Rahim and John Ambrose just proves that no matter how good man you are, even if you give everything, you will never be enough to someone who’s not truly grateful having you.

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will never understand this trend of gorgeous men of color getting dumped for average looking white guys
je le dirai jamais assez, c’est pas parce que c’est quelqu’un de bien que c’est quelqu’un de bien pour TOI
No matter how good and deserving you are, with all the qualities you have and the efforts you've done, kung dili ikaw ang gusto, dili gyud ikaw ang pilion. That's basic.
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It wasn't a satisfying ending for the both of them. But Rahim and John Ambrose deserve to have a better and happy ending after all the things they been through. 💯
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"You can't choose who you're attracted to" - Otus
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be careful. he can hold your hand but im not sure he can catch you — Rahim, Sex Education 2
No matter how good you are, even if you give everything, you will never be enough to someone na hindi naman ikaw talaga ang gusto.
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"He can hold your hand but I'm not sure he can catch you." - Rahim
Lara Jean not bagging John Ambrose is something I’ll never understand........
its not about gratefulness lmao the heart wants what it wants. doesnt matter how much you give or how great you are, you’re not entitled to someone’s heart just bc you put a lot effort. move on.
When will everyone grow up and understand that being a good person alone doesn’t just create compatibility ???????
They are just the proof that basic white boys always win by doing the bare minimum.
Rahim n’enmpêche il correspondait pas à Eric. Ils étaient trop différent dans leurs valeurs et manière de penser. En revanche John Ambrose ? Je m’en remet pas, il est tout aussi romantique que Lara-Jean, le seul a lui avoir écrite une lettre pour lui répondre. Ma perle.
Men will grieve fictional men who have their fictional lives together before acknowledging real life women don’t owe men shit for being nice.
In reply to @carl_fajarito
eric sure is attracted to rahim, but he wasn't in love with him. that's why.
doteď mě sere že skončil eric s adamem
Y’all can be good all you like, your vibe doesn’t click it doesn’t click. Eric’s mama said it.
I beg to disagree. They just belong in a different league. JA deserves more & LJ is just not for him. Eric appreciated Rahim even loved him because of real acceptance he received from the guy. But Eric found a different solace and comfort in Adam.
really John Ambrose???????????
à quelle moment rahim c’est le mec parfait? sa personnalité fade la il est boring à mort
As someone who’s at the receiving end of the goodness of men like Rahim and McClaren, i would like to defend myself by saying that you can’t force love. It comes naturally. No matter how hard you try, if you’re not for her/him, you just aren’t. Don’t take it personally.
rahim, jackson (sex education) e john ambrose apenas provam que não importa quão bom homem negro você seja, mesmo você dando tudo de si, você nunca vai ser realmente valorizado e vai ser trocado por um garoto branco de intelecto mediano e beleza altamente questionável
we're so obsessed with looking for the perfect guy that we sometimes forget that love doesn't need to be perfect.

love just has to be love.
In reply to @carl_fajarito
i cried with Rahim 😭 he reminds me of viktor krum 😟
haven’t watched TATBILB2 but rahim and eric aren’t compatible at all. maybe that’s the reason why they didn’t end up. i remembered what his mom said to him, “u aren’t u when u’re around him.” and we shouldn’t be building another character just for a person to love us.
Hermano, la verdad que uno no se puede obligar a estar con una persona si quiere a alguien más, no es “no estar agradecido por tenerlo”, simplemente que uno no puede escoger de quién se encula
Rahim did not do anything bad on Eric. And Eric is obviously 'grateful' for him. It's just that they don't fit well with each other. And it's okeyyy!
It's not that John Ambrose wasn't enough or LJ was ungrateful, she just...loved Peter.
In reply to @carl_fajarito
idk about the Sex Education guy but Lara Jean loved Peter, she was in love with him way before John Ambrose came back from the dead, so obv she was gonna pick him in the end... idk why some of u were surprised... Plus, Peter is a good guy, i also don’t see why y’all complaining..
vcs precisam entender que o cara pode ser o papa se a pessoa nao gosta dele ela nao é obrigada a ficar com ele eu ein
In reply to @carl_fajarito
it’s not being grateful, it’s just that Eric and Lara don’t feel the same way bc they are in love with someone else and that leaves Rahim and John Ambrose’ hearts broken. Not everyone you fall in love with feels the same way!
In reply to @carl_fajarito
John Ambrose was cute and all but she loved Peter so don’t blame her
não importa o quão bem tu trata a pessoa, se ela não sente nada por ti
não faz diferença e ela tbm não tem a obrigação de gostar de ti só pq vc bom com ela
fact. for some reason most girls or gays love picking the dickhead in the end of the day. its like the meaner you are to them, the more attracted they would be to you.
In reply to @carl_fajarito
this is for all second leads tbfh
you just can't expect someone to love you back by doing all the good things for them. it sucks if they're not into you but moving on is necessary and that's on periodt
fuck eric for ditching Rahim and choosing the messed up Adam who literally bullied and traumatised him for years.

but then again, birds of a feather flock together.

Rahim deserves better
Not seen the Sequel of to all the boys... but from Rahim, I think they just prove that being the “nice guy” or the “perfect guy” doesn’t guarantee you the boyfriend/ lover position. You can be the “perfect guy” but still not be perfect for that specific person and that’s okay.
In reply to @carl_fajarito
ion think nobody knows this but john ambrose was white in the first one......
It’s not always that they’re not grateful for having you.
Maybe, and this is even more painful, they’re really just not into you. 😔
it just proves how bare minimum white men always win
que ganas de romper las bolas man si no te gusta alguien no te gusta y listo no te vas a obligar a estar con alguien que no querés sjfksjf
rahim and john ambrose should date each other bec they deserve better
i agree that john deserved better but imagine thinking that a girl owes a boy a relationship just because he’s nice and treats her with the respect that she deserves. she just wasn’t attracted to him and it doesn’t matter how nice he was, she can’t choose who she loves
rahim il etait grave ennuyant
And they're both better looking than the ones they got left for. I'm so mad 🙄
They are just a victim in someone's story. Stop using people as substitutes to overcome your own feelings. Be genuine with your emotions to others.
Tant que vs penserez que les gens vous doivent qqchose en retour on continuera à pas vous apprécier
mds gente vcs acham que a menina era obrigada a ficar com o cara só pq tratou ela bem e pq eles gostavam dela mano vão buscar ajuda
being grateful does not equate to loving someone romantically tho???? i mean, would rahim and john ambrose rather stay with a person who’s grateful to have them BUT doesn’t necessarily love them romantically?? i don’t think so.
how about you don’t guilt trip people into liking you just because you’re a bare minimum decent human being
john ambrose, sweetheart, i’m so sorry lara jean was a hoe ass bitch. you deserved better 🥺🥺
send his ass my way tho 😗
ramin had a lot of red flags. he was lowkey manipulative. john ambrose did bare minimum. don’t @ me.
this ain’t about being ungrateful....it’s about who you truly love, it’s fucking basic, you can’t force relationships just because one wants it to happen. you can never tell the heart who to love, the heart gets what/who it wants.
encima son millones de veces mas lindos que los otros blancos con cara de downs
It’s not about being ungrateful, it’s about not reciprocating. If someone doesn’t love you, what you do for them won’t matter. Loving them harder won’t make them love you, just walk away and save yourself the pain and trouble. Ppl have the right to be with who they love.
Que saco esse discurso de que tu tem que ficar com alguém só porque essa pessoa é legal. Tu tem que ficar com alguém porque tu gosta e não por sentir “agradecido”
I know someone who’s not truly grateful having me 🙃
Hindi naman siguro sa UNGRATEFUL no. Grateful man ang tao pero di man nila pwede gud eforce na e love ang taong di nila love kahit gano pa ka bait. Gets?
Because girls loooove red flags 😍🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kasi naman Brenda, you'll never be good enough for the person who doesn't want you. Stop giving the "everything" na hindi naman niya hiningi. Okay? Okay.
lesson learned:

'wag magmahal ng taong hindi pa tapos magmahal ng iba para incase na bumalik yung nauna, alam mong ikaw at ikaw ang pipiliin ✨
me chupa 3 huevos esta película y más el otro pelotudo del personaje de noah centimetro pero que manía que tienen en pensar que si un hombre trata a una mujer de la manera en la que deberían tratarla ella te tiene que agradecer enamorandose de vos tipo aaaa me tienen harta
People don’t get to choose who they like. Don’t make them feel bad about not liking you instead regardless if you’re a ‘good’ person or not.

Loves a game, sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

That doesn’t mean they’re ungrateful for not picking you.
Just cause you have these qualities does NOT mean you get to have the girl

If she likes you, she likes you.
If she don’t, she don’t.
oa ra ang dili grateful. u just dont choose who u fall for. the heart wants what it wants.
eric is a white men's whore that's why he left rahim for adam
Rahim jest wspaniały i dawał z siebie bardzo dużo, ale nie potrafił zrozumieć rzeczy, które Eric kocha i które dają mu szczęście. W zasadzie wyśmiał jego religię i to, co lubi, sprawiając, że czuł się nieswojo i nawet głupio, that's a no no.
gnt pela mor parem com esse discurso feio kkk as pessoas não são obrigadas a ter sentimentos por você mesmo que você trate ela como a melhor pessoa do mundo. não é assim que amor funciona, seria uma mentira se tivessem colocado isso até no mundo ficcional
okay no?? Rahim had very different beliefs from Eric, literally told him and his pastor in the middle of church service he didn’t beleive in Jesus, and y’all are blaming it on “Eric wasn’t grateful”!? you idiots wtf.
Okay vu qu'on a tous regardé sex education S2 déjà pouvons s'il vous plaît parler de ka coiffure de Rahim ? C'est wo frère c'est vraiment pas possible.
I'm sorry but RAHIM WAS FUCKING GOLDEN who took no shit and gave no shit. He went on with his business and was everything you could have asked for and more but he gets dumped in the end so wtf
I'm so sick of ungrateful gay men in shows. Can we have some shows where there's no fucking drama with the gay couple. Like they're the only non problematic ones
uhmm eric chose to be with adam because it was a more authentic and organic feeling than it is with Rahim. BE WITH SOMEONE WHO'LL LOVE YOU FOR BEING YOU AND NOT FORCE YOU TO BECOME SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT.
In reply to @carl_fajarito
Uy q pesados no pueden aceptar q a veces a alguien no le gustas y listo dios
en realidad son proof de que no importa que seas bueno y des todo si a la otra persona no le gustas no podes obligarla ok stop this nonsense people
rahim deserved so!! much!!! better!!!!! love sex education but this whole arc was a mess & they better make rahim a regular next season and introduce a li who will respect him
an AU where they date eachother instead and are the cutest and healthiest couple out there
My heart aches for these two ☹️
*spoilers for sex ed*
I don't think the term should be "not truly grateful". Let's not romanticize the fact na porket binigay mo ang lahat ay wala ng right to refuse and choose yung isa. The thing is di lang talaga sila yung mahal romantically. Mas gago naman kung pumayag just because safe choice sila
nice guys finish last
Can we just acknowledge that if a mfa doesn’t fw like they fw someone else, you cannot be upset. It’s life. It doesn’t matter how nice your are etc. if you don’t give them that spark then oh well
Pag di ka gusto,
Di jud ka pilion.
Didn't watch the movie but the caption....

"no matter how good man you are, even if you give everything, you will never be enough to someone who’s not truly grateful having you."

will stab u right in the heart 🙃
Rahim was cute and all but what the hell was that trim
plus the fact that they were only treated as an option to the main lead,, sad
more like you can’t convince someone to fall inlove with you
t'as pas à être grateful de l'avoir si t'es pas heureux avec on est où là? il est parfait oui et? ne vous forcez jamais à rester avec quelqu'un sous prétexte qu'il agit normalement
team rahim all the way but i think lara jean & peter are better together
There was no chemistry between John and LaraJean, he didn’t even give her shit!
*you will never be enough to someone who's not truly inlove with you.
Good people are most unlucky in love 💔
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