Canada is so Canada sometimes that you have to shoot the snow.


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I friggin’ love this twitter account. It’s a model of military-public engagement. Irreverent without being crass. Advertising its mission without abandoning its humanity. Unpretentious and accessible. This is how you win hearts and minds.
Please don’t try this at home, folks.

We shoot the snow so you don’t have to.
Canadians showing winter who's the boss.

FYI @nytimesworld, this is Canada's go-to method when injecting razzle-dazzle into our sprawling, bone-chillingly cold country.
Literally the only time that being artillery has looked kind of fun.
Take it from us. The snow had it coming.
Operation Palaci, our annual victory over the snow, is legitimately Canada's longest lasting military deployment.
This account is a Canadian treasure.
Fun fact: there are more artillery pieces in service with the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring than in many national armies. Including BS-3, KS19 and D-30.
The Avalanche War, otherwise known as Canada's longest war.
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Now just have to figure out how to shoot the temperature...
It's about damn time we started fighting back. Give 'em hell, boys.
For all my friends and family in St. John’s today - I salute you. #YYT #snowmaggedon2020
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A necessary act that lessens the chance of tragedy, which we've been reminded recently is all too real. Thank you for your service. Far more make it home safely because of you.…
Snow had it coming, eh.
This is the Canadian Army's longest running Domestic Operation IIRC. I have some buddies who've been on this tasking, they loved it.
um what is going on in Canada
Our #partners in the @CanadianArmy keeping the slopes #safe all winter long.
If they do this to their own mountains, imagine how badly they'll fuck you up.

Canada. Don't piss them off.
Definitely Peak Canada.
Op PALACI helps keep road and rail lines of communication open in British Columbia. I was fortunate to have been a Troop Commander on this Domestic Operation way back in ‘03 (we just called it AVCON back then).
"Shoot the snow" sounds like something you'd hear said in a Die Hard sequel that takes place in Alberta.
The most Canadian of all the Canadian gunner jobs @CanadianForces
La tâche la plus canadienne de toutes les tâches de l'artillerie canadienne @ForcesCanada
Unfortunately more than a single Artillery piece will be needed to clear my driveway....Send help.
In reply to @CAFinUS
OMG the snow has mounted a retaliatory strike in NL! Stay safe NL!…
In reply to @CAFinUS
Sometimes when it is snowing, and I have to shovel again, I rage against it as well. Can the general public rent one of these in such occasions? If we promise to only shoot snow that is bothering us? (as always love this account Kudos)
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Did this for 2 winters. It was quite the experience. I buried the railway under 10 metres of snow one day, and a week later put the TransCanada Highway under 2 metres of snow over 1200 metres of its length. The power of an avalanche is scary.
In reply to @CAFinUS
Americans: Maybe we should start a war in the Middle East...

Looks like a lot of snow. What we do?

Call the Canadians.

They come, get asked: “What shall you do?”

“We shoot it. With big guns. To protect people from snow.”
This was the best part about being an artilleryman: Shooting avalanches! (True story) . Take that you nasty pile of snow...!
Makin' avalanches saving lives ... Thank you @CAFinUS
In reply to @CAFinUS
The state of Washington will see your howitzer and raise you an M60 tank. 🇺🇸 ♥️ 🇨🇦
Best military recruitment tweet ever.
Allies up north staying sharp in the snow

They really should put some white walkers up on that range


#Military #Army #Canada #GameofThrones
The battle to keep the roads open at the high mountain pass next to my hometown of #Revelstoke
Expert woke trolling here
If we don’t act now, the snow wins... ⛄️🇨🇦
When the snowstorms just won’t stop so you wage war on it ❄️
Thread of trivial observations: the spectrum of ops #CAF pers are required to do. In August ‘02 I was in #Afghanistan fighting Taliban. In December ‘02 I was in #RogersPass on #OpPalaci shooting at snow. 1/n
Stop being so aggressive, Canada.
People I've talked to in other countries, notably my relatives in Ireland and Australia, just don't believe me when I tell them this is a thing we do here.
About time we started fighting back. 🇨🇦❄️💥
This is how we fight winter in Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Who among us wouldn’t want to shoot some snow?
I don't know what the deal is with this account half the time... they say some strange things!
In reply to @CAFinUS
Is this in Rogers Pass?
Have you really lived if you haven’t shot heavy artillery at a mountain?
Canada is wonderful. How is the world so lucky that we have Canada?
The Canadian armed forces take on their most dreaded enemy... snow.
Kanada’da, kontrollü çığ düşürmek için top atışı yapılması
In reply to @CAFinUS
I thought we were the only ones who did that. But it makes sense because it works, but I'm still having a problem believing this is Canada, because they didn't apologize to the snow after shooting it.
In reply to @CAFinUS
Wow, I had no idea that they do that! I found this great video from @calgaryherald that gives some background:
Every skier will recognize this for the preemptive strike that it is.

Damn thing had it coming.
In reply to @CAFinUS
Ya know... if you point it straight up, you can get the snow before it has a chance to dig in. Offense is the best defense.
In reply to @CAFinUS
We will fight the snow in the streets, on the sidewalk, in every driveway. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of sub-zero temperature, victory, however icy and slippery the road may be.
In reply to @CAFinUS
Have a look at the Weather for NFLD today...St. John’s has declared a state of emergency because there is so much snow coming down! 60+ cm’s of snow coming down...
Just gonna say that they could fund the entire Canadian military by giving (VERY SUPERVISED) civilians the chance to shoot snow for $100 a pop every February through May.
In reply to @CAFinUS
How many times did I pull the lanyard on a C1 howitzer? Hundreds, and I can still hear a bit with my left ear. The C3 looks almost the same and provokes nostalgia.
In reply to @CAFinUS
Is this for avalanches? Or just practice?
In reply to @CAFinUS
I can understand...sometimes weather just pisses ya off.
In reply to @CAFinUS
When winter attacks, we fight back
When I biked through this area I didn't understand why there were circular pads with anchor points in the middle of them on the side of the road. Eventually it clicked.
Will happily relocate to do this job.
In reply to @CAFinUS
Avalanche danger be real doe
In reply to @CAFinUS
The @wsdot does this, as well. Does that mean Washington is truly a province of Canada? Let’s see, we like Red Green and poutine. Hmmm.
In reply to @CAFinUS
If Trump thinks that he can nuke hurricanes in the U.S., we can shoot the snow in 🇨🇦! 🤓 #BCStorm
only needed the light artillery, i see. mild winter.
Byes are on the way with the cannons to #Newfoundlanders #NLblizzard #snowstorm #snowmaggedon2020 please fill cannons with smokes, beer and chips! :)
In reply to @CAFinUS
How else is it going to learn?!
In reply to @CAFinUS
Woke up to this sound every morning when I lived/skied in Whistler. 🎿 ❤️
In reply to @CAFinUS
🎶let's get down to business... To protect... The pass.
This thread reminds me of cocaine.
In reply to @CAFinUS
Yeah... shooting at the snow may be the most Canada thing ever. That and the time we were in port in Halifax and the Canadian Navy sailors were dunking on us because their Navy is "wet"...
Don't get involved in a land war in Asia, and don't get involved in a snowball fight in Canada.
En Canadá 🇨🇦 el Ejército utiliza su artillería para mantener la nieve controlada y prevenir avalanchas 🧐👇🏻
sto kaze vucic laze normalno ali sloba hteo da puca brdo topovima > kanadjani pucaju sneg
If you've never seen this... Avalanche control on Rogers' pass.
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