieved that result modifying her voice. In the end some other people+
Sí tenéis tiempo leed este hilo en donde explican cuál es el motivo por el que nos es difícil distinguirlos en la canción y el mensaje que puede haber detrás de Black Swan
Love how people shit on other artists for using autotune as a part of the vibe/meaning of the song, but when bts does it its suddenly art
Why do you think you get to speak about anything when you creepily disrespected JM several times
it's all true but I'm still no fan of autotune, nothing to do with hate ☺️
In reply to @tybutdisagree
In drawing, a scratch doesnt mean its wrong. And doesnt mean a painter has no ability to draw. Its just could potray something that the painter want to express. Art is whatever u want it to be. @BTS_twt
Magnífico hilo

Creo que muchos aún no logran comprender esto y juzgan sin darse la oportunidad de experimentar nuevas emociones

In reply to @tybutdisagree
I love this thread but it’s also upsetting that we have to justify & explain everything bts do while others can do it freely & not be questioned or not be questioned half as much.
#BTSingleToday #BlackSwanisOutNow

This would be a stronger argument if the majority of the songs coming out of BigHit didn't have in-your-face vocal processing
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Wow thank you has a new ARMy Mom this is amazing.💜🐞
In reply to @tybutdisagree
I heard water sounds nearly the whole time...it’s eerie and amazing. #BlackSwanArtFilm #BlackSwan @BTS_twt
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Interesting but it doesn’t negate the fact that a considerable amount of auto tune was used in persona and the love yourself series.. so i guess it’s hard for fans who don’t like auto tune as their recents contain a lot of it
Nearly 35k likes for this bs 😭 it would be a different thing if the autotune was tastefully used lmao but it wasn't
“why make @BTS_twt unique voices less distinguishable?
it can be to relay that the members' togetherness is their most important quality--the quality that they wish to put across the most. that, in "black swan," they are one united, combined voice--not a group of separate stars.”
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Black Swan they’ve autotuned all their voices which is NEW. They’ve never done in any of their previous songs. They don’t need autotune, but there’s always a reason and their purpose is to create a certain feeling and vibe in the story and album. One has to see the whole picture.
In reply to @trustfoster
here’s a thread explaining the use of autotune!! hope it helps twitter.com/tybutdisagree/…
In reply to @jiminbecky
That's the purpose of the layering in the single, this is a thread that explains it: twitter.com/tybutdisagree/…
In reply to @tybutdisagree
I love how you don’t hate on them and ACTUALLY analyze the song. We appreciate ir
In reply to @tybutdisagree
The autotune still ruined the vocal line beautiful voices
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Basically I don’t think they used auto tune as a cover up, laziness, or lack of talent (duh) I think they did it with purpose & intent to emphasize what they wanted to say or what we as the listener should pay attention to.
In reply to @tybutdisagree
nice thread, I think your point of view is very valid. however, I personally dislike auto-tune. I just can't like it, it's my personal preference. I feel like bts could have delivered the message without using it, also because the sound of this song is "chart material"...
This is a really informative thread and very educational for those who wants to understand #BlackSwan please do take your time and read this.
I will ALWAYS speak on how they use music and sound on such a deep level because they are masters of their craft. Tone, pitch, distortion, even spatial awareness. Good headphones are a MUST to experience their music. Everything has a reason and conveys something to the listener.
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Thanks. I think it's interesting. I just liked the song and didn't know so many people would have a problem with the autotune. But that's fine because we're allowed our own opinions. I loved it.
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Exactly! This is what I wrote! The voices were deliberately distorted with auto-tune to give the effect of trapped/silenced voice! An artist dies when his passion for his art dies! #BlackSwan @BTS_twt
Léanlo es súper interesante entender por que @BTS_twt usa ciertas ayudas melódicas como el auto-tune. No olvidemos que bangtan nunca hace las cosas por hacer nada más.
this is a very interesting analysis! worth the read
In reply to @minidipity
je viens de voir un thread hyper intéressant qui reprend un peu ce que j’ai dit sur l’autotune dans bs et la dimension émotionnelle que ça apporte hésitez pas à lire twitter.com/tybutdisagree/…
Everything I wanted to say, but better 📚
A whole in-depth analysis 3 hours since #BlackSwan released, the thread below is well thought out and insightful, take the time to read 💜 @BTS_twt
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Amazing thread....

So in depth. I need to sit with #BlackSwan for a minute. Take in what BTS implies and expresses.
@BTS_twt #BTSingleToday #BTSARMY
Ok, that does make sense. But still not a fan of T pain. 😫
This was really insightful!! I personally don't love listening to this kind of style but the song is still amazing and the explanations here make a lot of sense :)
I💜this twt esp: this feelin of being submerged underwater feels consistent w the idea of being under pressure, a theme communicated both in this song&its predecessor, "
interlude: shadow, which also makes use of auto-tune. the feeling of "drowning" suggests an inescapable doom.
In reply to @tybutdisagree
Definitely bookmarking this thread. Thank you!
In reply to @tybutdisagree
I thank you for this, it's interesting. But I want music to be a happy place and I avoid all things dystopian. After shadow and black swan i hope to find some positive vibes in the other songs of the album.
In reply to @tybutdisagree
I love how this thread totaled to exactly 7 screenshots
It is exactly what I was saying. People judge the song so fast whenever there is autotuned usage and fail to understand that this particular sound can be used as an artistic choice and not just "to sound modern". Thank you for this thread
A wonderful and insightful thread:
I mean you know that I'm going to say that it's a great thread but IT IS A GREAT THREAD
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽thank u for this thread...
Important thread lads....#BlackSwan
thread PERFEITA explicando o uso do auto-tune na música!
If it still hasn't driven home to listeners, the uniqueness of each @BTS_twt member's voice, #BlackSwan has hauntingly demonstrated how they play on the others' strengths. It has drawn our attention, demanded it, to acknowledge how they can be interchangeable. ++
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