This girl created a whole dance that tons of tik tok’ers went mega viral for doing meanwhile her dance video only got 13,000 views....…

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In reply to @itskeyon
plus all the tiktokers that went viral got sooo many real life opportunities, brand deals, etc. because they got famous from this dance
In reply to @itskeyon
See this is the stuff that I hate..........
In reply to @itskeyon
I’ve been trying say that black kids been doing these quick little dancing vids for years n I don’t see not one famous black dancer yet who does the same
In reply to @itskeyon
Lemme speak to this as a black teenager that uses tik tok... the majority of dances on that app are created by black IG dancers and are later picked up by bigger influencers despite us creating most dances there has never been a big black influencer on tik tok or musically
In reply to @itskeyon
Wait this is giving me major deja vu but unfortunately my mind is blanking... didn’t a similar situation happen like this a few years ago when a girl created a catch phrase on twitter (I believe like 2014) that EVERYONE started using and she didn’t make a dime off it?
In reply to @itskeyon
Meanwhile that little boy who started that backpack dance is out here suing people left and right for not cutting him a check. My good sis needs a manager
In reply to @itskeyon
Lowkey (highkey) wanna post this article on my classroom door with this Slate article just so students can catch a glimpse + black history month: give credit where credit is due!…
this makes me so upset! stop stealing from our Black Influencers! & if u are.. give them credit! she should be getting a percentage from Tik Tok or a percentage from the song for making it big! #GiveHerTheBag 👏🏽 period
In reply to @itskeyon
When Polow da Don said “Dubsmash catches things at the roots when they’re culturally relevant. TikTok is the suburban kids that take things on when it’s already the style and bring it to their community,” that shit hit home
In reply to @itskeyon
i thought charli made that dance this whole time.. charli got big off of that dance and couldn’t even credit?????
white ppl go viral they get verified, 1 million followers, the ellen show, a new house, etc
we go viral and it’s like *crickets*
yea... naw somebody gotta run her sumn idc.
In reply to @itskeyon
Wow. This is fucked up.
In reply to @itskeyon
this makes me so upset :///
In reply to @itskeyon
So many people go viral w audio of my original videos...tik tok so fucking bogus
black people continue to be a blueprint without the credit
In reply to @itskeyon
Maybe we as black people should support each other better. Sometimes we are too busy with other unimportant things
i want normani to work with her. this is so upsetting.
In reply to @itskeyon
Is there a better microcosm of how things are stolen from black creatives in America for someone else to profit from?
In reply to @itskeyon
89% of tik tok dances are made by black folk and are still over looked :/ whew
this is so upsetting. the girl who stole it has a whole career, was in the super bowl commercial, and so many opportunities while the CREATOR has 13k views.
I feel like somehow this will turn into a race issue.
In reply to @itskeyon
they went and linked a vid of someone else doing it rather than hers🤨
This is one of the reasons we started Blax Seoul. Black creators deserve a safe space to share their content with having to worry about their creations getting stolen.
In reply to @itskeyon
The first ones who did it on tik and gave NO credit
Black people are trendsetters but many times we don't beneficiate from our creativity because people think they take from us without any consequence.
There needs to be something set up at these social media companies that help fight (create litigation) for Black and Brown creators when their content is stolen like this. #PleaseRead #PlzShare
In reply to @itskeyon
This is an absolute travesty. And of course these colonizers are making bank off of a Black girl'a dance.
In reply to @itskeyon
Charli d’amelio where you at boo
if a white person "created" smthn , QUESTION ‼️ IT 🗣‼️‼️‼️‼️
We legit can't have nothing...
In reply to @itskeyon
I will make a tiktok rn just get her views up
In reply to @itskeyon
I’m commenting on all that white little girls shit “Give credit to Jalaiah Harmon the ACTUAL creator of this choreo”
In reply to @itskeyon
Chile Tik too dance are literally white Verizon of ig dancer
In reply to @itskeyon
are any of us surprised though? This is why if you create something original, you need to make sure that people know if came from you. Post it everywhere, keep talking about it and eventually people will catch on.
FCHS and these viral dances boy I tell ya
This is exactly how I felt with that said super bowl ad. black kids are so creative and created all these viral dance movies yet its these yt tik tokers going viral, getting super bowl ads while the black creatives are ripped off? nah that ain’t fair wtf.
Are there folks working on content attribution for social media platforms?

Seems like it would be an interesting computer vision task for tiktok in this case.

Or for a platform like twitter, an NLP task to identify the original source of text memes/formats that go viral.
Interesting article. Of course it’s young black girls getting the brunt end of the stick. Ppl need to credit more because it’s damn near impossible to parent dance moves
if any of y’all are on tiktok, y’all will know why. she’s not white or sexualized, so she didn’t get the views or hype . tiktok has admitted, ADMITTED, that they have purposely disadvantaged minorities. i’m not surprised that she never got her justice.
So many white tik tok’ers became famous because of this dance and now have millions in brand deals. Not a single one of them gave credit to Jalaiah Harmon the girl who actually created the dance!! This is white privilege at its PEAK!!
reading this made me sad as hell
In reply to @itskeyon
This whole article is abt her not gettin credit yet the link in the article still does not attatch to her video. Make it make sense..
welcome to real life where you gon get your ideas rerocked n ppl will run off wit ya whole wave
Keep trying to tell y’all to stop showing out in front of company
I’m glad she’s getting her recognition.
How come the artist who made renegade hasn’t addressed this? That seem foul to me cause they made mad bread off her from this
That’s one thing I dislike about the Tik Tok community. It reminds me of when black creators had their VINES gentrified with zero credit given. It’s happening all over again.
Yall better respect @ReazyRenegade for supplying the wave in the first place
everybody rt and give this girl some credit 😤😤😤 start recognizing black artists
i was waiting for something like this to come out bc there is no way these yt girlies are coming up with those moves
In reply to @itskeyon
i screenshotted this and made a vid on tik tok so people can give her credit and people already telling me “ it’s just a dance” BOY IF YOU DONT STFU AND GIVE MY SIS THE CREDIT SHE DESERVESSSSSS
Wow that’s crazy and she’s from Fayetteville
Y’all they really robbed this girl wow
and that lil white girl got all the credit
Drop her tik tok rn I ain’t even playing
And ppl really wonder why black creatives get no where. The argument "Make it yourself" come up alot especially in the anime/ art community and they we do and shit like this happen. We start trends that y'all steal and get more recognition for.
I knew a black child had to have created this phenomenon but I have no clue why I’m stuck at the fact that she ain’t get a bag OR credit.

I shouldn’t be surprised, at this point!
im finding out too much fuck shit during black history month 😡
this is wht i complain n say we shoulda left these dance trends to black people. nonblacks r so nosy
In reply to @itskeyon
That charli girl got famous $$$ over her damn dance .... and got all the mf credit! This doesn’t sit right with me at all, always them lil white girls😒
Give this girl her credit and a damn check tf !!!!
jgjgjgjg même le tweet pour dénoncer le bail à eu plus de vues que sa danse du coup
wowwwww shawty from Fayetteville
Welcome to the internet
In reply to @itskeyon
This man created the Smart tech industry but nobody knows it but leadership at the world’s biggest corporations.
In reply to @itskeyon
meanwhile everyone is praising charli d’amelio for being some sort of tiktok revolutionary.....
i want to develop this more at some point, but it’s def a form of digital blackface
In reply to @itskeyon
Me with that damned Patti Labelle This Christmas video and the White gays who love to repost it every holiday season.
all i saw was white kids when it got popular but i knew the dance had to much flavor to be the world of a caucasoid
everytime. Every damn time without fail.
Can we start a go fund me for her? Or what's her cash app, I got $20 for her
It’s literally the hottest dance in the streets right now too
Just like fortnite giving nobody credit !
Get this girl on the news
and charli d’amelio making COIN because of this. chile...
i should’ve known a black girl came up with it
Wait cause now im mad
wait it never occurred to me that someone had to create renegade and that it didnt just...spontaneously appear
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