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The students of IIM Ahmedabad protest against the controversial Citizenship Act passed by the Govt. This is the 3rd time in a month when the students of this prestigious institute are on street against the act.


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What a vicious Propaganda against Government, Yesterday i was there for Placements, Two Students which i had select for my Company for 50lakhs pa told me that ‘Sir not a single student is there from our institute, never saw them before, Kaun time waste karega placement season hai
I guarantee you not a single one of these is from IIMA. IIMA students dont have time for this shit. Especially not in January when its placement season at its peak 🤣
Zuber miya, one correction, “paid artist” should be there and not “students”,
That lady is a artist and not the student at IIM Ahmedabad 😂 pic.twitter.com/AKHrjXWdw3
SFI in @IIMAhmedabad is as true as ABVP students in Madarasa. 😄
Dear @vijayrupanibjp @AhmedabadPolice @IIMAhmedabad please check if these students belong to your prestigious Institute or someone playing dirty trick in their name and spreading rumours
Proper checking must be done
CC @narendramodi ji @AmitShah ji
I will go and stand in front of IIM-A and I will also become IIM A student.

Mba ke baccho ke pass sone tak ka time nahi hota...Khair aapko kya pata hoga
These are NOT students of IIMA, it doesn't have any student union.

The placards say SFI - freeloaders & cheapos who have nothing better to do than stand in front of IIM A to leverage its name.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
A marker for re-evaluating the eligibility of CAT and selection procedure of IIM's. You can't have such dumb people in premiere institution.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Which corporate will want such clueless, gullible activists on their payroll? How did they manage to find the time or are they doing some #JNU type useless courses?
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
SFI in IIM A is as true as ABVP students in Madarasa. 😄😄
Artist in student protest, Back in 2014 her word was that she should prefer leaving india than see namo as PM, still on roads don’t know why pretending to be a student. 💴 🤔 pic.twitter.com/Ip2YaQTBys
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Protesting outside IIMA does not mean that IIMites are protesting. After taking education loans, attending protests are last thing on their minds. By your logic, if you start protesting near Parliament, you can claim that Parliamentarians who passed CAA are protesting against it.
Isn't that Anahita Sarabhai? D/o of Mallika Sarabhai? And As far as I know & IMHO Anahita is not a student of IIM-A.

Can anyone confirm? pic.twitter.com/bmiQWkwYM3
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Abdul bhai, IIM A is not useless JNU land. Here genuine students come for study and career. These are not students. These Lukkhas went to Vastrapur for Chai Nashta later on.
So you’re telling me the students of IIM-A don’t know the spelling of “therefore”? 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/syCHUXITfl
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Just imagine the students who are holding the future of India Are just showing their shit of mind for protesting Protesting is not a crime but actually they very well know that for what they are protesting
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
A bunch of SFI activists saying outside IIM doesn’t make them IIM students !!
SFI in IIM-A is like @ReallySwara working as lead character in Christopher Nolan's movie which is next to impossible.
This is what happens when you attend marketing classes in madrasa .
Which placard says they are protesting against CAA ?
Lol ,
Seriously whole world thinks that you guys have lost it ,and you are tirelessly trying to prove their point .
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Zuber miya, one correction, “paid artist” should be there and not “students”, That lady is a artist and not the student at IIM Ahmedabad 😂 pic.twitter.com/IIoeOpduev
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
कागज दिखाओ कि ये आईआईएम के स्टूडेंट हैं। झूठे मक्कार हिन्दू विरोधी,पाकिस्तान समर्थक मुस्लिमों की जरूरत नहीं है देश में। तुम जाहीलों की बकवास नौटंकी कोई नहीं देखता न सुनता न किसीको फ़र्क पड़ता।
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Can bet they are outsiders. No corporate would hire such Sh!ttrad activists.
See the pics - these are SFI activists - student org of CPI

IIM-A is not written on the placards; also see the level of slogans -so typical

Is this the creativity of IIM-A students - the best MBAs of India?

Which students will do this in Jan, a peak season for placements😂
None of them are IIM-A students! I recognise one lady from the pictures who is a 30 or 40-something "activist" after she failed as a musician. It's her with other jobless dolts. You can find most of these charsis smoking weed in the evenings around SG highway.
So this is new modi operandi.

Naxali/Commie will stand in front of University or a Premier Institution with provocative Anti-National Poster/Slogan

Get some photo clicked

Then spin it as protest from that University/Institution

Nice, Learn Sanghi's Learn, Art of Propaganda
I recognise a few. One of them, Shamshad has a egg bread tapri near gate 1. Another one, Nisar, is a stamp paper seller.

Both won’t give you time of the day if you have not paid.
Who will hire these illiterates from IIM?
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
That Mohawk can't be IIMA.
Have you ever seen inside of a top management college? Do you really think someone sporting these kind of hairstyles & beards will find a place in IIM.
Placement with companies for activists is impossible. paying 12 lacs for a degree and 18 hrs for schedule leaves ZERO time.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
LoL. This is on the footpath outside IIM A. Any stranger can be standing on the footpath. I can easily recognise two faces from my engineering college.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Totally made up pics.... SFI in IIMA... not possible...even its hard for SFI to have numbers in any university in GUJ... And ya IIM guys had placement season in Jan as they cant be freeloaders like JNU
can @IIMAhmedabad confirm, dis ppl with placards r students of institution?

Also.if yes, does the institution allow the students b so illinformed
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Nonsense. IIM students don't have time to waste over non issues. I'm one, so I know. Baith ja Maulana, baith ja
1) They're not IIM Ahmedabad students

2) Even if they were, after shelving out about 20 Lakhs, over a matter of two years, they hold no moral authority to comment on tuition fee for any college.

3) Which college are you from? Total snobs all of you!
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
🤣🤣🤣🤣 SFI Bete madarsachaap IIM k lie CAT nikalna hota hai yha koi bhikmange quote per admission nahi milta.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Ye student vo bhi IIM k kisi angle se nahi lag rahe hai
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Correction: It's not by students of IIM Ahmedabad. Various student groups across Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar plus other concerned citizens.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Look like Kerala imports 😂
MBA students, who need loans for several lakhs to study at IIM, are fighting for JNU students. Yahi toh hain achhe din pic.twitter.com/SdhfE1pnsV
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Inki shakal se hi ye madrassa chhap lagte hai..IIM to door ki baat
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Standing outside an inst doesn't make them students of that institute. Which placard mentions IIMA?
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
None of them are IIMA students. These are SFI goons and nautankibaaz with Dafli. This is their occupation. This is no protest. Not only Ahmedabad, entire Gujarat majority is with #CAA. #AhmedabadSupportsCAA #GujaratSupportsCAA #ISupoortCAA
Consistent support for anti-CAA protesters from the most unexpected places. One good thing this whole anti-CAA agitation has done is that it has shown that students and faculties in places like IITs and IIMs are not as indifferent as it is usually believed.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
This is not IIM but public road outside IIM, anyone can come and protest.
Lol. IIM-A students, who pay upwards of 10 Lakh per annum, are protesting against the fee hike of JNU hostel accommodation from Rs 10 to Rs 300 per month. Why do I find it so hard to believe?
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
no one is from IIM A...they are protesting outside IIM A ,not from IIM A...dont spread fake propaganda...!!
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
None of the posters even remotely mention IIM. "Students of IIM's" r paying 25L + yearly fees are opposing 300/- of JNU.....Kamaal hai😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
LIAR! Standing outside IIM gates doesn't make it a protest by IIM students! twitter.com/Prof_Heist/sta…
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
घंटा बाबा जी का इनमें से एक कि भी औकात नहीं है IIM में पढ़ने की । इतनी भारी भरकम फीस देकर IIM में पढ़ना और फिर ऐसे protest में participate करके भविष्य कौन चौपट करना चाहेगा।
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
If these are the future B school grads, I repose my faith in AI 😎
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
this man is maligning the name of your institution just for his butter -- pls do respond and take legal action if it is possible for you so that no one can do this kind of act in future --
Looser propagandists projecting goons outside IIM-A as students of IIM-A.

By this logic, anyone protesting outside, can be termed MPs

@sardesairajdeep, @BDUTT type of journalism 😂😂
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Nobody who "studies" at the IIMs has this kind of time. Second thing, even if they did a typical MBA student can come up with much more creative and better looking campaign/protest material, instead of torn chart papers. Third and most critical, yeh IIM mein SFI kahan se aagaya?
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
I can't believe it,IIM A life very tough they don't have time for this stuff. Release the names of students who protesting so we can verify your claims.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
IIM A students read and discuss 10 case studies per day. Haven't they read 3 pages of CAA? @IIMAhmedabad ignorant students belong to whom @asadowaisi aimim wants islamic pakistan bangladesh to continue persecution of Hindus Sikhs Parsis Christians Buddhists? #IndiasupportsCAA
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Look which kind of students got admission in IIMA. pic.twitter.com/XwDYDGkuQk
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
The placards are saying Fees must Fall!! Open your eyes you canard...



In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Since IIM A has clarified that these are not their stidents, will you now write their names to debunk the statement? It would bring no legal problem since their faces areclearly visible.
मियाँ जी यदि देश से इतना ही प्यार है तो तुरंत शाहीन बाग का नाटक बंद करें, प्रतिदिन लाखों दिल्ली वासी ट्रैफिक जाम में घंटों व्यर्थ कर रहे हैं।सरकार के सब्र का इम्तहान मत लो यह तुम्हे ही महँगा पड़ेगा @DelhiPolice @dtptraffic @PushpendraKuls4 @PMOIndia @narendramodi @AmitShah @ANI
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
None of them is from IIM for sure. SFI is written on the pla cards they are carrying. @IIMAhmedabad Can you confirm these are students from IIM Ahmadabad?
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
This is intolerance. These poor urban naxals don’t get opportunity to get admission in professional courses and colleges. Atleast allow them to stand outside and protest..,
Ab yar ise protest bologe .. ?? Itne chutiye to har class me mil jate h colg ki to bat chhod do 🙊
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
These are not IIM students ...some left wing lukkhas
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
That girl in green with boy-cut hair is not from IIM. linkedin.com/in/anahita-sar…
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Potential employers will be thanking you for exposing this nuisance-creators at this placement season in these institutes....please continue yr free service....
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
PM house ke bahar photo khinchane se koi PM nahi ban jaata! Aur bio sahi kar lo.. “an” secular party nahi hota, “A” Secular Party hota hai. “Boss” ko tag kiya hai, unki to ijjat rakh lo! 😂 pic.twitter.com/BHKEeJf4hM
येतिचु @AimimZuberMemon,
अव्वल तो ये कि IIM-A वाले नही हैं।
दूसरा तो ये CAA का विरोध नही कर रहे।
तीसरा जो खुद MBA के 25लाख देते हैं,
वो भिखमंगे JNU वालों की सालाना महीने की
300 को 10 तक घटाने को क्यों कहेंगे ??
भाग BC !!
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Don't try to fool ppl, even their posters says SFI. Bhaade k tattoo hain ye, prestigious institute - IIM k students nahi.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Padhaai se bachne k bahaane hai.. Jaise bachpan Mai hum log light jaane k baad khush hotey they.. baahar Jama ho jaate they , vaise he ye sab hai... @HimanshuPant05
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
How many of them are students of IIM A?
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Hahaha ... ask the students and faculty of IIM Ahmedabad .... almost all these protesters r not not from IIM ! Another 500 Rs per protester like #ShaheenBaghProtest
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
No, they are not IIM students...☺️. But I like the way u lie.😂 twitter.com/AimimZuberMemo…
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
No, they are not IIM students...☺️. But I like the way u lie.😂 twitter.com/AimimZuberMemo…
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
IIM -A students 😒🤦‍♂️ Pic1- Paanch waqt ka namazi Uncle Pic2- Comrades of SFI Chacha, kam se actors aise laya karo jo puncture wale na dikhe 😂😂😉 pic.twitter.com/PRkth5S65F
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
These are not even IIM students, l am from Ahmedabad. This is outside of the IIM campus, which is stretched over atleast 2 kms, there are many fruitsellers, omelete stalls, chai tapris on this road. Quite easy to gather these type of people
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Really my niece who is studying in IIM Ahmedabad told me that not a single person from the picture u shared are from IIM. She has never seen them in campus.The biggest thing is that not a single student took part in any sort of protest . Why u are lying.shame on u
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
So sweet of them. By the way, where did they come from. #IndiaSupportsCAA_NRC_NPR
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
IIM students protesting! Passing CAT is first hurdle, arranging fee is next & then starts daily grind of assignments,case study solving & tests. If you survive these, then rat race starts.Protest is last thing in mind. Gone through this so please, give this gyan to somebody else.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
God save the company they will help manage. If they can't understand CAA they can't be MBAs. Then there is supreme court to decide whether it's valid/ legal or not.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Faces and hairstyle dekh ke lagta nahi ye IIM A main MBA padh rahe ho.. LPU main BA ke bacche bhi inse better groomed hote Hain..
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
SFI in IIM ...😂😂what a joke
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
मदरसा छाप iim की बात कर रहे है ?
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Why do Muslims lie always
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
None of these are the students of IIMA. I was there when this drama was unfolded.
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
Completely #FakeNews . None of the placards carries the word “IIM”. Also, such useless looking people, including you, chote miyan #ZuberMemon, are denied even filling forms for IIMs. 🤣🤣
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
This is placement season and MNC Esp American companies watching, I doubt they will get placements now but than these are doing outside the campus so in truth they are not IIM
In reply to @AIMIMZuberMemon
None of these faces I have ever seen inside IIM campus. Get the hell out with ur propaganda Mr maulana Memona
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