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"Occasionally it might be good idea to be honest about American foreign policy, and that includes the fact that America has overthrown governments all over the world in Chile and Guatemala in Iran." @BernieSanders #DemDebate

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Never really imagined I'd hear these words from a frontrunner for the presidential nomination.
Been waiting my entire adult life for somebody in national-level politics to just come out and frickin say this
My parents had to leave Chile because of a US backed coup. To hear the next president of the United States acknowledge the harm means a lot.
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This can actually happen.This is not hyperbole.This is real. We can actually win enough delegates in the next 7 days to ensure Bernie Sanders has a clear path to become the Democratic nominee Clear your schedule. Even if you can't vote, you can volunteer: berniesanders.com/volunteer
fuck it mask entirely off, #bernie2020, i legitimately cannot believe we have a candidate who admitted on stage to the US military's role in the fascist coups of operation condor. i feel like crying.
In the United States, the truth has always been radical. #Bernie2020
This, to me, is the core of what makes @BernieSanders the truly transformational candidate running for President.
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Even the paid audience was stunned into silence.
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Here’s the good shit in case you missed it: twitter.com/people4bernie/…
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I'm from Brazil. The US helped overthrow a democratically elected government and placed a vicious military dictatorship in its place. It's shameful.
This is accurate. This is truth.
Major props for Bernie dragging this to the public eye (as it should routinely be).

Easily one of the highlights of the otherwise shitshow that was the South Carolina debate:
A rare moment on any national U.S. stage, especially a presidential debate — in South Carolina.
Leftists: "The CIA were involved in the 1953 Iranian Coup"

CIA: "We were in involved in the 1953 Iranian Coup"

Trump supporters: "Actually Mossadegh couped himself"
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Look at the quote tweets for how bad it was
Vengo a proponerles un sueño: Un presidente estadounidense que admita que está mal que EE.UU. derroque gobiernos legítimos.
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You dropped this, Shah 👑 (we'll let the mispronunciation of Iran pass)
Bernie Sanders said we should occasionally be honest about American foreign policy and that occasion was right there that very moment on a debate stage in South Carolina.

While you talk to your friends about this, add them to the BERN app: BernieSanders.app.link
✊✊ "Parfois, ce pourrait être une bonne idée d'être honnête au sujet de la politique étrangère américaine, et cela inclut le fait que l'Amérique a renversé des gouvernements du monde entier au Chili et au Guatemala en Iran." @BernieSanders#DemDebate
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This is true bravery. Calling out the military industrial complex, the regime change wars, the colonial-era policies of destroying any government we can’t directly control. Everyone nation deserves its sovereignty.
When you're standing next to the guy being honest about American imperialism on national TV. pic.twitter.com/ZDyHq0X0Y4
Motherfucker just talked about AMERICAN IMPERIALISM at a debate in SOUTH CAROLINA #DemDebate
We can have a smarter, more informed discussion about foreign policy if we want it.
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The audience is so awful... definitely paid off/stacked with mike supporters
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Then they don’t acknowledge that we have a problem with Central American migrants because those governments are wrecked from direct actions taken by the United States
Guatemala, en la boca de #BernieSanders2020. Alude al golpe de Estado e invasión promovidos por Estados Unidos, para defender los negocios de la United Fruit Company en 1954. Un hecho q selló nuestra historia y nuestro fracaso como sociedad.
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i've waited a long time to hear someone say this on a national stage
holy shit i'm pretty sure this is a first for a US politician
just the sheer fucking balls to tell the actual truth to a hostile room full of the most willfully ignorant shitbags who have never read a fucking history book

fuck yeah

this is why bernie owns
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This is why we need @BernieSanders ... he will not compromise his honesty and integrity for a quick applause line #Bernie2020 #DemDebate
Jenny from the blog needs to see this and then use the google.
Hate to say it, but it’s extremely loserish to prefer any other candidate
In reply to @bombsfall
This kind of brave statement it the type that only Sanders would say on this debate stage, and it's a huge reason I (and many others) support him as our next president
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Chilean here 🙋‍♂️ I'm really glad America is finally accepting the horrorrs and realities they gave to many of us. It's easy forgetting when you're that far, so what Bernie is doing is truly admirable.
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Bernie, the US has never overthrown the government in Iran. This is a total misconception invented by the communist party in Iran called Toudeh & NIAC Mossadegh was removed by 1-the religious establishment 2-the political leadership 3-and the military pic.twitter.com/SEEk4VXSYr
When is the last time you saw a Dem candidate speak like this about U.S. foreign policy in a primary debate?

Dennis Kucinich in 2008 maybe?

This right here is why Bernie is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate. #BernieIsMyPresident
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This is a step in the right direction but there is more to be done. American Imperialism is not just CIA exploits abroad. There is an international chain of commodity production that is based off of exploitation of workers in the global South, which America is responsible for.
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We literally have an extra judicial prison in Cuba 🤷🏻‍♀️
That this is considered a controversial position shows how decrepit and rancid this bipartisan empire is
Bernie, the US has never overthrown the government in Iran. This is a total misconception invented by the communist party in Iran called Toudeh & NIAC

Mossadegh was removed by
1-the religious establishment
2-the political leadership
3-and the military

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This is #Bernie's bravest moment in the debates. DNC shutdown #Tulsi bc she was speaking this kind of truth. Go Bernie Go Tulsi
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President Sanders
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Hey, since we’re being honest about American foreign policy, let’s also point out that America’s foreign policy in the Middle East is at the behest of and benefit for Israel. The average American gets little to no benefit from those wars & interventions.
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Quoting the late great nobel laureate Harold Pinter in his nobel lecture: "The horror the United States inflicted upon Chile in 1973 can never be purged and can never be forgiven." #demdebate #chile #usa
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Biden looks on uncomfortably as Bernie tells the truth about US empire. "We're not supposed to say that to the public are we?"
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i’m trying to genuinely remember another time when a US presidential candidate has EVER taken a CRUMB of accountability for US imperialism,,,
Unironically we must protect this man at all costs
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Look at the quote tweets for how bad it was
If you need a morale boost, and if you want to push back against liberal elite like @davidaxelrod, plug this into a Twitter search and RT all of the incredibly positive QTs from voters rejoicing to hear this from a Presidential candidate on a national debate stage.
For those that say Warren and Sanders are essentially the same, Bernie's foreign policy is much more progressive than Liz. Racial justice extends beyond our borders and this is the kind of language Warren has never and would never use in regards to America's role globally.
Stunned- best moment in a debate ever
really impressed someone on this stage was willing to say this

equally impressed that no one told him that the South American country is pronounced slightly differently than the place he groupons baby back ribs
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I am over 50, and I have waited for this moment for my entire adult life. Truth was spoken at a Democratic debate.
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Yes! So proud @BernieSanders speaks the truth!!!!
Anti-American Bernie Sanders was a loser last night! #SouthCarolinaPrimary
From this we can extrapolate what the next set of smears will be.
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Protect this man at all costs
In reply to @People4Bernie
Oo baby, talk dirty to me Mr. President.
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I think its good to be reasonable on such issue's. We need a world uniter like Bernie not a divider like Pete, Biden and Bloomberg.
As Bernie's lead increases, he becomes more radical which is a very good sign.

Continue being wary, though. Even if he's the most radical dude in history, electoralism can't save us.
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Very happy with that, made me excited
this is why bernie > everyone else
High point of the debate as far as I’m concerned.
Well this is straight from the horses mouth. And this is exactly why these #HongKong #Radicals and #terrorists need to be dealt with, all they will bring is suffering and pain. You just need to look at these countries that were overthrown, are they better off? hardly #China
Pilas Soy 502, el nombre de nuestra gloriosa patria salió en televisión norteamericana.
now it's time to erase the story
of our bogus fate
our history as it's portrayed
it's just a recipe for hate
He really said it . To an audience of paid bloomberg supporters no less . King shit
Honestly just love having someone in the race who doesn’t treat voters like children
Nothing but respect for my President
my entire year last year was dedicated to my research on the coup in Guatemala and the US/CIA’s involvement in the dirty war which followed. it’s incredible to have a candidate acknowledge not only that this happened but that it was fucked up
this is everything. this is my vote, forever. we’ll have to keep pushing him on this but a major presidential contender really said this on national TV, when everyone for decades has seen fit to lie. brave beyond belief.
The next President of the United States just called out America's military coups all over the world.

#NotMeUs #PresidentSanders #Bernie2020
si tengo que ser honesto, temo por la vida de Bernie Sanders
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My god I never thought I'd hear such honesty in any form from someone in the government. Finally it is said out loud to the world.
Nobody who ever had a chance at being President ever said this shit before.
Electoral politics in the US are an absurd, corrupt circus. But for a candidate to say this is key to me. Caring only about domestic policy in a constitutively imperial country is...to have an imperial mindset. I refuse to only care about WOC, POC, and women only in the US.
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